Muslim ambitions grow plain and bold, leftists construct evidence to support bogus claims, no freedom of speech for Jews in Israel and more: Links 2 on July 28 – 2015

1. Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: The Caliphate Will Eliminate the West in Its Entirety

2. Hard Left Campaigners LIED About Islam vs West ‘Civil War’ Claim

(Hardly  surprise, but its nice to know)

So today I was left with the rather tedious job of picking apart a little bundle of lies produced by the hate-spreading, extreme-left organisation that so ironically calls itself “Hope Not Hate”.

The lies began early, as did Hope Not Hate’s directions as to what we are and are not allowed to say about Islam. The report is built on one acutely egregious lie – that I, and others, are using a Muhammad Cartoon Exhibition deliberately to whip up violence and incite “civil war”.

This is all based on a post by a member of a blog called “Knights Templar International”.

There’s an article about a meeting the author of the blog had with myself, Tommy Robinson and Alan Ayling. That meeting did take place – to talk about building a website (which I believe the writer does for a living). If there was any talk of ‘civil war’, then it will have been by way of conversation, not some cartoon-like plot. In any case, aren’t people allowed to speculate on the potential for discord, especially given the current state of “multiculturalism” in Britain?

3. Third Jew arrested on Temple Mount for insulting Prophet Muhammad

Amid heightened hostility on the Temple Mount following Arab rioting on Tisha B’Av, and the arrests of two Jews who shouted “Muhammad is a pig” after being antagonized by a group of Muslims, a third man was arrested on Tuesday for incitement after repeating the religious slur.

According to police, the unidentified 26-year-old Jewish suspect was apprehended in the morning, following a brief chase, when he attempted to flee the scene. The man was then placed under arrest and arraigned at Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court.

(They should yell that he was a pedophile, rapist and mass murderer. Then it may be a little harder to prosecute under hate crimes laws. Even what they did to convict ESW in Austria was a torturing of logic and probably could have been defeated on appeal)

4. 2000 illegals enter the Eurotunnel

5. Caucasus Emirate in Syria displays US-made anti-tank missile

(The story in the link above probably has implications that I do not fully grasp. All explanations welcome)

6. Muslim leader claims extremists are being allowed to preach in schools because the local authority is ‘starved’ of funds and relying on volunteers to take prayer sessions  

A lack of funding has been labelled as the reason why Muslim extremists have been able to slip through the cracks and preach in prayer sessions at schools.

Muslim community leader Dr Jamal Rifi said the Islamic Council of NSW is ‘starved’ of funds which leaves no choice but to depend on volunteers and donations, The Daily Telegraph reported.

‘This is a wake-up call for the Muslim community organisations to look at the bigger picture and rise to the challenge because our boys and girls are being targeted and marginalised by the conflict,’ he said.

(Right. And of course he had to rape you. You wouldn’t have sex with him!)

7. Turkey-Iran gas pipeline blown up in eastern Agri province

Turkey-Iran gas pipeline blown up in eastern Agri province, energy minister Taner Yildiz said on July 28, Anadolu Agency reported.

He said that the explosion caused panic among local people.

Turkish air force destroyed the military camp of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Hakurk in Iraq’s north July 27.

It is the second PKK camp bombed by Turkish air force in the last two days. Earlier, Turkish air force bombed the PKK camp in Metina in Iraq’s north.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu previously said that the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq supports Turkey’s operations against the PKK.

Turkish air force started large-scale operations July 25 in Iraq’s north where the PKK camps are located. No details of the operation have been reported. Video

8. ‘I am an American’: Man who was ‘ready for jihad’ before attempting to join ISIL sobs as he’s given 15 years prison

AUGUSTA, Ga. — A Georgia man who wrote he was “ready for jihad” before buying a one-way ticket overseas to try joining ISIL was sentenced to federal prison Tuesday after he sobbed to the judge, “I am an American.”

Leon Nathan Davis III of Augusta was sentenced to 15 years, the maximum punishment allowed. A pale, bearded man with a Southern accent, the 38-year-old Davis pleaded guilty in May to seeking to help a known terrorist organization.

He was arrested at the Atlanta airport last October trying to board a flight to Turkey. Davis later said his plan was to be smuggled into Syria so he could join ISIL as a recruiter and an English teacher.

During his sentencing Tuesday, Davis told the judge he had been “brainwashed” by writings and online propaganda of radical Muslims not long after he converted to Islam while imprisoned for cocaine trafficking a decade ago.

(Here is a guy who knows how to tow the government party line if it means a reduced sentence. And clearly it did. Comments at article I am told are entertaining as well)

Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, CB Sashenka, Buck, Grace and WTD for the photo below

Also there is a LOT of valuable info and videos on Turkey and other issues not listed in this post, in the daily links comments as well as comments under previous posts today and the last couple of days.


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  1. “…seeking to help a known terrorist organization.”

    Should have waited until America put them back onto their Approved list. “Istanbul, now it’s Inconsequential… its only the business of the clerks”

    Would have got fifteen year old virgins.

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