Tour De France attacked and an endless procession of rape and murder motivated by islam continues: Links 1 on july 26 – 2015

I looked and looked for hours the other day for a decent version of the book on the Koranic concept of war, the one that Stephen Coughlin discusses as well as Robert Spencer and many more and found a couple and posted the links but they were a little unmanageable in some ways. A kind soul just sent a .doc version which should be easy to handle in whatever way you want to view it.

1. Odd scene at an Obama speech

2. Anonymous affiliate GhostSec thwarts Isis terror plots in New York and Tunisia

Online hacktivists affiliated with Anonymous have assisted in preventing terrorist attacks on New York and Tunisia planned by Islamic State (Isis), according to a counter-terrorism expert.

Michael Smith, an adviser to the US Congress and co-founder of national security firm Kronos Advisory, revealed that information regarding potential attacks provided by the group GhostSec was used by law-enforcement agencies to disrupt IS operations.

“It is my understanding that data collected by the group, and presented to law enforcement and intelligence officials by me, was helpful to authorities in Tunisia, who disrupted a suspected Islamic State cell around 4 July,” Smith told IBTimes UK.

“This data was collected pursuant to the group’s efforts in monitoring social media accounts managed by suspected Islamic State supporters. As per their assessment, this plot would have been mobilised soon after the recent attack that occurred at a popular resort in Tunisia.”

3. Yassir Mehmood and Yasir Mahmood jailed for 11 years each for ‘degrading’ rape of vulnerable woman

4. (Muslim) terror group threatens Kenyan Christians

5. BREAKING REPORT: ISIS Muslim Militants Have Just Crucified a 17-Year-old Boy on a Cross and He Will Remain Hanging for Next 3 Days

6. Tour de France: Police fire at car in Paris square ahead of race

Police in France are searching for the driver of a vehicle that tried to crash through a barricade for the Tour de France which ends in Paris later.

The incident on the Champs-Elysees took place at about 08:00 local time as the security barriers were beginning to go up.

Officers opened fire on the car to try to stop it but it drove away.

BBC Paris correspondent Hugh Schofield reports there is no suggestion of terrorism as a motive.

He says the car first hit a parked vehicle in the Place de la Concorde.

Trying to speed away, the driver tried to pass through a police cordon that was being put in place ahead of the final stage of the tour.

7. Welcome to East London: Muslim gang slashes tyres of immigration-raid van before officers showered with eggs from high-rise 

A gang of Muslim youths launched an astonishing attack on vans being used for an immigration raid – in the week David Cameron called upon the Muslim community to ‘support the British way of life’.

In the ‘disturbing’ incident in East London last week, three vans marked ‘Immigration Enforcement’ and an unmarked silver car were badly vandalised.

More than a dozen officials arrived in Shadwell on Wednesday to round up three suspected illegal Bangladeshi immigrants from a shop. They returned to their Home Office vehicles in the next street to find the vans’ tyres had been sliced open and the paintwork scratched. The officers were then pelted with eggs before police were called.

Two days earlier, the Prime Minister made a landmark speech appealing for support from the Muslim community in the effort to combat extremism.

Vandalised: The post giving details and showing a photo of the vans with slashed tyres
8. Revealed: Secret plan to put 5,000 heavily-armed troops on streets of Britain to fight jihadis in event of a terror attack

A top secret plan for the mass deployment of armed troops on the streets of Britain in the wake of a major terrorist attack can be revealed for the first time today.

More than 5,000 heavily armed soldiers would be sent to inner cities if Islamic State or other fanatics launched multiple attacks on British soil – an unprecedented military response to terrorism.

The plan, codenamed Operation Temperer, would see troops guard key targets alongside armed police officers, providing ‘protective security’ against further attacks while counter-terror experts and MI5 officers hunted down the plotters.

Exercise Strong TOwer: Armed police in London's streets last month, in training for a terror attack in the wake of Tunisia killings

Exercise Strong TOwer: Armed police in London’s streets last month, in training for a terror attack in the wake of Tunisia killings

The shocking plans for ‘large-scale military support’ to the police are contained in documents uncovered by The Mail on Sunday. They have been drawn up by police chiefs and are being discussed at the highest levels of Government, but have never been revealed in public or mentioned in Parliament.

The mass deployment of Army personnel on the streets of mainland Britain would be hugely controversial, even if it helped keep the population safe, because it could give the impression that the Government had lost control or that martial law was being imposed.

(Somehow I don’t think this will come as a giant shock to anyone. The shock will be how these 5000 troops round up EDL members and Britain First on a 2:1 ratio with muslim supremacists in order to look fair and unbiased)


Thank you Bains, M., Wrath of Khan, Buck, Gates of Vienna,  and all who sent in materials. More to come today. Lots of links about Planned parenthood in comments under various posts in the past couple of days. Some disturbing revelations to those who were unfamiliar with the founder’s ideology.

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  1. 8 – It is looking like the British Government is planning for a major rebellion and making plans to crush it when it starts. I think you are optimistic if you think they will stop at a 2 to 1 ratio between British patriots and Islamic invaders, it will be more like 4 to 1 or even as high as 10 to 1.

    • I’d bet most governments have plans like these. How many of the Good Guys they’ll round-up at the same time is anyone’s guess. That might be our cue to go into survivor mode.

      • If you can afford to set up a get away plan you should do so, i don’t have the money to make plans like that so I am going to have to set still and both keep the musket clean and the powder dry as well as pray.

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