Sweden has grenade infestation, Obama OK’s bombing US and British troops with the Kurds and more: Links 3 on July 26 – 2015

1. Malmö (Sweden) shaken by another grenade attack

Malmö in southern Sweden was last night hit by a fourth hand grenade attack in under a week – just 48 hours after another explosion rocked residents in a series of blasts in Sweden’s third largest city this summer.

The hand grenade detonated in a car park in the Malmö district of Värnhem early on Sunday morning.

The incident, which caused damage to dozens of cars but no injuries, was different from previous blasts, according to police.

“Many of the other grenade attacks seemed to be aimed at government buildings,” a police spokesman told Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet.

“But in the area around this detonation site there are private residences, business premises and government agencies. Therefore, the goal of the blast is unclear at present,” the spokesman concluded.

(The Baron over at Gates feels the solution for Sweden is some kind of grenade control)

2. Here is an amazing BBC video showing a stunning sanctimony and anti French attitude. Really horrifying how they seem to not just equate the aggressor and the victims but somehow make the aggressor into the victim and the defenders into a manifestation of evil. The banners they use, ;Je Suis Charlie Martel’ would make a great T shirt though. Must find a graphic.

3. Taliban seizes Afghan police base after mass surrender

The Taliban have seized a police base in northern Afghanistan and captured scores of officers after three days of fighting, officials say.

More than 100 officers surrendered at the base in Badakhshan province. They were released after reportedly handing over their weapons.

The surrender was the largest by Afghan security forces since Nato ended its combat mission in December.

The Taliban have stepped up attacks during their annual spring offensive.

4. Terror on Chinese flight as passenger tries to start fire ‘with petrol and lighter’

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12 Replies to “Sweden has grenade infestation, Obama OK’s bombing US and British troops with the Kurds and more: Links 3 on July 26 – 2015”

  1. We don’t seem to realize how close we came to sink in perpetual barbarity, just as the Islamic world is. We don’t seem to realise, that had it not been for the brave Christian soldiers at Vienna, Lepanto and Potiers, there would be no Western civilisation. Or for that matter, art, music, engineering and science, and all the rest that Western civilisation is, which has become the envy, and template for the rest of the world.

    Edward Gibbon noted five signs that presaged the collapse of the Roman Empire:

    1) Ostentatious displays of wealth.
    2) A preoccupation with sex.
    3) A huge gap between the rich and the poor.
    4) Freakishness in the arts and outlandish enthusiasms pretending to be creativity.
    5) A strong desire to live off the state.

    All these traits are exhibited in present day society.

    • You mean,
      1) Ostentatious displays of Preferential Diversity?
      2) A preoccupation with same sex marriage?
      3) A huge gap between the Government and Private Sector?
      4) vulgar comedians and chat shows?
      5) A strong desire to live off the state?

      Yep, the Socialist Cream, and now with the population completely fed up and angry with what opportunities “fairness” had stolen from them, all the Communists need do is invite a Chairman Mao to tell the workers to kill the liberals, or skew an off-shoot of Hitler to blame it on the you-know-who.

      If you have the money, get out and buy a ring seat. Otherwise, hold on to your seat.

      • The current crop of revolutionaries should study more about revolutions, in liberal revolutions after the revolution succeeds the first thing that is done is rounding up the revolutionaries and killing them. This allows the dictator to take over from the oligarchy and run things to suit him instead of pandering to the fools who fought for him.

    • And at least half of those have been pushed onto the west by the left in their attempt to conquer the world. Having said that the massive similarities to the current time and the fall of Rome are part of the reason I keep saying we may be going into a new Dark Age. It isn’t inevitable that the west will lose or that civilization will fall but we are moving towards the latter every day. Civilization has had a long run but seems to be falling due to attack by internal and external barbarians. Of the two the internal barbarians are the more dangerious.

    • This is true however I think Eeyore was talking about was that they are no longer active duty US military.

      To a certain extant vets are always soldiers, the extent varies person to person buy none are truly civilians after they serve a hitch.

  2. 2. To select a person by the color of their skin and not character of their heart is deplorable. Muslims are slaves to Muhammad. Rascists are slaves to their mommas. I don’t care what color they are. A posturing macho dhimmi with their ‘black widows’ egging them on is still a dhimmi.

    • “You go out there son and multiply”
      I will momma.
      “You don’t mess with those foreign girls, boy”
      I won’t momma.
      “Here’s your first cousin who bear me my child”
      I do momma.

      And the wind of change sprung from the Arch Angel Gabriel.

      “Allah Akbar, momma. I got me a dad. And now I’m a man, a man, you hear me you bitch?”.

  3. 2 – The reporter is both a racist and a Francophobe, I wonder if she realizes how much disdain the ordinary Brit or French holds for her and her kind.

  4. 7 – Sadly this fits the pattern of Obama’s actions since he took office, his hatred for Western Civiliatin in general and the US in particular shows through every day, and his actions are getting so bad many people who were willing to say that he wanted to do good but was choosing the wrong path are now realizing he is out to destroy the west.

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