Signs of resistance despite government oppression, FBI seems to recognize the magnitude of the threat: Links 3 on July 23 – 2015

1. Conclusion of speech by the founder and operator of France’s premiere counter-jihad website, Riposte Laique

2. Obama wants the UK to stay in the EU. Which is pretty much asking them to commit suicide. Which is why he is asking.

3. Rafid Jihad sentencing hearing to continue next week

A sentencing hearing will continue next week for a man who attacked a teenage boy with a hammer.

Rafid Jihad was previously found guilty of attempted murder in the attack that left a 13-year-old boy with multiple skull fractures last year.

The Crown is seeking a six- to eight-year sentence for Jihad, along with a lifetime weapons ban.

Defence lawyer Frank Retar says Jihad had an untreated mental illness.

Retar is asking for the judge to sentence his client to a 44-month sentence, less time served. And he is also asking for Jihad to have three years’ probation with psychiatric supervision.

The Crown says there is no evidence that Jihad’s mental-health issues contributed to the offence.

Last year’s video of collection of evidence

4. FBI director: ISIS is a growing threat to the U.S. 2 mins 30 sec.

5. ‘Animal lover’ who stuck ‘beware halal funds terrorism’ stickers on chicken products at his local Sainsbury’s is given a month-long curfew

A man who went into a Sainsbury’s supermarket and stuck stickers on packets of meat that read ‘beware halal is barbaric and funds terrorism’ has been given a month-long curfew.

Liam Gary Edwards, 29, today pleaded guilty to racially aggravated criminal damage on the day of his trial but insisted that he was protesting against the halal slaughter of animals after watching a television documentary.

The self-proclaimed ‘animal lover’ stuck nine stickers with the hashtag #banhalal on halal poultry products after obtaining the stickers over the internet.

At an earlier hearing held at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court, the van driver pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis after police found the Class B during a search of his home in Ordsall following the incident.

Today the same court was told that CCTV captured Edwards going into the supermarket on Regent Road, Salford, on February 20 with his girlfriend and two young children.

Later staff at the store became aware of the stickers on various packets of chicken breasts, thighs and a whole chicken worth £16.50 which could no longer be sold due to concerns for contamination.

(A sticker that simply says “Halal slaughter is a violation of this country’s animal cruelty laws” would suffice I would think)

6. Here is the Islamic State video threatening France again, again. The Youtube Channel it was on is experiencing problems.

IS threatens France again by vlad43
There is much more. It shall be posted.

Thank you ML, M., Oz-Rita, Wrath of Khan, and so many more. “The signal will get out.”

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  1. 2. A fictional President who is on camera all the time, telling a nation that is on camera all the time how to vote “nope, don’t change” in a fictional election.

  2. Stickers saying ‘beware halal is barbaric and funds terrorism’ is ” racially aggravated criminal damage “?
    But those being stickered were already dead. Have checked the dictionary – race doesn’t apply to dead chickens or dead cows.
    So why did he plead guilty?

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