Ratcheting up the totalitarianism while Western leaders get more shrill denying the ideology which drives it. Links 2 on July 21 – 2015

1. Probably everyone has seen this already but if you haven’t seen this anti-Obama rant, articulately and accurately done, its worth seeing as much for the content as to drive the numbers of views up. Lets make the legacy media who sold out to the Obama administration, take notice that the views of this woman equals or exceeds the viewers of stations like MSNBC who are pretty much just agents of the state and purveyors of the Narrative, rather than members of the 5th estate.

2. ISIS bans private internet access in Raqqa in a crackdown on spies and activists revealing the terror group’s daily atrocities

(…because in utopia, its critical to control every thought and word that your citizens may utter and most of all, never let them leave)

Militants fighting for the Islamic State in Syria have banned private internet access in its de facto capital Raqqa in a crackdown on spies and activists revealing the terror group’s daily atrocities.

The move means everybody living in the terror stronghold must now use internet cafes operated and monitored by ISIS officials if they want to communicate online.

The ban will affect not only affect brave activist groups like Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, which documents ISIS abuses in the north Syrian city, but also potential defectors trying to arrange for their safe departure out of territory held by the terror group.

(It must be getting harder to tell the slaves from the free people in the islamic utopia of the Islamic State)

3. Interview with gun store owner that won’t sell to people who’s ideology requires them to kill us all, and yet is being treated like he is the problem

(This man makes a stunning statement of fact. That he is granted the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason whatsoever should he feel that they should not own a firearm. This will be immediately challenged of course by people who feel Christians do not have the right to refuse service to homosexuals for a wedding cake. The resultant trial of competing ‘rights’ should be quite interesting and dramatic)

4. Islamic State continues to rise despite ‘airstrikes’

(Airstrikes in in scare quotes because Obama has made sure that any actual bombing has to be personally approved by him, and interviews with pilots in the area say that there are hardly any flights and far far fewer actual bombings and most flights circle for hours doing nothing then return to base with full payload)

5. Video on Islamic State attack on Kurds in Turkish border town

(These guys dont get it. Erdogan probably paid them to take out these Kurds)

6. Canadian Imam calling for establishing the Caliphate

Imam Mazin Abdul Adhim, a senior cleric of Hizb ut-Tahrir – Canada, calls upon the Muslim Ummah (Nation) to unite in order to establish the global Islamic state, also known by its Arabic name the Caliphate.

The London, Ontario based Imam, vehemently opposes the Caliphate founded by ISIS in Iraq and Syria and does not accept the authority of its self proclaim Calif Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Rather he advocates for a new Caliphate that will implement the Islamic Law word for word and extend its authority over all the Muslim lands.

In a video clip on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr (July 17, 2015) at the end of the month of Ramdan, Imam Abdul Adhim explained that the Muslim Ummah is one body, and all its woes in the different parts of split up Muslim lands are originated only from the lack of a home for Islam and the absence of an Islamic regime that is able to represent the Ummah, as all Muslim regimes today are “traitors” or serving the interest of the “enemy” (the picture of US President Barack Obama was shown in the background).

The only solution, said Imam Abdul Adhim, is to call for the implementation of the teachings of Islam as a whole, to teach the Ummah about the Islamic ruling system, the economic system, the social system,

the foreign policy etc. and categorically rejecting the idea of secularizing Islam. Abdul Adhim’s role model is Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, who brought about a political change by first founding a group of supporters, then changed the beliefs of the society and later changed the political loyalties in society and of the army.

7. Greek Prime Minister Asked Putin For $10 Billion To “Print Drachmas”, Greek Media Reports

The Germans were not happy: A German central banker warned of dire problems should the new government call the country’s aid program into question, jeopardizing funding for the banks. “That would have fatal consequences for Greece’s financial system. Greek banks would then lose their access to central bank money,” Bundesbank board member Joachim Nagel told Handelsblatt newspaper.


Well, maybe…. Unless of course Greece finds a new, alternative source of funding, one that has nothing to do with the establishmentarian IMF, whose “bailouts” are merely a smokescreen to implement pro-western policies and to allow the rapid liquidation of any “bailed out” society… Which naturally means that now Russia (and China) are set to become critical allies for Greece, which would immediately explain the logical pivot toward Moscow.

8. Shining a light on FGM in GB

Thank you Buck, M., Shabnam, Wrath of Khan, Richard, Johnny U. and many more. More to come and much work to do,


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7 Replies to “Ratcheting up the totalitarianism while Western leaders get more shrill denying the ideology which drives it. Links 2 on July 21 – 2015”

  1. 7/ I couldn’t cut through all the junk to read the article.
    Ads cover the text, open windows, blah…

    Here’s another one, maybe similar:

    With a team of its Russia analysts, Wikistrat — the world’s first crowdsourced consultancy — took a look at the apparent drawing together of Russia and Greece in this context. It looked at what strategic interest Russia has in Greece and whether a bailout — or similar “strings attached” financial support — might be something the Russians could plausibly offer to Greece. It pulled together its findings in a report “Russia-Greece Relations: Playing a Game of Flirtation.” These ideas are summarized here.


    • Putin and Greece are playing games, Greece wants to scare Europe and keep the rest of the EU paying their welfare to keep Russia out of Europe. Putin wants to buy an opening into Europe through Greece and at the same time start the process of turning Greece into a client state (slave state) of Russia. I will put my money on Russia winning control of Greece.

  2. 1. Tomi closes with God Bless America.

    This debate posted on youtube I think distinguishes the difference between muslim and patriot, Nu-ChristAfrican Catholic and Thomas More and why Jews are hated for being so intelligent.


    • When you listen to Pamela Geller, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Tommy Robinson andand other patriots (not nationalists), of all countries, their minds are free and their living-water words refresh; but Believers cross-reference into a single closed-book mentality, and though they may mean good they are the gateway to evil because they stop themselves from seeing doubt and then brazen it out giving themselves permission on a mission on behalf of God. There’s no debate with someone pretending to be better than themselves.

  3. The powers that be will be afraid of this girl and will come at her in one of two ways. One, they will ridicule her through their minions in Hollywood, or two, they will ignore her completely and wait for her to drift silently into the past. I think they’ll choose two, but it might not work. That girl represents the kind of Americanness that the Obama administration seems frankly ashamed of, and she makes it look so good. The bigger this gets, the harder it will be for them to ignore her. There’s still time for Hussein to be arrested and imprisoned before he cedes California to Mexico or puts a burqa on the Statue of Liberty or something..:)

    • If Obama and his people aren’t arrested, tried and imprisoned for their very real crimes the rule of law in the US is over. It is crunch time in the US are we going to remain free or are we going to become a failed democracy that turns to tyranny? I choose the former and from what I am reading and seeing the majority of the people side with me, now if we can find leaders we will remain free.

  4. I hope a caliphate is established, then all Muslims will be obliged to go and live there.

    But I still dont understand that with 50 odd Muslim states in the world, why Muslims want to live in Christian countres, then complains of Islamophobia ie everyone despises Muslims.

    I hope every Muslim thanks allah everyday that he is allowed to live in a Christian country.

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