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  1. GOV is still not on line. Now that it is Tuesday and considering that Monday was “the latest that GOV would come back on line’, I and probably most of your readers, would appreciate an update.
    Was it an attack?

  2. Three ‘Xinjiang terrorists’ shot dead by police in China (BBC, July 13, 2015)

    “Police in the north-eastern Chinese city of Shenyang have shot dead three “knife-wielding” men, state media said, calling them Xinjiang terrorists.

    A woman was also injured in the raid which took place on Monday afternoon.

    Xinjiang province, home to a significant Muslim Uighur population, has seen several clashes and public attacks in recent years, which police have attributed to terrorists.

    Monday’s incident was one of the few such clashes outside of Xinjiang.

    Several state media outlets quoted a statement posted on Monday night on micro-blogging site Weibo. The account is owned by the government of Liaoning province, whose capital is Shenyang.

    The statement appeared to have been taken down by Tuesday morning. It remains unclear why it was removed, but China regularly censors online content deemed to be sensitive.

    The statement, as reproduced in Chinese media, said that police caught 16 “terrorism suspects” in a raid in Shenyang.

    During the raid, officers entered a rented apartment where they “discovered Xinjiang terrorist suspects” and were attacked by four people “wearing headgear, holding long knives, and shouting ‘holy war’ slogans,” the statement said.

    Police then retreated and called for back-up. More than 200 officers, including an anti-terrorist unit, evacuated nearby residents and surrounded the building. A cherry picker was used to reach the seventh-floor apartment….”

  3. Dem Rep: Would-Be Somali-American Terrorists Should Not Be Detained Ahead of Trial

    Muslim leaders in Minnesota, including Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, argue that the best way to discourage Somali-Americans caught trying to join the Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIL or ISIS) from embracing radical Islam is to allow them to remain in their communities while awaiting trial.

    The New York Times reported that U.S. District Judge Michael J. Davis on Wednesday ordered that three young men accused of trying to travel to Syria and join IS be detained while they await trial.

    However, Muslim leaders in Minnesota — which has become a hot recruitment spot for terrorists — insist that young would-be IS terrorists like these should instead be allowed to return to their communities and engage in activities such as coaching youth basketball and helping immigrants fill out job applications.

    Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.), himself a Muslim, spoke in favor of such a design.

    “If you integrate them back into their family relationships and you have responsible faith leaders, then that’s going to be the check on them that they need,” Ellison explained. “There’s going to be people watching them, encouraging them.”

    The three individuals in question face federal charges of conspiracy and attempting to give material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, crimes that could get them decades in prison. Having pleaded not guilty, the individuals will return to court in September.

    According to a February NPR report, authorities said 12 individuals with connections to the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area had traveled to Syria since 2013, while about a dozen additional people had attempted to travel to the Middle East or were planning to do so.

    In April, six young men from the Minneapolis Somali community were apprehended by federal authorities for trying to join IS.


  4. TURKEY Weekly editors charged with insulting Erdogan by using ’!’

    Top executives of Aksiyon magazine have been sued on charges of insulting the president by placing an exclamation mark in an article about the transfer of a valuable piece of land in Istanbul to a company in an inappropriate way.

    In an indictment prepared by Bakirköy Deputy Chief Prosecutor Idris Kurt, a prison sentence of up to four years and eight months is demanded for Bülent Korucu, editor-in-chief of the weekly, and Necati Kola, who is assistant editor-in-chief, for insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    An exclamation mark used to indicate criticism in a sarcastic way in a piece in the magazine is used as evidence for the insult in the indictment, according to a report in the weekly’s latest issue that appeared on Monday.

    President Erdogan is being indicated as the “injured party” in the indictment, which was accepted by the Bakirköy 54th Penal Court of First Instance.

    According to the report, Erdogan’s lawyer filed on Oct. 16, 2014, a criminal complaint claiming that his client was being defamed in the article because of the use of the exclamation mark.[…]

  5. El-Sisi says Al-Azhar has failed to renew Islamic discourse

    The Egyptian president has called for a renewal of Islamic discourse to challenge extremism

    President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has accused Al-Azhar’s Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayeb and other clerics of failing to develop Egypt’s religious discourse.

    “You are the one responsible for religious discourse, and God will ask me whether I am satisfied [with your performance] or not,” El-Sisi said of El-Tayeb on Tuesday.

    “The role of clerics is not to give speeches in mosques, but to spread peace among humanity,” El-Sisi added.

    “At last year’s ceremony, when I tackled the idea of a religious revolution, I didn’t mean imposing [change through] violent actions, rather I meant to revolutionise our thoughts in order to make them to fit the time and also to improve the image of Islam.”

    “The main problem is that we don’t understand our religion ,” he said. “And we cannot accept those people who misuse Islam to promote violence and extremism.”

    In January, El-Sisi said during the World Economic Forum held in Switzerland that Islamic tolerance was not clear to the world because of terrorism.

    “We should stop and change our religious rhetoric from faulty ideas which lead to (terrorism),” El-Sisi said, adding that this could only be achieved by scholars from Al-Azhar, the highest institute of Sunni Islamic learning.

    “This has nothing to do with creed. No one will touch the pillars of Islam,” he said.

    Al-Azhar has been criticised for failing to combat the growth of Islamic extremism and atheism in Egyptian society.

    El-Sisi made the comments at the annual ceremony of Leilat Al- Qadr, which takes place during the last ten days of Ramadan.

  6. Question:

    Salaam Alaikum,

    I would like to know exactly why do we hold the Holy Qur’an on our heads
    during Amal of Shabe Qader?


    The Holy Quran was revealed on Lailatul-Qadr (Night of Power) We consider
    the Ma’sumin as the living and speaking Quran. Therefore, in the Amals, we
    are praying to Allah with both the silent or written Quran (on our heads)
    as well as the living or speaking Quran.

    This is when we mention the names of Allah, the Prophet, and the
    Ahlul-Bayt 10 times each. The fact that we put the Quran on our head is a
    sign of respect and reverence.

    Hence we beseech Allah by the thaqalayn – the speaking and the silent Qur’an.
    Laylat al Qadr night in Hamburg Germany –

  7. Sale of IBM microchip plants in Vermont, New York completed

    “MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) – GlobalFoundries announced Wednesday it had completed its purchase of IBM’s microchip plants in Vermont and New York, giving a new lease on life to a big employer in Vermont and New York’s Duchess County.
    “Today we have significantly enhanced our technology development capabilities and reinforce our long-term commitment to investing in R&D for technology leadership,” said Sanjay Jha, chief executive officer of GlobalFoundries.

    GlobalFoundries is owned by an investment firm in turn owned by the government of Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates.

    Terms of the deal include:
    IBM has agreed to PAY GlobalFoundries $1.5 billion over three years to take over its chip-making operations. GlobalFoundries will be the exclusive suppliers of certain classes of chips to IBM for 10 years.

    Such a deal! IBM PAID THEM to buy their chip manufacturing!

  8. Planned Parenthood director caught on tape selling aborted ‘baby parts’

    An undercover video recorded by the non-profit organization, Center for Medical Progress, shows Planned Parenthood Federation Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, discussing their fetal parts business.

    Nucatola is seen in the video having lunch with actors posing as buyers who are interested in purchasing the body parts of babies who have been aborted. The Planned Parenthood senior staffer notes how abortion procedures are modified to ensure that requested body parts can be collected. She says:

    “We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”

  9. BREITBART Zarif: Those that Behead Speak English, Funded by US Allies Not Iran

    Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” when asked about Iran’s continuing support of terrorism, Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif claimed those that behead “speak English or French with native accent,” and are funded not by Iran, but by “U.S. allies.”

    Zarif said, “It frightens me to see that the people who are beheading innocent human beings speak English or French with native accent. This is not a local menace. It is not a regional menace. This is a global menace.”

    When asked about Iran sponsoring terror in other areas with Hezbollah financing and other terror groups, Zarif said, “The realities on the ground in the Middle East—probably those who are now beheading innocent individuals wreaking havoc in our region, none of them are financed by Iran, but instead by U.S. allies.”

    video on the page :

  10. ***********************************************************************************
    AFP – “If (the agreement) goes to the UN Security Council and Israel decided ‘forget about P5 plus Germany’… it’s basically aggression not only against Iran, but against a UN resolution,”


    on this page :

  11. Man convicted of plotting to derail Via train removed from courtroom

    TORONTO — A man convicted of plotting to derail a passenger train was removed from court Tuesday after he lay down in the prisoner dock to protest the “lies” of a psychiatrist who testified the man was schizophrenic.

    Dr. Lisa Ramshaw also told a sentencing hearing that Chiheb Esseghaier’s delusional thoughts have developed over time, including his psychotic beliefs about the trial and his role in the court.

    “He has indicated that he is not actually here as a criminal but as a visitor of the court to disseminate the information about the true ways of Islam.”

    Ramshaw, who spent 15 hours interviewing Esseghaier, said it is her opinion that he is unable to participate in the proceedings at this time because he cannot fully understand what is going on in the courtroom.

    She recommended anti-psychotic medication.

    […]Code ordered the psychiatric assessment in May after Esseghaier told the court he had been created by God to “warn mankind” about “hellfire” if the messages of the Qur’an weren’t followed.

    Earlier in the day, Crown attorney Croft Michaelson challenged the credibility of a psychologist who testified that Jaser was motivated by a severe drug addiction, not Islamic ideology.

    Dr. Jess Ghannam, a licensed psychologist and clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, testified Monday that Jaser adopted a persona as a pious Muslim to con members of that community to feed his addiction.

    Ghannam, who conducted an assessment of Jaser, concluded that the permanent resident of Palestinian descent did not have consistent radical Islamic ideology and had no intention to hurt anyone.

    […]Jaser’s defence lawyer argued his client was only faking interest in a terror plot as part of an elaborate con to extract money from Esseghaier and the undercover agent.

  12. DAILY MAIL – UK – Police hold three men ‘plotting Al Qaeda terror strike in the UK’: One suspect brands police ‘cowards’ as they drag him away after arrest at offices of healthcare giant

    Man suspected of plotting attack screamed at police as he was arrested
    Two others arrested simultaneously for alleged Al Qaeda-inspired plot
    Security sources said police were forced to act over a ‘fairly advanced’ suspected Islamist conspiracy aimed at an unknown British target
    Investigators probing links between men and Pakistan-based terror cell

    A man suspected of plotting a domestic Al Qaeda-inspired terror strike screamed ‘cowards’ at police as he was arrested yesterday.

    Eyewitnesses described the suspect being dragged away by masked plain clothes police officers from the offices of a healthcare giant.

    The dramatic scene took place at medical supplies distributor Alliance Healthcare in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, where he is believed to have worked as a driver.

    Two other men, aged in their 20s and 30s, were arrested in simultaneous operations at separate homes in Luton, just 13 miles away.

    Security sources said police were forced to act over a ‘fairly advanced’ suspected Islamist conspiracy aimed at an unknown British target.

    Six arrested at Gatwick Airport and three held in house raid over drive-by shooting of father gunned down outside North London bakery

    Police arrested a total of nine people they believe were involved in killing
    Two teenage boys, two men and two women lifted at Gatwick Airport
    Another three men arrested at north London address accused of murder
    Erdogan Guzel, 42, was fatally shot outside the cafe he owned in Wood Green in Friday’s rush hour attack

    […]Scotland Yard today confirmed that the teenagers and the two men – aged 20 and 25 – picked up at the airport and were arrested on suspicion of murder.

    The three other men – aged 23, 26 and 55 – arrested in north London also faced the same charge.

    The two women – aged 21 and 61 – are accused of conspiracy to murder.

  13. Channel Tunnel: Migrants hurt in French terminal break-in (BBC, July 14, 2015)

    “Three migrants have been injured after a “large number” broke into the French Channel Tunnel terminal, its operator has said. Two were discovered on a train bound for the UK, while the other was found near the tracks at about 02:00 BST.

    Services were disrupted after the tunnel was closed for around 90 minutes, a Eurotunnel spokesman said. On 7 July, a migrant died after apparently jumping on to a freight train heading for the UK.

    Eurotunnel freight and passenger services have since resumed and the firm said it was working to clear the passenger backlog. Eurostar services have not been affected, the BBC’s Simon Jones tweeted.

    Eurotunnel has printed 5,000 leaflets warning migrants of the dangers of using the Channel Tunnel to cross into the UK. The leaflets, printed in nine languages and distributed at the migrant camps in France warn of the “danger of death”, John Keefe from Eurotunnel said….”

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