Geopolitics, Cuba, mosques, bombs in Rhode Island and much more: Links 3 on July 11 – 2015

1. French IS Suicide Bomber Challenges Hollande in Posthumous Video

Al-Furat Province, a division of the Islamic State (IS) in western Iraq, released a posthumous video of a French suicide bomber urging his family to embrace Islam and declaring to French President Francois Hollande that it is impossible to win against Islam.

(Sending the video out for translation)

2. Tunisia:

2a. Second Tunisia terror attack foiled: Five ISIS extremists are shot dead in Islamic stronghold as thousands of British tourists are evacuated

Five Islamic extremists on the verge of carrying out another terrorist attack on holidaymakers in Tunisia were yesterday shot dead.

The five men were killed by Tunisian special forces as thousands of Britons fled the North African country after a security alert.

Holiday companies started flying home 3,000 people yesterday after the Foreign Office warned that another ISIS attack was ‘highly likely’.

(So at least two attacks, primarily against British people and non-muslims have taken place or were foiled but planned and ready to execute in Tunisia, and yet the following headline was printed today: )

(Get it? dozens of Britons were murdered by muslims in Tunisia and plans are in place to murder as many more as possible and the backlash is against the victims. What is that old WW II slogan? SNAFU?)

Britain’s advice that tourists should leave Tunisia because of the risk of another terror attack will “have repercussions”, the country’s prime minister has said.

Habib Essid said he would telephone David Cameron on Friday to respond to Foreign Office advice that the North African nation was unsafe for holidays.

Tunisia’s ambassador to London has already warned Britain is playing into the hands for terrorists with the new threat warning, which is likley to devastate the Tunisian tourist industry.

3. Apparent explosion injures woman on Rhode Island beach: CBS news

A woman was injured on Saturday in an apparent explosion at a beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island, CBS News reported emergency officials as saying.

Police and fire officials said a preliminary investigation indicated the explosion came from underneath the sand, it said.

3b. Daily Mail: Woman hurt in mystery beach explosion: Cops hunt for suspect ‘who planted object in the sand’ before victim was blown in the air 

4. Anyone ever wonder the extent to which AP etc. manipulate facts and news to preserve a narrative? 


5. Isis’s female Gestapo wreaking terror on their own sex: They bite and whip any woman who steps out of line and force girls to become sex slaves. Most shocking of all? SIXTY of them are British

The loud knock on the family’s farmhouse door was at midnight as they got ready for bed. Outside, five Islamic State fighters, Kalashnikovs hung on their shoulders and faces hidden by black scarves, were searching for girls to kidnap.

‘We opened the door and they saw my wife’s teenage sisters Sabiha and Sajida. The fighters told us they were going to steal them because they were beautiful,’ says Kafi Osman, anger still burning in his eyes at the memory.

‘We cried and the girls wept as they were led outside and driven away in an open truck. We have heard nothing of them since.’

The girls’ kidnap in the northern Iraqi town of Makhmur came as jihadis from Islamic State (also known as IS and Isis) took control of it street by street. They beheaded men, raped women and then captured their trophies of war — virgins to be sex slaves or jihadi brides.

6. Yet another rhetorical trick by muslims to allow islamic sharia enforcement and observance, this time in Israel.

(Oh I get it! You can have any policy you want that pushes islamic supremacy anywhere, so long as you call thuggery and religious observance enforcement in the middle of the night, ‘a tradition that should be upheld’ cause then it isn’t theocratic totalitarianism, its a quaint cultural custom! And it has a drum! So basically its a kind of hippie!

The fact that since the invention of the clock, each individual can decide for themselves what to do with their time clearly is anathema as having a guy come to your door and scream at you and your family by name while beating on a drum, demanding you come to prayer, that should be an indictable offense for several reasons. But Euronews sells it like its the Osborn family at Disneyland)

7. Cuba opens first mosque.

(Quite a coincidence that the US normalized relations with Cuba for the first time in over 50 years at the same exact time they open their first ever mosque. Quite a milestone for the old, ‘human rights’ ay?)


Thank you M., GoV., Wrath of Khan, Richard, and all who sent in materials and that a lot of you. Keep it coming. Its only getting more serious and more necessary not less, no matter how much regulars here ‘get it’. A running archive of facts and news presented in a way that help people who recently recognize what is going on has become more needed with each passing month, not less.

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4 Replies to “Geopolitics, Cuba, mosques, bombs in Rhode Island and much more: Links 3 on July 11 – 2015”

  1. Was the land mine on the beach a stolen military mine or a home made one? It the latter how sophisticated was the design?

  2. 5. “Isis’s female Gestapo wreaking terror on their own sex: They bite and whip any woman who steps out of line and force girls to become sex slaves. Most shocking of all? SIXTY of them are British”

    Why should we not expect prisoners to brutalize one another for favors from their gaolers? This would be no less from men to men bound by Communism in preventing their enquiry, free speech and enterprise.

    To call sixty of these females “British” when there is nothing British in their character or nature whatsoever, is a bit redundant; although when I see the tattooed products of the British ‘negatation system’ I witness no knowledge of the very nation that gave them liberty and from one socialist European to the next their ‘stupidity of impregnation’ is exaxtly the same. Truly there will be one mediocre political class ruling the sexualized masses and one carnivorous beasthood that worships death for a sense life, above them.

  3. #6/ The size 15 brogue is a Western invention that, when skillfully propelled in the middle of the night through an open window, can put to flight yowling, caterwauling alley cats. This is an old Western tradition.

    I see no distinction between the caterwauling alley cats and this. I think the size 15s could be effectively used here. It is after all a tradition that should be respected.

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