Leftism, Islam, attacks on the international system and the middle of the end: Links 4 on July 11 – 2015

1. Video of ‘safe house’ in the UK for muslims who apostasies or leave controlling muslim men.

(The BBC still criminally asserts that this kind of violence is motivated by some kind of tribal family honour. The answer is in Reliance of the Traveler, the most authoritative book currently in print on Islamic law, explains in Book O justice  on ‘Killing without retribution’ that a family has the obligation to kill children and grandchildren (especially women) who dishonour islam in any way. That the dishonour that falls on the family is actually because they challenged the supremacy of Islam and therefore caused familial disrepute. The BBC, as it always does, continues to shill for islam to the detriment of all.)

2. Brian Lilly pointing out the media absurdity of pretending that terror of some other kind than Islamic, is the big problem.

3. Fmr. Ariz. Gov. Brewer: Everybody knows Trump is right

4. Islamic State Releases New Footage of 2014 Tikrit Massacre

(Link to video can be found in comments for anyone wishing to see, or download to preserve, this harsh harsh material)

Baghdad:  The Islamic State jihadist group on Saturday released new footage of its June 2014 massacre of hundreds of mostly Shiite military recruits in Tikrit.

The highest estimates put at 1,700 the number of cadets IS gunmen captured at the Speicher military base near Tikrit and executed at various locations, mostly in the city’s former presidential palace complex.

The 22-minute video posted on jihadist forums, which included both new and previously released footage, shows hundreds of executions, providing further evidence of the scope of the atrocity.

Some of the victims are shown pleading for their lives, attempting to explain they had only just joined the security forces.

The grisly footage shows executions on an industrial scale, with victims falling out of dump trucks and later lying side by side in shallow mass graves before being shot dead one by one.

The blast occurred at 5:22 and being Saturday the offices of the diplomatic mission were closed. Fr. Rafic Greiche, spokesman for the Egyptian Catholic Church commented to AsiaNews this points to the probability that “the goal was not to kill many people, but to send a message to the West and to Italy: terrorism is coming”.

In fact, the car bomb only killed one person, a passerby. Four other people were injured, but none seriously. None of the injured included the civilian employees of the Italian diplomatic mission.

6. Good article on the new leftist regulatory state and its inconsistency in enforcing just who has to bake a cake for who

7. Memphis City Council Votes To Throw Confederate General And His Wife Out Of Their Graves

(Watching the US implode is really quite a thing. Hopefully there are a few well lettered people capable of writing this thing up as it happens for future historians if any are allowed to report on it. Or is the left planning the muslim strategy of, ‘destroying all evidence of the time of ignorance’ so no one will ever know that anyone ever thought differently or had more freedoms than Marxists allow)

8. Mark Levin seems to think the US is pretty much at the stage where the second amendment was created to deal with.


Thank you M., Gates of Vienna, (Which should be back up and fine very soon, Monday latest) Richard, and all. Someone sent a link to a fascinating propaganda video for the Serbs. I wish I understood that issue well enough to comment, but it sure is one odd yet compelling propaganda video. Did he mean to hit that major 7th and not the octave at the beginning? Thats just one of dozens of questions about it.

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  1. 1. Not to mention the drain on Western nations in providing women’s shelters and rehousing for abused wives, even to funding Islamic Housing Associations, who then continue to raise their children as muslims to fail the next generation.

    Islam is the new tattoo once the polulations have no more space on their bodies to settle a fatherless, demon haunted mind.

  2. I only have one question. With 1.5 billion peaceful muslims worldwide, why haven’t the fringe jihadists- you know the ones who have hijacked islam- not been stopped by muslims? You’d think with numbers like that, the jihadists would have been kicked to the curb log ago. Strange……

  3. I’m on the other side of the Pacific, and listen to KSFO’s Mark Levin’s talk show everyday.
    Just failed to understandhow a nation like America could have degenerated to such a state !?

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