WW III spreads, the US seems more and more to be on the other side: Links 2 on July 10 – 2015

1. Two dead as lone gunman goes on drive-by shooting in Ansbach, south Germany

An older woman was shot first as a gunman fired shots from a car in the Bavarian city.

She is understood to be an 82-year-old woman.

The victim died at the scene, police said.

The rampage continued when the gunman shot a cyclist dead before a striking a farmer and another motorist, police said.

(The invisible man strikes again! So far, none of the stories we have on this describe the person. Somehow, the gas station fellow who caught and tied up the suspect managed to hold him for the police without actually seeing the person. Anyone wondering what the severity of the issue with the OSCE is all about really needs to understand that in the context of this kind of ‘reporting’. Two videos are out for translation on this now)

2. ‘Highly likely’ terrorist attack risk spurs London to tell Brits to quit Tunisia; tourism plummets

The British government on Thursday told all U.K. tourists to leave Tunisia because a terrorist attack is “highly likely” and the North African country’s government has not done enough to enhance security.

The Foreign Office advised against all but essential travel to Tunisia, a popular holiday destination for Britons. It said British tourists on package holidays should contact their travel agents, which will arrange flights to bring them home.

Thirty-eight tourists, 30 of them British, were killed on June 26 when a gunman stormed the Tunisian beach resort of Sousse. In March, 22 people died in an attack at the National Bardo Museum outside Tunis.

3. Islamic radicalism is real, but certifying imams is a terrible idea (Ezra Levant)

“The Canadian Senate’s committee on security and defence has called for the government to, quote, “investigate the options that are available for the training and certification of imams in Canada.”

They’re proposing the wrong solution to a serious problem.”

4. Muslim who praised IS drove case against ‘Satanic Islam’ sermon Belfast pastor McConnell

Dr Al-Wazzan caused a stir when he said that Islamic State had been a positive force in Mosul, his home city in Iraq

A leading Northern Ireland Muslim who praised Islamic State is set to be called as the main prosecution witness against a Christian preacher charged with making offensive remarks about Islam.

In legal documents seen exclusively by the Belfast Telegraph, Dr Raied Al-Wazzan of the Belfast Islamic Centre is named as the chief witness in the prosecution case against Pastor James McConnell.

The evangelical preacher faces up to six months in prison if convicted over a sermon last year in which he branded Islam as “heathen” and “Satanic”.

In his statement to the PSNI, Dr Al-Wazzan denounces the pastor’s “terrible comments” and describes his “general sweeping statements” as “offensive and disgusting”.

5. Global Warming ‘Hiatus’ Caused By Volcanoes’ ‘Cooling Effect,’ Study Says Eruptions Slow Global Temperature Rise

(…but global warming is supposed to be caused by CO2, and volcanoes produce millions of tons of CO2 so it should actually accelerate global warming by the IPCC theory… but they say volcanoes are cooling the earth but…)

Since 1998, the average rate of Earth’s rising global surface temperature has relaxed, much to the chagrin of climate scientists whose climate-model predictions told a different story. Now, researchers say they’ve found the cause of Earth’s global warming “hiatus.”

According to a new study, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, volcanoes are the reason the average rate of warming dropped from .31 degrees Fahrenheit per decade between 1970 and 1998 to .072 degrees Fahrenheit per decade between 1998 and 2012. This “muted surface warming” was the result of a series of 17 small volcanic eruptions, beginning in 2000, that spewed enough aerosols into the atmosphere to explain the disparity between climate change models and actual warming trends.

The reason is what researchers call the “cooling influences” of volcanic gases. Sulphur has a sun-blocking effect, scattering incoming sunlight and offsetting emissions of heat-trapping gases. The influence of these volcanic ejections has been largely ignored, researchers claim. Scientists say the effect accounts for about 15 percent of the difference between predicted and observed warming since 2000.

(The actual reason for the temperature leveling out and cooling is because in 98, the sun spot cycle that drove the warming trend ended)

6. Across Iran and Iraq, uniformed soldiers marched in what they call, ‘Al Quds’ day, presumably ramping up for the day they attack Israel and take Jerusalem.

7. Somalia hotels attacked by militants in Mogadishu

At least five people were killed when militants in the Somali capital Mogadishu attacked two hotels.

A security operation has now ended at one of the hotels, near the parliament building.

The BBC’s Moalimu Mohammed, in the city, says the two hotels were busy with people breaking their Ramadan fast when they were attacked at 18:10 local time (15:10 GMT).

The Islamist militant group al-Shabab has said it was behind the attack.

Our reporter says the two hotels – the Wehliya and Siyaad – are among the best known in the city.

(“Militants” ay? I can think of more accurate adjectives for religious muslims who attack a hotel)

8. 20 Christian Iraqis who fled ISIS are being detained in California, and no one knows why

A group of 20 Christian Iraqis seeking asylum in the US after fleeing from ISIS have been held by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for over four months now, Al Jazeera reports.

The imprisoned Iraqis — known as Chaldeans — are being detained for an unusually long time with no explanation even though they have family members willing to sponsor them in San Diego County, according to Al Jazeera.

Mark Arabo, an activist for the Chaldean community in San Diego, told Al Jazeera that ICE claimed it didn’t have sufficient resources to process the Chaldeans’ claims. Arabo says that explanation is hard to believe.

(And yet, if they were the muslims from the same area who were actually doing the slaughtering…)

Thank you CB Sashenka, M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Lolly Parton, and all who sent in materials. There will be more very shortly, including another speech from the PEGIDA event in Malmoe Sweden early this month which was just translated and is very good.


Lastly, any farmers reading this site may want to arm their sheep next Saturday, July 18th, as its the holiday after the muslim, month long tradition of skipping lunch and doubling down on dinner, which is usually celebrated with massive slaughtering of animals all over the place, mostly sheep and there is no shortage of stories of sheep gone missing around that time of the year and even of farmers being arrested for running illegal abattoirs for having sheep slaughtered on their farms.

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    We’re all watching your “virtual” floating matrix now b/c y’all lost your FUCKING bearing due to arrogance & ego.
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    • Translation for Adam:

      “The more I get exposed to your kuffar ways and twisting the Noble Religion with predudice and bias I have the right to question every offensive intention you have on this blog besides your own culture of whores, homosexuals and gender-reassignments that kill the souls of the innocent.

      My gang of dhimmis are now reading this disconnected phoney-space right now, because your vanity and pride in not submitting to Allah makes you all intended for our mascara’d evil-look.”


      Whores, homosexuals, transgender and muslims… the four Gays of the Apocalypse.

      • I sort of thought that might be the translation but his avatar states “…hunting filthy koranimals.” Fundamentalist Christian escapee from Westboro with an iphone? Angry Buddhist? Your guess is as good as mine…

        Suppose it could be a subterfuge, but muslims typically aren’t as coy as the animal presented in the picture by the aforementioned user.

        • In this game, there are muslims and leftists posing as right wing nutjobs in the sole purpose to illicit the same angry reactions in unthought-out replies… That then they cut and paste back to their own organizations to show how victimized they are.

          Profanity is used by muslims and the left because they live not far from a base sexual existence.
          Therefore, his post stood out like a sore thumb amongst the decent people that come here.

  2. BayouCoyote, think its time to put the crack-pipe down. What you posted is like a phone texting rant posted on twitter, translated to Finnish, and then fed back thru Google translate to make it english again. Makes absolutely no sense…

  3. Anyway…

    #5: We have to keep in mind that the climate is a system and is analysed via systems science. Global warming is not a yes/no answer. Its a system, and behaves in quite complex ways. Volcanos are sort of duplicitous in that they both produce CO2 *and* aerosols. Lofted high into the atmosphere, aerosols lower temperature as they absorb infrared before it reaches earth higher up where it can then be more easily radiated into space. Space is an excellent infrared sink since its only ~12K (-261 ºC) and at high altitudes there is very little water vapor or atmosphere to block outgoing infrared (remember the mini-ice age due to an eruption?). A good example of how much heat can actually be lost to space is freezing of water at air temperatures above freezing. On a cold, dry day just after sunset or at night, water on a light colored car or light colored surface facing towards the sky can easily freeze at surrounding air temperatures up to about 4.5 ºC. The surface is cooled by the infrared escaping into space enough to fall below freezing.

    Also we have been seeing reduced solar activity for some time, which translates to less heat input, so there is less heat to be dissipated at the poles which allows the ice to regenerate to a good extent (not a bad thing). How much longer this will last is anyone’s guess… Since there is more CO2 the lower latitudes, however, they should be better at retaining heat which creates larger temperature differentials and different ocean currents, as some studies seem to be hinting at. This could explain some of the odd and chaotic weather seen lately. Especially over the last winter with very mild days followed by bitter cold and intense snow.

    If your genuinely interested, the science journals are a good place to poke around at. Most scientists are not yet Marxist academia zombies, and are actually producing honest analysis of what is going on. Problem is that this is then translated thru the MSM and UN to come out as the usual twisted agenda pushing drivel. Truth be told I would agree that there has been rising temperatures due to CO2, but since the system is so complex its hard to pin down exactly how it will behave in the long run, especially when other variables are changing such as the heat input. Essentially we are subjecting the Earth to a HUGE step-change in CO2, and unknowingly running an experiment that’s never been done before. In science this is known as an impulse, and while the impulse response tells a lot about a system, the response is not always intuitive or easy to understand. Its hard to say how the planet will ultimately react, and that was the original message of science is that it may turn out to be an experiment that we could very much regret.

  4. 8 – We have finally found a group of immigrants Obama doesn’t want to let in the US his actions once again prove my assertion that he is a Moslem.

    Don’t bother replying to the phony hillbilly he is probably setting in am expensive apartment in some big city thinking he has fooled us.

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