Seems islamic massacres of the innocent have actually been underestimated: Links 1 on July 10 – 2015

1. The ISIS massacre of 770 in Iraq that was so bloody it could be seen from space: 24 fanatics sentenced to hang after satellite evidence helped bring them to justice

The bloody aftermath of Islamic State’s mass execution of 770 Iraqi soldiers in Tikrit last year was so vast, it could be seen from space.

It was originally thought that 190 troops were slaughtered when the terror group overran and conquered Saddam Hussein’s hometown. But crucial satellite imagery uncovered three new execution sites and tripled the death toll.

These photographs, footage of the gruesome massacre and harrowing eyewitness accounts have now helped convict 24 of the ISIS fanatics behind the atrocity.

An Iraqi court has sentenced them to hang for their role in the slaughter of hundreds of soldiers on Wednesday. Four others were acquitted for lack of evidence and as many as 604 other militants, who are also thought to have taken part, are still at large.

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Bloody: Satellite imagery (pictured) and footage of Islamic State's mass execution of 770 Iraqi soldiers has helped convict the militants of atrocity, and 24 of them have now been sentenced to hang by an Iraqi court. The bloodstains from the mass execution can be seen left

2. More detailed article on Hamza in Quebec, who’s last name is basically a long vowel movement, and his law suit against the taxpayers of Quebec.

Together with Réal Ménard, the borough mayor for the district, Coderre announced that the zoning regulations had been modified to prohibit any religious instruction in the area.

But according to Chaoui’s lawyer, Habib Rachidi, Coderre went on to personally attack Chaoui, calling him an “agent of radicalization” and a “fomenter of social tensions”, while insinuating a link between Chaoui and the Islamic State — comments that he said were totally unnecessary and destroyed his client’s reputation.

Coderre would not comment Thursday on the lawsuit.

The accusations were extremely serious, Rachidi continued, and inflicted severe damage — thus the half-million-dollar lawsuit.

“He linked my client to the Islamic State,” Rachidi said.  “These are serious accusations and the media coverage of that press conference went around the world through the Belgian, French and Arab press.”

3. Man swings sword at people at park, gets shot in guts by cop

(I dont know what to make of this at all. No description as usual, so no idea if it was a guy looking for a ticket to Muhammad’s apres-vie bar and brothel in the clouds or some other kind of suicide-by-cop nut. Gotta feel bad for the officer though if he dies. That is hard to live with even if she felt she had no choice, although he did bring a sword to a gun fight)

4. Israeli PM makes video, to make a point about Iran.

5. Judge Janine video on extermination of Christians

(Three people so far have sent in this link and the uploader posted it yesterday and it is very good, but it appears to have been broadcast originally at around Christmas time)

6. At least 20 dead in Bangladesh stampede

(Video at site)

Dhaka, Bangladesh (CNN)A rush to receive donated clothes resulted in a stampede in central Bangladesh that killed at least 20 people Friday, police said.

The stampede, which took place in Mymensingh district, injured dozens more, District Police Chief Moinul Haque told reporters.

Authorities fear the death toll may rise.

According to local reports, more than 1,500 gathered outside the gates of the tobacco factory before dawn after receiving word the owners would be handing out free clothes. The stampede occurred when many tried to force their way in, the reoprts said.


7. There really is something rotten in the District of Columbia

8. Interview with Rifka Barry, the girl that Pamela Geller helped escape a family ready to kill her for apostasy 

9. Pakistan bans translation of Islam’s “sacred words” into English

(Muslims play a lot of word games with the non-muslim in order to gain tactical advantage, not the least of which, is the ability to lie while seeming to tell the truth. One example is when they redefine a common term in English to mean its opposite or right-angle, submit that definition through the OIC to the UN such as in the Cairo declaration of Human Rights in Islam, and then carry on using the term in its new way knowing we think it means ‘justice’ when it means ‘sharia’.

In this case it can work against them. This is the second populous muslim nation to legally admit that ‘allah’ is not God and must not be translated as such. For once I agree. No one should and whenever you see that translation in the popular press and you know they wrote or said ‘God’ when the original was ‘allah’, then we must comment, write in, call in etc. It is an actual crime in Indonesia as well as Pakistan now. And even an atheist will admit, Superman is not daffy duck just because both fictional characters can fly. And if someone sold a Superman movie in a Daffy Duck box, Warner Bros, Lawyers would be on them like Cosby on an intern.

“Forbidden” WORDS include Allah (God), Masjid (mosque), Sala’t (prayer) and Rasool (the Prophet). Christian activist slams policy for its “negative impact on Christians and religious minorities.”

Islamabad (AsiaNews / Agencies) – Pakistan has banned the translation of Islamic words and Arabic names into English. Local media report that on June 4 last, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif approved a document that prohibits the translation of words such as Allah (God), Masjid (mosque), Sala’t (prayer) and Rasool (the Prophet) . Many Muslim leaders have welcomed the move, but it  has drawn criticism from several activists.

(Allah is not God. And its a component of our defense against a hostile islam that we come to understand this as to confuse the two is part of our being lulled into submission. Allah is a genocidal maniac in perpetuity. Compassion for allah means not to be as fantastically cruel as he is capable at all times. Once people only hear allah when they mean allah, they become less likely to defend it, as well they should)



Thank you Yucki, M., Richard, Lolly Parton, Wrath of Khan, and many more.

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    • No one has ever won a war by bombing, it helps but until someone with a knife on the end of a rifle digs them out of their holes the war will continue.

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