Schools run by Islamic State supporters, Tard on tard mass killings and more: Links 1 on July 2 – 2015

1. Canada to strip a terrorist of his Canadian citizenship for the first time.

(It is still a pound of cure when an Oz/ of prevention would be much better. But a pound of cure is still better than no cure administered or available)

Hiva Alizadeh is the first Canadian to be targeted by a law that allows Ottawa to strip the citizenship from Canadians convicted of terrorist offences, provided they are citizens elsewhere.

Tammy Hoy/CP

Tammy Hoy/CPHiva Alizadeh saind in court, “People over there want us to hit from within.”


After swearing the oath of citizenship in 2007, Alizadeh left the country. When he returned in 2009, he claimed he had been visiting family in Iran because the Canadian winters made him depressed.

But a member of Ottawa’s Muslim community informed the authorities Alizadeh had said he was actually in Afghanistan, where he had undergone training and pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden.

Alizadeh also said he had been instructed to return to Canada to find recruits to prepare terrorist attacks against Canada and the West. “People over there want us to hit from within,” he said.

2. Salafi muslim group, Jaish al-Islam, release video where they dress up in orange and sing songs while executing Islamic State fighters, kneeling and dressed in black and call them apostates and heretics. 

(Once again, twigging to a great scene in a movie called, ‘Deterrence’, where a Condoleezza Rice like character says to the president character, “The thing about jihad is, you know when you lost, but you can’t know when you won. Cause when do you stop fighting for allah?” A brilliant observation. Even if the world submits to muslims, they will have to keep killing each other in a war of purification because death in jihad is the only guaranteed ticket to the pares-vie bar and brothel in the sky)

They deny the charge that Jaish al-Islam members are apostates, instead accusing the Islamic State of being heretics and apostates. They claim that they are the true jihadists.

It is important to note that Jaish al-Islam is itself an Islamist Salafist group which ultimately seeks to establish an Islamic State governed by sharia law.

The execution reverses the power dynamic of the Islamic State’s videos by revesing the color scheme. The Jaish al-Islam fighters wear orange, while their Islamic State prisoners, kneeling and chained, wear black, a clear allusion to the orange jumpsuits typically worn by victims in the Islamic State’s videos.

3. Facebook and twitter not reporting terrorist accounts

(But they have made it impossible for people who write about terrorism to do so under a name that keeps them safe. Just so long as they have their priorities straight)

4. US to have an embassy in Cuba before it has one in Jerusalem. 

(Just so long as we know the US has its priorities…. well given the recent supreme court decision…..)

5. ‘When you’re cut you won’t be a slut looking for men like a prostitute’: An utterly horrifying encounter with the FGM cutter women who butcher young girls’ genitals with a razor blade

Standing barefoot with a viciously sharp blade in her hand this is a cutter woman who performs female genital mutilation (FGM) on young girls as part of a misguided belief it prevents promiscuity and maintains family status in the traditional community.

Half-blind and with just a couple of teeth left in her mouth, Anna-Moora Ndege started cutting girls’ sexual organs over 70 years ago.

At first she used a six-inch nail, sharpened on stone to create a crude flat blade. Now she uses a razor blade – bought at the little shop at the end of the dirt track leading from her mud hut in rural Africa.

Ndege, 86, along with Agnes Kerubo, are two of the cutters that can be found in villages, towns and cities in Kenya and across Africa and parts of the Middle East where communities cling on to this barbaric tradition.

Abortions with coat hangers? Change the world to prevent. This is OK though

(It would be interesting to know the real stats on back alley abortions with coat hangers that killed women because we do have pretty good stats on this practice and it would make an interesting comparison)

6. UK: Teacher banned from the classroom for life after tweeting ‘beheading deserved’ and ‘well done ISIS’

A British teacher has been banned from the classroom for life after a tirade of pro-ISIS rants on Twitter.

Nargs Bibi, 32, was found guilty by a disciplinary panel of posting the foul-mouthed rants online.

Among other things Bibi posted sick messages in line with ISIS militants’ actions, such as beheadings.

The former teacher posted lines like “beheading deserved” online before telling his followers: “Well done IS…don’t blow the shrines up…kill kafir for wat they’ve done[sic].”

He went on to say: “F*** ur teaching job. F*** UK and US…Allah destroy them. They deserve every killing…hide it frm public…cant hide it frm me[sic].”

Thank you Maria J., Wrath of Khan, M., Richard,  Pym Purnell, Yucki et al. More to come.





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  1. 6. What she expressed was to some offensive. But I could appreciate her reasoning from stone-age religious indoctrination and her government’s oil policy. I condone her right to feel and express those views. She could have been a homosexual coercing her brother to have a baby with her girlfriend. I can weep for the child, but whatever the thought crime, if it does not intend to make someone commit a criminal act which is an arrestable Offence, then within the law those employers who are already filled with questionable talent have no right to sack someone for their opinions and views, especially on government policy in arming pro-West Muslims in other countries and not arming their own populations.
    ISIS came as a direct result of Obama’s policies in a region that Bush and Blair destablized from becoming pro-East but at had least kept a lid on their deeds.

    And opinions change – whereas in the real world some people are not going home.

    Arrest her or reinstate her. On a Britain First march or a Muslim First march. Let her hear counter opinion in what should have been the free market of ideas.

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