Muslims amputating and slaughtering their way into everyone’s heart this summer. Links 2 on July 2 – 2015

1. Nigeria: Boko Haram militants attack a town in the north-east killing 97 people

2. Saudi government funding private Islamic schools in Canada, documents show

The Saudi government is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to help finance the expansion of private Islamic schools in Canada, according to newly leaked documents that shine a light on how foreign states are helping finance a growing demand for religious education.

The documents, involving cables between diplomats at the Saudi embassy in Ottawa and government officials in Riyadh, contain conversations from 2012 and 2013 about a $211,000 donation to a school in Ottawa and $134,000 to a school in Mississauga.

he schools confirmed to The Globe and Mail they had sought such donations to help build or buy new facilities for rapidly expanding student bodies.

The memos about the donations were among 500,000 Saudi diplomatic cables that WikiLeaks has begun releasing, yielding unprecedented insights into how the secretive Arab kingdom operates outside its own borders.

3. ISIS terrorists ‘plan to strike at bars, the main airport and tourist resorts across Tunisia throughout the summer’ 

Tunisian supporters of the Islamic State terror group have drawn up a list of fresh terror targets following the success of two bloody attacks this year, it has been claimed.

An investigation of jihadi internet forums and social media accounts is said to have unveiled plans for attacks on shops selling alcohol, the country’s main airport and the tourist island of Djerba.

SIxty people have been killed in two ISIS-linked terror attacks in Tunisia so far this year.

The first attack on the Bardo Museum in the capital Tunis took place on 18 March and left 22 people dead, the vast majority of them Western tourists. The second, on June 26 at a beach resort in Sousse, claimed the lives of 38 people – 30 of them British tourists.

4. Thrown to their deaths by ISIS barbarians for ‘being gay’: Men are pushed head-first off a fourth-storey building in Islamists’ latest sickening executions 

Known for their barbaric punishments and repressive control over the locals, ISIS have released photographs of militants hurling four men, accused of homosexuality, off the top of a building in Iraq.

The jihadi group has previously carried out the sickening punishment in their de-facto capital, Raqqa, in Syria. Now the inhumane death sentence has been used in the Iraqi province of Fallujah.

ISIS’s latest propaganda images come after a family of 12 British nationals, including two grandparents are feared to have traveled to Syria

(Video at DM link)

(When they start doing this in Canada, I’m sure Trudeau’s islam-friendly Liberal party will at least demand that they place a “Caution: Falling Gays” sign on the sidewalk)

5. US blocks attempts by Arab allies to fly heavy weapons directly to Kurds to fight Islamic State

(Does anyone think that maybe someone should be demanding an explanation for that?)

High level officials from Gulf and other states have told this newspaper that all attempts to persuade Mr Obama of the need to arm the Kurds directly as part of more vigorous plans to take on Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) have failed. The Senate voted down one attempt by supporters of the Kurdish cause last month.

6. Nigeria: millions affected by Boko Haram

7. The effects of the anti immunization movement appear to be bearing fruit.

(Think of it as a Darwin test. If you have an IQ high enough to understand the science of vaccinations and of risk-benifit equations, you will get vaccinations for yourselves and your children. For the rest, …)

8. Video of Islamic State psychos amputating hands and feet from someone who, all bets taken never got a fair trial by any rational definition for whatever arcane thought crime he was found guilty of. Watch at own risk.

Thank you M., Maria J., Wrath of Khan, Richard, TL.,  and all. More to come. A fair amount more actually. Sorry about that in advance.

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      • I can’t believe the things people text or tweet. Stream-of-consciousness, without the slightest filter. Shrinks who listened to that sort of thing were sworn to silence [sorta].

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