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  1. Officials: Facebook, Twitter Not Reporting ISIS Messages (abcnews, July 1, 2015)

    “Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites would be required to report suspected terror messages to law enforcement authorities under a bill approved by the Senate Intelligence Committee, something U.S. and British law enforcement officials told ABC News they do not routinely do now.

    The bill, which is headed for consideration before the whole Senate, is being applauded by U.S. counter-terrorism officials but opposed by civil liberties groups.

    While Facebook says it works “aggressively to ensure that we do not have terrorists or terror groups using the site,” it and other social media sites are not currently required to report suspect messages to law enforcement, as they are in cases involving child pornography.

    “What they do now is simply terminate the account of the person who is plotting the attack,” said Richard Clarke, a former White House counterterrorism official and ABC News consultant. “It is very unlikely today that a social media company would turn around and call the police.”

    U.S. officials say ISIS and other terror groups regularly use social media sites to communicate with followers and urge them to attack….”

  2. ‘When you’re cut you won’t be a slut looking for men like a prostitute’: An utterly horrifying encounter with the FGM cutter women who butcher young girls’ genitals with a razor blade

    MailOnline visited two female cutters in Kenya ahead of the ‘cutting season’ when girls are sent from the West to undergo the brutal operation

    Some 700,000 victims live in Europe – 140,000 in the UK and 100,000 in France. 500,000 women in the US have suffered or are in danger of FGM

    Supermodel campaigner bravely described the lifelong effects of having her vagina sewn up and calls the ‘sexist’ practice ‘child abuse

  3. hey Eeyore et al,
    I’ve been coming to this site for years, I can’t thank you enough, but it takes so long to load, and it’s been this way for some time now… I use Firefox on a pc workstation, and I don’t have this problem with any other site. It seems to me that the page is set to accommodate too many articles..

    At any rate, thanks again for everything, and all the best to you all,


    • Thanks AG.
      Recently, we overhauled the theme and set it up to optimize for mobile devices. It should in theory load much faster. We also added special plugins to accommodate the high number of videos, something this site kinda specializes in, so it would load faster. So it should be better than you are seeing.

      At the same time, we use a high powered firewall to stop our muslim and marxist friends from taking the page down altogether with constant and prolonged DDoS attacks as well as other kinds of attacks on the site. This does cause it to load more slowly.

      One option is to use that thing where it checks the browser of the people visiting the site to make sure its real traffic. A CloudFlare feature. Personally it drives me crazy and I sometimes leave the site before its finished checking me, when I go to other sites that have it.

      I will pass along your observation to the guys that really understand this stuff and see what they say. Thanks for the observation and please let me know if you notice any changes in performance, good or bad but especially bad, in about a week or so.


  4. UK – LONDON – 15-year-old girl arrested on suspicion of terrorism offence

    Officers from the MPS Counter Terrorism Command (SO15) have this morning, 2 July, attended an address in east London and arrested a 15-year old girl on suspicion of preparation of terrorism (under section 5 of the Terrorism Act, 2006) and she is currently in custody at a central London police station pending further enquiries.

    DAILY MAIL – Elite troops take part in second day of anti-terror training at London’s Canary Wharf to test response to a Tunisia-style attack

    Police and emergency services carried out the second day of their terror training exercise, Operation Strong Tower
    After staging a siege at a disused tube station yesterday they were today at Canary Wharf and on the River Thames
    More than 2,000 participants from 14 organisations have been involved in the two-day exercise around the capital
    Police chief in charge says she is pleased with how the exercise has gone and will aid any future terror response

  5. ISIS terrorists ‘plan to strike at bars, the main airport and tourist resorts across Tunisia throughout the summer’

    ISIS barbarians use meat cleaver to chop off hand and foot of two suspected thieves as hundreds of men and young boys watch on

    Thrown to their deaths by ISIS barbarians for ‘being gay’: Men are pushed head-first off a fourth-storey building in Islamists’ latest sickening executions

    ISIS takes a sledgehammer to civilization once again: Activists caught smuggling Palmyra statues to safety are lashed – then forced to destroy priceless antiquities in front of a baying crowd

  6. AUSTRALIA – Anti-Islam group deregistered for masquerading as domestic violence group

    An anti-Islam organisation has been deregistered, after it was found to be posing as an advocacy group for domestic violence victims.

    The Patriots Defence League of Australia (PDLA), which has chapters across the country, was registered as an incorporated association in Queensland in January 2014.

    As Fairfax revealed in April, the PDLA claimed in its application to the Queensland Office of Fair Trading that its objective was “to raise awareness of womens and childrens [sic] rights and domestic violence against women and children”.
    But the league is better known for its virulent anti-Islam stance. It has described Muslim immigration as an “invasion”, compared Muslims to cockroaches and rats, campaigns against Halal food, and has organised campaigns against mosques being built across the country including in the Victorian town of Bendigo.
    The group was involved in the Reclaim Australia marches, and has chapters in major and regional cities across Australia. It’s unclear how many members it has, but more than 14,000 people have “liked” the group on Facebook. League members and followers often make violent threats on social media.

    Following inquiries by Fairfax Media, the Office of Fair Trading investigated the group’s activities. It found that the league was “carrying on an operation which is beyond the scope of the objects of the incorporated association” and that cancelling the organisation’s incorporated status was justified, “in the public interest”.

    One of the benefits of becoming incorporated as a not-for-profit is that it offers office bearers some legal and financial protection against legal action taken against the organisation. Without incorporation, those members could be personally liable to pay damages. Incorporation also gives associations to right to apply for private and public funding, claim tax advantages and to allow the association to enter into contracts.

    The office said it had given the PDLA a month to respond to a notice to “show cause” as to why it should keep its incorporated status, but the PDLA had not responded.

    PDLA president TJ O’Brien said he had not been told of the decision and would not comment until he had spoken with the Office of Fair Trading.

  7. Fresno panelists decry ISIS’ impact on perceptions of Islam

    High-profile community panel discuss ISIS and Islam at Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno

    Darius Assemi calls ISIS ‘terrorist organization that is using Islam’ to recruit

    ‘Lack of awareness’ blamed for unwarranted fear of Muslims in U.S.

    A dozen high-profile community leaders served as panelists at the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno on Wednesday evening for a discussion titled, “ISIS vs. Islam: Does ISIS follow or ignore the principles of Islam?”

    Moderator Darius Assemi, president and CEO of Granville Homes, stressed that “ISIS is a terrorist organization that is using Islam as a tool to recruit … Muslims have denounced this barbaric organization.”

    Several panelists agreed that ISIS’ actions have hurt perceptions of Islam in the United States.

    Panelist Rabbi Rick Winer of Temple Beth Israel in Fresno said, “What people do and have done throughout the centuries in the name of religion, when improperly used, is how religion gets horribly abused.”

    Rep. Jim Costa, who participated by phone, said, “Islam is a religion of peace and these terrorists do not reflect the heart and soul of a major religion of the world.”

    Some of the other panelists included Fresno County District Lisa Smittcamp, Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer and Jim Yovino, superintendent of Fresno County Office of Education.

    Dyer said a lack of awareness and education has caused a lot of unwarranted fear against Muslims in America.

    About 100 people attended the forum.

  8. Borno: Boko Haram kills 48 people in Monguno

    Residents of Musaram 1 and 2 villages of Monguno local government area of Borno state in the northeast, who ran to Maiduguri, the Borno state capital on Wednesday have reported that 48 residents were shot dead by the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram in a latest attack.

    The locals who brought some of their wounded relatives to the State specialists hospital in Maiduguri told newsmen that, the suspected Boko Haram sect, came through the lake Chad from the Chad Republic to attack their villages.

    They said when the insurgents arrived, they asked all the men in the villages to move to one side before they opened fire on them, killing 48 at the spot while several others were left in the pool of their blood.

    One of the locals, Sanusi Umar told our correspondent that, some of the injured they brought to the hospital include some members of his immediate family, adding that a lot more were left behind with their relatives struggling to bring them to the hospital in order to save lives.

    “We wonder how they got into the towns and into our villages despite the presence of security officials at the border. This explains that, we are not safe in the hands of these insurgents and the government seem not to be doing enough to ensure the safety of our people.” Umar said.

    Nigeria: Boko Haram militants attack a town in the north-east killing 97 people

    • The opening credits:

      “This is not a film about Islam
      It is about the threat of radical Islam.
      Only a small percentage of the world’s [make your number up here] Muslims are radical.”

      They have just disconnected radical islam from anything to do with islam and by implication therefore an unadulterated pure islam is good.

      It is like trying to appease feminists and homosexuals by stating the radicals advancing their lives are bad…. but they are good. Suggesting to outsiders that removing the inflammation cures the disease.

      Unless you get to the core issues you’ll not protect your family, and without challenge you’ll be breeding an army around you of disturbed children into violent hoodlums.

      Men are made inferior by Islam. That is The Message. So much so that of a man made to prostrate five times a day facing a particular town, every dog will be awakened in their presence as nature wants to mount anything made female before God. Thus Muslims fear them, especially the black ones. The resulting inverted superiority males also extends to the agitated behavior of Feminists and same-Sexualists. Though awakened dogs are often included in their pleasures and not seen as competitors.

      Relationships are entirely made up of subs and doms, weak before the strong and strong before the weak, an impossibility in their traumatized mind-state to treat people equally. Unable to love the unbelieving neighbor as themselves but draw a validation off from them: in satisfaction of their ruin or eliciting their approval.

      Ordinary people get derogatorily called “khuffar”, “breeders” or “men” and governments get seduced in diversity and common-understanding gatherings.

      And so the focus should always be the argument in how to treat these sick, to deal with their resentments and fears, and through forgiveness give them back their own realization. Exactly the same way Greek Jesus ministered to the Jews. Another John Wayne for the world is needed. Any movies likely to be made? Iron Man stop having to hide behind an Iron suit to act like a man?

      Or we will continually get this:

      “This is not a film about Feminism.
      It is about the threat of radical Feminism.
      Only a small percentage of the world’s [make your number up here] Feminists are radical.”

      Therefore, we will never need to address Feminism.

      Roll, credits.

      • They have just disconnected radical islam from anything to do with islam and by implication therefore an unadulterated pure islam is good.

        I stopped watching after the intro for that very reason.

        And now I understand their dog problem! Of course, it makes perfect sense.

  9. 6 U.N. peacekeepers killed in Mali (CNN, July 2, 2015)

    “(CNN)Six U.N. peacekeepers were killed and five others were injured Thursday in an attack on their convoy in the West African nation of Mali, the United Nations said. All 11 peacekeepers were from neighboring Burkina Faso. Details about the attack, which happened in central Mali’s Timbuktu region, weren’t immediately available, and the United Nations didn’t say who was behind the assault….”

  10. Egypt’s Warplanes Strike Back at Militants in Troubled Sinai (abcnews, July 2, 2015)

    “Egyptian warplanes launched new airstrikes and troops went house-to-house Thursday in the troubled Sinai Peninsula, a day after Islamic State-linked militants set off the area’s bloodiest fighting in decades in an unprecedented, coordinated attack.

    The combat, described as “war” by the media and officials, heightened tensions across Egypt as it marks Friday’s second anniversary of the military’s overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, a move that fanned an insurgency in north Sinai that has grown stronger….”

  11. Syrian Islamist insurgents launch battle to seize government-held Aleppo (yahoo, July 2, 2015)

    “BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syrian insurgents led by Islamist groups began a major offensive to gain full control of the divided northern city of Aleppo, a monitor and rebels said on Thursday.

    The fall of Syria’s main commercial hub would be a major blow for President Bashar al-Assad, restricting his control mainly to a belt of territory stretching north from Damascus to the Mediterranean coast.

    This would deepen Syria’s de facto partition between the Assad-run west and areas held by a patchwork of armed groups.

    A statement by the groups said their goal was to “liberate the city of Aleppo” and to ensure that when it fell into their hands it would be ruled by strict sharia principles….”

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