Greek brinksmanship, Islamic State attacks in Egypt and more: Links 1 on July 1 – 2015

1. LIVE UPDATES: Largest attack in restive Sinai in years leaves dozens dead

15 security sites attacked simultaneously in North Sinai, says IS

Islamic State-affiliated Sinai Province, previously known as Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, has claimed responsibility for the ongoing attacks on military sites in North Sinai that have killed at least 20 soldiers so far.

In a statement circulated on Twitter accounts affiliated to the group, IS explained that its allies had mounted 15 simultaneously attacks on military sites, including “martyrdom operations” on Al-Arish’s officers club and two checkpoints in Sheikh Zuweid.

Eleven checkpoints and a police station in Sheikh Zuweid were attacked by militants using missiles, the statement added.

2. Terror Suspect Arrested In NJ; NYPD On High Alert For July 4 Fireworks

3. Ezra on the attempt by the CBC to remove a Conservative campaign ad from THE INTERNET

4. Here are several links on the Greek default on the bail out debt. This is the first rumble of what could be an economic systemic earthquake. Why not click over to Kitgo and check the live Silver and gold charts after a look. Historically, these metals would spike during and after an event like this, wouldn’t they?

Also it appears that the Greeks were just playing at brinksmanship as they have decided to accept ‘most’ of the terms (so one might assume we could safely ignore most of the materials in the links below)

4a. Greece’s bailout expires, country defaults on IMF payment

4b. NYT on same

4c. USA Today

4d. Telegraph: Greek debt crisis: In Athens, scavenging from bins has become a way to survive

(Autostart vid at link)

5. ‘F*** the Jews’ scrawled outside Jewish primary school in Hackney… hours before car is vandalised at synagogue

Sickening anti-Semitic graffiti was daubed on the gates of a north London Jewish primary school – the same day as an axeman smashed the windows of a car parked outside a nearby synagogue.

The two incidents in Stamford Hill are not thought to be related, according to the Shomrim – the area’s volunteer Jewish neighbourhood watch group.

6. Thirteen ‘terrorists’ killed in Cairo’s October 6 suburb – security source

CAIRO, Jul 1 (Aswat Masriya) – Thirteen “terrorists” were killed by Egyptian security forces after a gunfire exchange in Cairo’s October 6 suburb on Wednesday, a security source said.

This comes in tandemn with ongoing clashes in between security forces and militants in North Sinai.

The nine were killed in a raid on headquarters that they were using to hide, the source added.

On Tuesday, three “terrorists” were killed in the same neighbourhood while trying to bomb a car in the vicinity of the October 6 Police Station, security sources said.

7. Islamic State: Militant attacks kill at least 36 in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

An unprecedented wave of Islamic State (IS) attacks on Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai Peninsula has killed at least 36 people — mostly troops — with the toll expected to rise, officials say.

Security sources said five military checkpoints and a police station were targeted by militants.

The dead included several civilians, according to security and medical officials, who said 38 militants were also killed as they battled soldiers and policemen in the North Sinai town of Sheikh Zuweid.


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4 Replies to “Greek brinksmanship, Islamic State attacks in Egypt and more: Links 1 on July 1 – 2015”

  1. 4 – It is impossible to overstate the danger from the current economic crisis in Greece, the simplest explanation for the crisis is that as Winston Churchill stated the Socialists have run out of other peoples money to spend. Add in the way the left has spend so many decades making people dependent on the government and you have a recipe for a major crisis in Greece. The current demonstrations are nothing compared to what is coming as the lenders force Greece to reduce welfare payments and insist on other reforms that will cause massive economic pain to the Greek people.
    As I have explained before the European banks don’t set up as much money to use to protect the depositors from bad loans that they can’t collect. This account has always been needed but it wasn’t as critical (it is always critical to have this account but normally not like it is right now) before the 1990s when the Socialists in the Clinton administration started talking about economic justice and regulations were forced through requiring the banks to make loans to people that didn’t have any way to repay the loans. (I know one man living on a disability that was told the banks were willing to make a $150,000 housing loan, at the time he was making about $1100 per month). This worked fine until the bubble in housing prices burst, meaning that the banks couldn’t foreclose on the houses and resell them. The bubble burst in 08 and the world has been limping ever, mainly because hardly any nations did the intelligent thing, that is cutting taxes so the consumers would have money to purchase more which causes the businesses to sell more and buy more from their suppliers, keeping people employed.
    Because the worlds economy never really recovered from the 08 crash we are looking at another crash with a weak economy, this may, probably will push us into a depression that will make the Great Depression look small.

    Yes the historically precious metals increase in value during economic crisis’s, the fact that they are falling instead of raising means that one of two things are occurring, 1) the investors have all lost their minds or 2) somebody is dumping massive amounts of gold and silver on the market. I would really like to see an independent audit of all of the Wests repositories.

    • 13 TONS of gold was just moved to Iran!
      The stuff exists, money is loose in all the wrong places. Just figure the ammunition expense, cumulative over the MENA region the last 6 months. That’s liquidity.

      …the way the left has spend so many decades making people dependent on the government…
      Am I right in thinking up to 40% of jobs in Greece are public sector, paper-pushing? Yet another quarter of the population is unemployed?

      You’re certainly correct about that being a recipe for civil unrest. Especially since this crisis has played out over such a protracted period, Greeks didn’t believe it when they woke up to closed banks. Tsipras, et al., still thinking they could pull it off.

      • Many of the Greeks (and others around the world) are living in the Marxist fantasy world, they think the government will find a way to take care of them as the Marxists promise. The world has run up against the wall of no more money to borrow and spend, we are now facing what so many people have warned about for so long, economic collapse because the parasites have destroyed too many of the producers.

        Yup 13 tons of gold has moved to Iran, that region of the world still believes in hard currencies. this is going to allow them to purchase a lot materials for nuclear weapons as well as conventional weapons. This move has to be deliberate since no one is stupid enough or desperate enough to think the money won’t be spent on weapons that Iran can use to reestablish the Persian Empire.

        • I’ve been reading a lot of Telegraph-leftist economists decrying the way the Troika brought Greece to her knees. Shame, shame.

          The Greeks simply refused to believe the facts. They just voted in this odious socialist clown who promised he could do magic tricks. Like forcing the Germans to cancel the debt in lieu of wartime reparations. He actually campaigned on that. And won!

          The referendum was meant to remind the Greeks of their wartime valor, voting “Oxi” – No – against tyranny. I don’t blame the ECB for finding that argument unconvincing.

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