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6 Replies to “Muslim caller to Arabic TV show”

  1. To this day nobody really knows how many Germans secretly hated Adolf Hitler and secretly wished that he would go away, and that things would return to normal. Was it most? Some? Many? Nobody will ever really know for sure… And how many Germans actually wanted Hitler to prevail, were actually aware that he was planning to eradicate entire populations and repopulate their counties with German colonizers, in a world full of concentration camps and big smoking chimneys, and were consciously looking forward to the day when being German in a German-dominated world might be rather pleasant thing to be?
    Similarly, how many Muslims are aware of what the Quran and the Hadiths actually say, and how like ISIS, Boko Haram, and The Taliban their beloved, merciful prophet really was? Who knows? We’re all supposed to say that it’s only a tiny percent, but are you ready to bet your life on that – make that bet the life of Western Civilization?
    Well if you ask me, I think a very large number of Muslims know damn well what the Holy Quran says, considering it screams its venom on every second page, and I think they’re looking forward to the day when they will be first class ultra-privileged citizens and the rest of us kafirs will be doing all the heavy lifting, as we keep our eyes down and mutter, “Yes, Effendi…No Effendi”…

    • Those that want to leave can’t leave. Don’t ever forget that. Even when its free to leave as in Britain their families threaten them.

      Removing apostasy laws are critical in the coming fight against Islam.

      • Agreed. The “Death for Apostasy” laws are almost certainly the main thing holding it all together. If they dropped those laws, Islam might well collapse with terrifying abruptness. The fact is that there is nothing but compulsion in the religion of Islam and there is precious little that would attract a moral person to such a violent cult. Islam is held together entirely by fear, not by attraction, unless one is drawn to raping and pillaging, of course…

  2. Muslims who actually read the Wholly Corn and who remain sane after doing so must be secretly ashamed of their ‘religion.’

    • I wonder about that. To us, the Quran certainly looks like pure evil, but who knows what it looks like to a Muslim. Is a great white shark evil because it harms innocent sea lions? To Allah, we kafirs are all nothing but pre-programmed prey-drones supplied to give the Muslims something to predate on and someone to prove themselves against in battle. We’re sort of like characters on the holodeck. Why would anybody bother to feel guilty about killing holodeck characters, especially when God Himself so clearly commands it? We’re replaceable. We’re…in a way… not really there.

      • But some amongst the kafir there are some who aren’t really human.
        We’re apes and pigs and devils who must be annihilated.
        Nothing subtle about that.

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