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4 Replies to “Aldo Sterone on Tunisia and police complicity”

  1. From my experience living in the U.K., the average working Brit is an apolitical creature. They have been betrayed so often that they have zero interest in their own traitorous government and its politics, much less those of Islamic Tunisia. They watch soccer and East Enders on the telly, and drink at their local pub, afraid to openly debate issues such as immigration and the Islamization of their country for fear of being called a racist. On my last visit in 2010, talking with my brother, who still lives there, he exhibited a palpable fear of us being overheard in a beer garden when I brought these subjects up.
    So heads remain in the sand, and they save up their money, as Mr. Sterone says, and flock to the Tunisian beaches for cheap vacations, oblivious to the hazards.
    To suggest that the Tunisian police turned a blind eye to this threat is a very credible theory.

      • Very few in power will say that the police (at least part of them) were in on the attack. This fact is something that must taken into consideration when thinking about travel to any Moslem controlled nation.

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