Islam holds atrocity olympics and wins gold, silver and bronze. Links 2 on June 23 – 2015

1. VIDEO: Muslim Convert Decapitated Grandmother, Waved Her Head At Police While Screaming ‘Allah!’

(This is a headline you will soon see everyday)

London’s Central Criminal Court has heard how police struggled to subdue Nicholas ‘Fat Nick’ Salvador, a Nigerian convert to Islam, after he went on a killing spree with a machete and beheaded 82-year-old Palmira Silva.

Even as he was cuffed, he managed to bite a police officer’s leg so hard he required treatment in hospital. The court heard that through the whole ordeal, he was screaming “Allah!” – even as he was carried away to police.

(More here and stills from the DM)

2. This is great, Ezra Levant on Saudi leaked documents which deal with his book, Ethical Oil.

3. Islamic State urges followers to escalate attacks

(Here is a link to the video but it appears to be just half an hour of a single image and people speaking scribbly)

Islamic State urged its followers on Tuesday to escalate attacks during the holy month of Ramadan on Christians, Shias and Sunni Muslims fighting alongside a US-led coalition that seeks to defeat the ultra-radical group.

4. Breaking: Shortly after the IS called for increased attacks in the West on several videos, this happened just now in New York. Now of course, we cannot know from this if it was jihad, but they don’t seem to describe the attacker despite dozens of eye witnesses.

5. Islamic State in Gaza

6. ISIS string up two boys from a beam after accusing them of breaking the Ramadan fast in Syria 

(If islam was a religion the way any Westerner would think of it, forcing obedience to its rules would be anathema as God in other faiths requires a person’s devotion through reasoning as an act of free will. Forcing obedience to religious rules could not possibly hold any value to the gods or religions in question. Islam is therefore, not in the same category on that basis alone)

Savage jihadis fighting for the Islamic State in Syria tied two young boys to a beam by their wrists and left them hanging in the air for several hours after accusing them of breaking the Ramadan fast.

The shocking incident took place in the village of Mayadeen in Deir Ezzor province and involved boys ‘aged under 18’, according to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.

It is understood that ISIS’ religious police force, known as the Hisbah, seized the two boys at some point over the weekend and suspended them from a pole in a public square alongside a placard informing passers by that the pair were being punished for eating during daylight hours.

7. Recently, an Australian muslim Naval officer who’s main job is islamic outreach, explained how the world must make sure it uses all the correct terms, thoughts and language when dealing with islam to stop it from becoming something awful. The video below attempts to explain the reasoning. Here is her essay on it

(H/T to GoV on that one for the script and direction)


Thank you Buck, M., Maria J., CB Sashenka, Wrath of Khan and many more. Its gonna be a long hot summer I bet. Much more to post. The stakes continue to grow. In a rational world, it should mean more and more people are prepared to speak out about this and related issues.

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6 Replies to “Islam holds atrocity olympics and wins gold, silver and bronze. Links 2 on June 23 – 2015”

  1. It is definitely going to be a long hot summer, the Moslems and the left are going to be very active committing atrocities and fomenting war.

  2. My observation when I visited USA:-
    People in NYC are close (space-wise ?), but nasty,
    People in LA are friendly, but distant.( space-wise too?)

  3. “…Muslim Convert Decapitated Grandmother, Waved Her Head At Police While Screaming ‘Allah!’…”

    I wonder when we’ll see some tard doing the same thing to his own grandmother..

  4. 7. “The people who commit terrorist acts are not Muslims”

    Say a church convenes a dialogue between the congregation and the next door mosque where the topics are divided into three groups into three separate rooms. The exchanges are heated and everyone wants to say their piece but the time is running out and they slowly start to drift out and back towards the main hall, but a new church member hangs on urgently to wanting to correct a fallacy and address the immaculately dressed eloquent speaker who has held court for most of the time. He hadn’t noticed all the church-goers have all gone from the room.
    Two men, one in tracksuit and the other in jeans threateningly approach him.
    He realizes and panics calling out to the group, “muslims help me!”
    They do nothing as they watch him tortured and beaten. These extremists in their midst they will call lone wolves and not muslims the next day.

    Socialists are exactly the same. They allow Communists to terrorize – these 40%-ers. 40% tax for generating wealth, 40% women in boardrooms to reduce risk, 40% of employees non-white for fairness.

    These thugs are tolerated precisely because their racket is to steal and distribute cash into your own pocket – which you did not earn either. Tax-credits, maternity leave and payments, welfare checks and housing. Bribed cowards, and just as guilty. So of course then the recipients will stand by where decent people are fleeced and robbed by bureaucrats.

    Therefore have an understanding for the1.7 billion muslims who go around saying “yes boss” to all and sundry, given a heaven they don’t deserve. That they too are slaves to the rules of radicals: those that feed them their daily porridge and send their police who will attack anyone not of the fold.

    “The people who commit terrorist acts are not Muslims”, they are Mohammadans; just as those who attack Wall Street are Communists and not and of the Socialists who write it up in editorials blaming the capitalists for their demise.

    United they stand in sisterhood.

    • He realizes and panics calling out to the group, “muslims help me!”
      They do nothing as they watch him tortured and beaten.

      But what happened? I was following the story. Then it stopped and Socialists came in. Please finish the story so I can get the analogy.

  5. * Sisterhood: imprinted by the female form positively or negatively. I.e. feminized men. Medallion/tattoo wearers or metrosexuals. Muslims or Socialists. Keeping mummy close in a love-hate, virgin-whore relationship for the only sense life they have. And should a woman take off her shoe, watch them run.

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