Some nations opt for reasoned solutions, islam makes things worse wherever it can, leftists rely on slight of hand and sophistry: Links 3 on June 23 – 2015

1. Australia prepares new citizenship laws

(Rational laws have become somewhat of a rarity. It is so obvious that jihadis should not be allowed to return to Western lands, yet nearly no Western country prevents it. Australia seems to have a survival instinct. They had better watch their backs, not from islam, but the US etc.)

Australia says it will reveal new laws stripping citizenship from dual nationals engaged in terrorism.

The government said it wanted to ensure that militants with dual nationality who were fighting overseas could not return to Australia.

The laws would also strip citizenship from dual nationals who engaged in terrorism inside Australia.

The government said changes to the Australian Citizenship Act would be introduced to parliament on Wednesday.

The new laws could be applied to up to half of the 120 Australians fighting in the Middle East with Islamic State (IS), said Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

(All of this is obvious yet it will be treated as if it was monstrous by Europe and Oz opposition one can bet)

2. Defying EU, Hungary suspends rules on asylum seekers

(There is more to Hungary than the Nazi party, Jobic. The current leader seems to have a rational streak as well as Australia. How will the EU deal with that?)

Hungary on Tuesday suspended European Union asylum rules requiring it to take back refugees who have traveled through Hungary to other countries, and Brussels immediately called on it to clarify its action.

“Hungary’s asylum system is overburdened, the most overburdened among EU member states affected by illegal immigration,” a Hungarian government spokesman said.

The asylum rules, known as the Dublin Regulation, were first drafted in the early 1990s. They require people seeking refuge to do so in the European country where they first set foot.

So far this year, more than 60,000 immigrants have crossed into Hungary illegally, the government said.

The European Commission called on Hungary to explain immediately why it had stopped taking back asylum seekers from other states in defiance of EU rules.

3. Australia’s first terror suspect Zaky Mallah criticised over comments on ABC’s Q&A program

(ABC has subsequently admitted it made a mistake)

ZAKY Mallah, the first Australian charged under Howard-era anti-terror laws, says he stands by the comments he made on the ABC’s Q&A program last night adding the federal government’s counterterrorism agenda was pushing more disaffected Muslims into extremism.

Mallah, who was acquitted of the charges but spent two years in Goulburn’s supermax prison awaiting trial, made the comment in response to the backlash over his controversial appearance on the ABC’s Q&A program last night.


His fiery exchange with Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Trade Steve Ciobo, and controversial comments on the show led Prime Minister Tony Abbott to call for a government-wide boycott of the ABC program, accusing it of betraying Australians.


In an opinion piece written for The Guardian, Mallah says Mr Ciobo’s comments on the program played into the hands of the Islamic State by creating more of a gap between isolated young Muslims and the government.

4. Here is the GoV post on the video we made about the Australian captain of Taqiyya

5. Justin Trudeau: I’ll end ISIS combat mission, restore relations with Iran

6. Here is a sticker a roving Ottawa photog saw on a truck he thought was worth sending in. (Thank you Victor Laszlo)

Bring troops home sticker

A few things needed to be added to this though:

Support your firemen. Never let them leave the station. (unless its on fire)

Support your medical staff. Never let them near sick people.

Support your police. Do not let them engage with violent criminals and especially when they are committing a violent crime.

Support the people who work the mines. No going underground!

Support electrical workers. Only fix things by guiding you over the phone

Support your local bee keeper. Go get your own damn honey.

Support your local proctologist. Don’t let him anywhere near a meeting of progressive socialists.

7. ISIS destroys two ‘polytheistic’ shrines in Palmyra

ROME – The Islamic State (ISIS) has destroyed two ancient shrines near the UNESCO World Heritage site Palmyra in eastern Syria. One of the two was the tomb of Sheikh Mohammad Ben Ali, descendent of the Muslim prophet Mohammad’s cousin.

Too bad he wasn’t in it at the time

8. Islamic State mints its own ‘Islamic Dinar’ coins

(Look for the price of tungsten to go up fast)

Tard slugs

Thank you Richard, M., Buck, Maria J., GoV., Wrath of Khan, and all who contributed to the site and our general education today.


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5 Replies to “Some nations opt for reasoned solutions, islam makes things worse wherever it can, leftists rely on slight of hand and sophistry: Links 3 on June 23 – 2015”

    • Thank you for being the first person to work that out. Yes, the videographer and photographer who goes to a lot of events and sends in materials calls himself that for a reason that makes perfect sense to me.

      Of course, if they filmed Casa Blanca today, Victor wouldn’t be a hero, he would be an anti-nazi racist and would be up on constant charges in front of various human rights commissions for hate crimes.

      • The fact that it is necessary for him to hide his identity is a commentary on the current state in itself. I doubt many of us ever thought things would get this bad in the west.

  1. 5 – I see he hasn’t changed, he is still so liberal he is brain dead.

    6 – The fact that people put that oxymoron on bumper stickers shows how bad our current educational system is, the left has created the situation where they can take over. I don’t think they will win in the long run but they will do a lot of damage during the short run.

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