Breaking News: Danish People’s Party now 2nd largest in Denamrk

This just in. The Danish equivalent of Geert Wilders’ party, the People’s Freedom Party in the Netherlands, called the DPP, is now, with 95% of the votes counted, the second largest political party in Denmark.

This is a huge victory and means a lot of important things, not the least of which is that its possible this all can be turned around in the democratic way.

Thank you Henrik and Liberty DK for keeping us informed at VladTepesBlog

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10 Replies to “Breaking News: Danish People’s Party now 2nd largest in Denamrk”

  1. Oh joy!
    San-serif font! My eyes are so thrilled, they’re not watering for a change.
    My browser can’t adjust color on a site-by-site basis. Can the text color be more saturated for contrast?

  2. This is a fantastic outcome. Perhaps the first thing that can be done is to follow Singapore’s example regarding marriage and immigration.

  3. It certainly is good news. This will certainly limit Muslim immigration. However, it will not limit Muslim growth rate, which will continue to rise, and eventually overwhelm Denmark.

    • Stop social security payments beyond two children: Islam exploits western generosity. Once again follow Singapore’s example. Make Islam register itself as a political party or cult. Outlaw the book of hate which preaches death to non Moslems.

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