Exploding cars, attacks on Texas police, the peace of islam rocks cities to their foundations: Links 1 on June 13 – 2015

1. Police: 4 Dead in Car Explosion in Sweden

After initially releasing few details, police confirmed Saturday three people were pronounced dead at the scene while the girl was taken to hospital where she died. They didn’t the release the ages or identities of the victims or say whether they were related.

(Probably just a carload of highly nitrogen enriched herring)

More videos here,

2. Islamic State Inside Mosul

3. Security Guard at U.S. Embassy in Egypt Arrested as a Terrorist

(Friend of Obama’s maybe?)

To the shock of U.S. officials, authorities in Egypt have arrested the local employee and charged him as the purported commander of a radical Islamist organization.

Egyptian authorities have arrested an Egyptian security guard at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, claiming he is a senior figure in an Islamist terrorist organization. U.S. officials are scrambling to get information from Egyptian authorities, who did not alert them beforehand.

An embassy official confirmed to The Daily Beast that 42-year-old Ahmed Ali, accused by the Egyptians of helping to plan or taking part in more than a dozen attacks on security forces, was an employee in the security service at the mission in downtown Cairo. Egyptian authorities are claiming he is a commander in the militant Helwan Brigades.

4. Pakistan: Muslim demand church give up its land or face blasphemy charge

A Christian congregation in southern Pakistan has received a deadly ultimatum from local Muslim criminals: give up their church’s land or face a false accusation of blasphemy.


Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., and all who sent in materials. Much more to come including more of the Red Pill Brief. But those who have not watched Parts 1 through 4, I high recommend you do. This is factual straight forward analysis which is clear and contains enough motive information to predict the future.

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