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7 Replies to “Stephen Coughlin: Red Pill brief part IV”

  1. Stephen could not make it clearer: The Communists gave you ‘Make Love Not War’ for replacing excellence of inner character with superficial multiculturalism – to then be enabled to present a perfect positive-affirming inclusive image like Obama’s as a Nobel Peace-prize savior… whereas Islam too jumped into this moral-relativistic vacuum with their own perfect negatively-assertive imageless “boss of all bosses” Muhammad. Where do the children of the sheepled go to be comforted?

    Is it to the devil you are deliberately made to think you know, or the devil you are deliberately made not to know? The Narrative or Islam.

    Exposure of the truth behind either is a Hate Crime. That is how you know them; the truth is no defence.

    • “Your freedom ends where my freedom begins.” (40:30 minutes)

      “It infers a strong free spirit taken hostage by a leech like parasite who thereafter becomes, [and] assumes the identity of the host.”

      For example, arriving at a bus stop and jumping the queue there that was waiting in line. Their right in fulfilling their own needs, equals everyone else’s.

      This is identity-politics, where there is nothing attained by hard work, prudence and self-sacrifice. Discrimination is solely based on the government’s legislation of collective cultural privileges, and not from any individual attainment.

      It is the ‘equality of outcome’ rather than the ‘equality of opportunity’ for gaining influence over citizens who can be bribed, and drastically reducing the citizens of merit who cannot.

  2. I’m not familiar with Doug Christi, and as he was a barrister I appreciate his defence of the right to express unpleasant opinions and speech. I am curious however, in how he associated himself with the Nazi sympathiser Ernst Zundel.

    Here is Zundel interviewed by an Israeli reporter explaining his reasons as a revisionist he believed Hitlerism was a positive ideology for the time as a countermeasure to the forces corrupting and strangling the German people into a demoralized death.

    • “You can’t have antisemitism without semitism”

      People can identify by their offspring.
      People can identify by their soil.
      People can identify by their religion.
      And some can identify by their nothing.

  3. If memory serves, and it often doesn’t very well, Doug Christi is also the lawyer that defended a less famous and more contemporary person arrested for typical antisemitic expressions.

    The two most likely explanations are:

    1. A good lawyer and principled person understands that the principles of law only count when they are applied to people with views that are, shall we say out of fashion?

    2. He sympathies with his client’s views and wants to help them on that basis.

    Either way I tend to believe in the more classically Greek notion that a thing which is said stands on the merit more of the content itself, independent of the speaker. This is a logical axiom.

    As I get older I tend to question the universality of that axiom and certainly there are circumstances where the power of the quote comes from the notoriety of the speaker. But in this case the lawyer’s brief remarks seem stand alone to me.

    On a related note, decades ago, I often used to quote a particular thing Hitler said. I quoted it because it was good and credited him because it was he who said it. It was, and is, my personal belief that making Hitler into a god of evil was counter productive because in doing so, in making him into legend, the likelyhood of the re emergence of someone with the set of attributes and actions that made Hitler repugnant became much more likely.

    I believe that I have now lived long enough to see that prediction fulfilled nearly in full. No one saw islamic antisemitism coming and most are still in denial partially and perhaps in large part because we do not look at Hitler realistically but as a historical singularity. One that is of Jovian proportions and cannot be replicated or if it can, would have the same mythic attributes. Of course these attributed where projected post Hoc. Hitler, like Stalin, Lenin and other historical mass killers for ideological purposes, were men with bad ideas and a mandate from the people. Had we always thought of them that way, we might have been more careful with our mandates. I think the near future will also bear this out.

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