High level asset trained by US and Russian forces, defects to Islamic State and does call to arms video.

Those who know how to download videos, I suggest you may want to grab this one fast. It is clearly a significant video. Lots of news came out about the video but to the best of my knowledge, no one has made the whole thing available in English till now. Thank you GoV., Nina L., SC., D@rLin|{, and frankly a large team of people who worked on this to double check some of the concepts and terms, as this one is too important to get wrong.

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16 Replies to “High level asset trained by US and Russian forces, defects to Islamic State and does call to arms video.”

  1. OMG, in addition to anything else, just look at those creatures sitting next to this onanist. Reminds me of a comment by our own Don C.:

    “Centuries of inbreeding in the Petri dish of Arabia have produced some nasty mutations “
    And thinking that these vermin are “buying” as we speak, little girls and boys as sexslaves for 50 Dollars or so. VOMIT BUCKET PLEASE !!!

    This seems to give some more information about his Holidays in Obama’s Caliphat:

  2. Oh, to be able to get Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair and force them to watch this video from beginning to end, and then to listen to them try to excuse it all away with talk of root causes and lack of employment opportunities and racism and right wing paranoia.

    Imagine what would happen if this guy hit the Parliament buildings with an armed platoon behind him, like the group that attacked Mumbai. Do you think he wouldn’t do that if the Islamic State asked him to? Do you think he wouldn’t know how? We should be gearing up for war, not searching for ways to appease these evil bastards…

    • At least Canada’s conservative leader is a good man – unlike others who have long since joined the cowardly mantra of “nothingtodowithislam”.

    • Great idea! It would be highly instructive, as part of an all-candidates’ debate, to play a video such as this and then have the candidates give their responses in order.

    • The PDF: This is so kinky, I don’t even know where to file it.

      If I can’t file it, what do I do _with_ it?
      What do I do _about_ it?
      Who do I ask? What can I – _should_ I – say?

    • Putin is using the old connections with the Moslem terror groups to play a very dangerous game in an attempt to regain the power to threaten the world and force nations to give him more power.

      • Remember the post WWII terror groups were all started and funded by the KGB, a fact that the left is still trying to deny and suppress.

  3. Tajikistan ends Facebook block prompted by IS defector

    Ex-Soviet Tajikistan on Monday lifted blocks on popular websites including Facebook and YouTube it imposed after a police chief appeared in an online video announcing his defection to the Islamic State group.

    Local Internet providers restored access to blocked websites that also included the Russian social networks Odnoklassniki and VKontakte, as well as popular independent news agency Asia Plus, following pressure from the United States.

    A block on the Tajik service of Radio Free Europe, Radio Ozodi, was not lifted however.

    Tajikistan had prevented access to the websites on May 28, a day after 40-year-old Colonel Gulmurod Halimov appeared in footage blasting the country’s anti-Islamic policies and swearing loyalty to the radical group.

    The secular authorities in the majority-Muslim state in Central Asia are known for blocking websites that share content potentially embarrassing to the government.

    The latest blocks were among the most wide-ranging in recent years, indicating the government is rattled by Colonel Halimov’s shock defection.

    The American Embassy in Dushanbe last week released a statement over the blocks, including on Ozodi, which receives US government funding, saying: “We urge the government of Tajikistan to lift any restrictions on Facebook, Radio Ozodi, and other Internet news and social media sites.”

    Halimov is the highest profile recruit to IS from formerly communist Central Asia, an economically depressed region which borders Afghanistan and shares close ties with Russia and China.

    He headed the special forces unit in the Ministry of Interior and received anti-terrorism training in the United States prior to his defection, the State Department confirmed last month.

    In a 12-minute clip featuring the logo of the Furat media collective believed to be controlled by Islamic State, Halimov called Tajikistan’s leadership “dogs” and Americans “pigs”.

    “We are coming for you, Inshallah! (God willing)” he warned the Tajik government.

    Halimov was placed on the Interpol wanted list last week and Tajikistan has charged him with treason and involvement in a criminal group along with other crimes.

    Tajikistan’s Interior Minister Ramazon Rahimzoda on Friday said that at least 412 Tajik citizens have joined Islamic State since the outbreak of war in Syria, 71 of whom have died.


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