A bikers rally in Ottawa, more attempts to legally enshrine islam as above criticism and ready for forced worship: Links 2 on June 7 – 2015

A bit more on the Nicolai Sennels threat. The photo I posted earlier was a digitally enhanced version taken from a screen snap sent from a friend’s phone which I extracted in order not to reveal any identities. However the original has been sourced. It is here if anyone wishes to see the original image and can be found on what we believe to be the artist’s own Facebook page. 

Nicolai Sennels graveyard

1. Today in Ottawa, a large group of Jewish and Christian bikers were on the local leg of their cross-Canada commemorative tour for the fallen in battle. It was joyous to see. Many bikes flew the Israeli flag on the back and there was a huge variety of people in the pack. Victor Laszlo, our roaming Ottawa videographer was lucky enough to see them as they went by the truck he was in but didn’t manage to start the camera till they had nearly all gone by. He did ask what the event was about and it was clearly a counter-jihad type of event from what Victor reports back to us.

biker Israeli flag


2. There is a news story to go with this I will post as soon as I get it, which explains that what this is alleged to be, is a recording of a news anchor in Sweden warming up for his newscast. Of course this was never meant to go public and so he clowned around a lot and one of his jokes got him, apparently, as the legend goes, in a great deal of trouble. It was a funny line though and I think we should all make use of it often.

3. Egypt Minister Calls for International Law to Criminalize Contempt of Religion

Egypt’s minister for religious endowments called for the issuance of an “international law to criminalise contempt of religion” on Sunday.

A ministry official spoke on behalf of Minister Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa during a conference for world religious leaders in Kazakhstan, the state news agency MENA reported.

Gomaa believes the international law, which he is calling for, should criminalise contempt of religion “without any discrimination.”

Gomaa warned from the use of religion for political or sectarian reasons, making the message of heavenly religions the “fuel of endless conflicts”.

In January, gunmen attacked French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo’s office in Paris, killing a dozen people. Over the next two days, five more people were killed in France in related shootings and the attack was the cause for much tension in Europe and globally.

(Of course, defamation of religion will and can only mean against islam, as Muhammed was the last prophet, and therefore abrogated all previous religious thought. This is in the Cairo declaration of human rights in Islam if I recall correctly. So one might not be fooled into thinking there is even the totem of decency in this newest attack against the Enlightenment)

4. My Sister Killed Herself After Being Forced Into a Marriage She Didn’t Want

(Once again, it is very important that the media learn the critical distinction between an arranged marriage and a forced one)

5. UK warns 500,000 migrants could try Mediterranean crossing

(Can’t see why that should be a problem for anyone…)

6. Muslim to plead guilty to plotting jihad suicide bombing at Kansas airport

(I bet they wouldn’t let him open his own diet coke)

7. Gates of Vienna: Germany submits to Islam

The well-known German Counterjihad activist Udo Ulfkotte has written a new book about the Islamization of his country. JLH has translated review of the book from Politically Incorrect , and includes this note on the author:

Udo Ulfkotte might have trouble being published anywhere but by Kopp. Establishment types see him as right extremist, when they are being kind. However, he believes in his own apocalyptic view of the future so completely that he has settled his family on a farm — his address unknown and his identity there known only to the mayor of the small town near his spread. He has his own sources of water and electricity, grows both plant and animal foodstuffs, has a meter-high fence, and visitors are apparently “greeted” by a flock of hostile and territorial geese.

The translated review:

New Ulfkotte Book: Mecca Germany

Can we still be saved? Or have we already capitulated to Islam? And what is coming down the road at each and every one of us? Did you know, for instance, that the state’s attorney has launched an investigation because German patients’ food rations are supposed to be cut in favor of Muslims? We are now doing things we would have considered crazy ten years ago. A silent majority believes that, in premature obedience to Muslims, we have given up not just freedom of expression, but consequently the core of our democracy. Our previous freedom has been replaced by a fear of injuring the religious feelings of immigrant Muslims.


Thank you M., Victor Laszlo, Liberty Dk., Wrath of Khan, C. Marteau, and many more. More to come. Very busy day for many reasons. Next post very soon and a very important video. The defector from Tajikistan who was trained by US Blackwater and Russian forces and now is a commander for the Islamic State.



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  1. “Egypt’s minister for religious endowments called for the issuance of an “international law to criminalise contempt of religion” on Sunday.

    Monday Morning China and Russia signed up too, with their versions of Communism: Orthodox and Reformed, also known as Sheer and Shut-up, to be also ceremonially added to the List of Offensive and Profane Sounds. Europe’s Socialism was considered much too young a cult as The Modern Day Church of Hate Crimes, and so a special hearing behind closed doors will be scheduled.

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