one might consider a prozak or possibly an Ativan before reading today’s posts: Links 4 on May 31 – 2015

1. In many ways, Nazis are far more ethical and rational and even humanitarian than contemporary islam, as manifested by the Islamic State certainly. Does this mean Naziism are not a manifestation of unimaginable evil? No it does not mean that. But many who fought for the Nazis showed an ethic that seems absent from what we see today in the Islamic State and elsewhere that Islam is the dominant set of cultural norms.

2. Muslim chaplain claims discrimination on United flight 

3. “…at a time where I have never seen the national security threat level higher”

4. 26 worshippers dead, 28 injured in Maiduguri mosque attack

A suicide bomber, yesterday, sneaked into a mosque along Ali Kotoko Road, near Monday Market in Maiduguri, Borno State capital, leaving 26 dead  and  28 critically injured, security sources assisting in the  evacuation of victims said.

The incident took place at about 3:45pm when Muslim faithful gathered  to perform their afternoon  prayer.

Unconfirmed sources, however,  revealed that apart from the mosque explosion, another  blast  rocked some area of the Monday Market with  fewer casualty figure.

5. Turkey: 562nd anniversary of Istanbul’s Ottoman conquest celebrated with HUGE ceremony

6. VIDEO: Brawl at Labour-Linked Muslim Community Centre

The video (below), caught on a mobile phone before being uploaded to Facebook, depicted a violent scuffle between two warring sides of the Bangladeshi Community. Facebook users familiar with the situation claimed the row broke out due to ongoing tensions over who runs the centre, which has served as a hub of political activity for the local Labour Party as well as national Labour figures.

Local police were caught in the middle of the violence. The video shows chairs being hurled across the room, with police officers being tugged back and forth between those attempting to fight. At one point, a policeman is shown to punch one man in the face as he tries to wrestle his truncheon from him.

BBC on it here

7. Child protection boss warns there is ‘not enough land’ to build all the prisons needed to lock up UK’s paedophiles

The former Deputy Children’s Commissioner for England has warned that child sex abuse in the UK is so widespread that there is ‘not enough land’ to build all the prisons needed to incarcerate offenders.

Sue Berelowitz, who has been under fire after she received a six-figure payoff and was then promptly rehired as a £1,000 a-day consultant, made the claim while speaking at the Hay Literary Festival yesterday.

Mrs Berelowitz, who is currently chairing the government’s inquiry into child sex abuse said the public will be ‘shocked by the sheer scale of the problem’ when she releases her report in November.

She said that if the Crown Prosecution Service were to prosecute every paedophile there would not be enough land to build the prisons needed.

Speaking to Jon Snow with Camila Batmanghelidjh and Helena Kennedy during a talk on child sex abuse last night, she blamed the prevalence of pornography for the growth of an increasingly sexualised society.

(It has truly become open season on children in the UK. I suspect multiple reasons. I can suggest a way to solve the land problem however. Add some bars on the windows and doors to a number of mosques in the UK and post guards and they can solve several problems at once)


Thank you Carpe Diem, M., Wrath of Khan, antikythera and many more.


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7 Replies to “one might consider a prozak or possibly an Ativan before reading today’s posts: Links 4 on May 31 – 2015”

  1. #1:
    a) as a German I thank you for this clip, Eeyore.

    b) not all German soldiers were Nazis. My father, a man of very very few words, when I once asked him what he thought of Hitler said, with palpable contempt: “he was just a very small Austrian guy”.

    I still went for a very long time, wondering WHAT he had not told me about “that” time….. and found out a secret only recently: A stranger had found me via the internet. He told me he was a Dutch man. His father had been fighting in the Dutch underground. On his death bed he had asked his son to find the Germans who had saved his life. He was going to be transferred to the Dachau Konzentration camp (near Munich) when a local German couple by the name of …………had hidden him, fed and clothed him for the remainder of the war.

    My father, unlike myself, was never the “bragging” kind. 😉

    • Oh, Rita, I knew you had to come from good people!

      There were collaborators every place the German army conquered and settled in. They’re the ones who provided lists and logistics. They came forward eagerly, they didn’t just “follow orders”. And they made no reparations. Far from it.

      And then there were those who wouldn’t “just follow orders”, but rather go beyond the worst of them, volunteer sadistic excess. By no means were they all German. That wretched, “very small Austrian guy” didn’t open the doors without a great deal of help. He turned the wild dogs loose; they did what they did.

      Why were the Totenlager located mainly in Eastern Europe?

      Germany took the hit for all of them. Not grudgingly, but wholeheartedly. They – you – continue to bear the weight of all the atrocities that were the collective work of many elements in European society.

      You guys paid with devastation, occupation, and vivisection. My uncle parachuted behind the lines and later served with the occupation forces in Germany.* I know some of what happened. I also know something about what the Russians did in their sector.

      Far as I’m concerned – and this was made abundantly clear to me in Israel – you’ve been washed in the Blood of the Lamb. Enough already!

      The rest of Europe was never forced to make amends, never came to terms with their guilt. We all would’ve been better off if they had. They’ve yet to meet their reckoning. And now they surely will.
      *Another uncle was younger, served with General MacArthur in Japan.

  2. Simply return them to the pest hole that they originated from,along with their family tribal members,and stop importing any more wogs.

  3. 1/ This clip was very moving. The Germany of WWII was still at its foundation a Christian nation, despite the efforts of the Nazis to supplant Christianity with their neo-paganism. This most likely accounts for Lt. Stigler’s display of mercy.

    The Muslims have no such ethic. And the question now is whether there is enough residual Christian ethic in the West to bravely resist such an enemy that knows no mercy.

  4. #2 Muslim woman making a scene about a can of pop on the plane.
    On CBC there are almost 1500 comments on this story, but very few can see the elephant in the room. This sharmuta did not want her can of soda opened by the flight attendant, who is a lowly filthy Kuffar. Period.
    I made comments to this effect, let’s see if they get censored.

  5. 7/ “Child protection boss warns there is ‘not enough land’ to build all the prisons needed to lock up UK’s paedophiles” — article headline

    No prisons are necessary. A single garbage compactor will do.

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