Turkey’s president Erdogan quasi-cryptically promises to lead the muslims to conquer Jerusalem

Thank you Tanya for your great work helping translate this part of Erdogan’s speech of the 17th. Below, more links on this:

This article says he wants both Jerusalem and Spain

Page in Arabic on this issue

More will be posted here as they are discovered.


Thank you M. and all who contributed to this post.

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4 Replies to “Turkey’s president Erdogan quasi-cryptically promises to lead the muslims to conquer Jerusalem”

  1. Erdogan and his threats dressed as poetry. We get it. Does Israel get it? Does the State Dept/Defense Dept. get it? NATO is a problem with Turkey an ‘ally.’ What a mess the west is in.

  2. And it will happen. Maybe not in his lifetime, but it’s inevtible.

    First of all – what is Israel without the support of the West? Unless they can replace Western support with the support of someone else who will be as staunch an ally as the West, they are in trouble.

    They’ll be a nation surrounded by enemies looking to massacre it’s people.

    Western support of Israel is waning, but in 30 to 40 years when Saracen’s are the majority in the West and own the land (right now they occupy it) Israel will be faced not with an ally in the West, nor with a apathetic West, but with an enemy.

    And trust me – The Saracens WILL conquer the West – not question. Islam is the future of Europe, Canada, Australia. The United States won’t even be spoken about, it’ll be a 3rd world Country.

    Spain will belong to the Saracen’s in the same timeframe – so he’s pretty much telling the truth.

    This is why I shake my head with the amount of Jewish people who vote for Marxist regimes. Makes no sense. Marxism is the ideology that has created this present and built the foundation for that future.

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