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19 Replies to “LIVE STREAM Arizona Mosque protest”

  1. you both are idiots. Go back and see the signs the Muslim community carried in garland 2 months before the garland protest. the Muslim crowd…from local mosques carried signs “you’re first amendment right stops when Muhammad is concerned. This is why we mus protest this way. My first amend rights are not suspended by Islam. address the real issues and don’t defend them, and know that if anyone can bash Christians in the country then we can bash Islam. I will not live in my own country knowing that if i say Mohammed is a pedophile…i get threatened with violence from those in my own country.

    • Exactly. And why is it that the media and establishment are on the other side? It is truly horrifying how America has lost its compass. The whole western world.

  2. Daily Mail -Fury on streets of Phoenix: Armed anti-Islam ‘activists’ defile the Koran and clash with peace protesters at Draw Muhammad contest

    pics of cartoons + koran censored


    RT video :

    USA: Armed protesters demonstrate against Phoenix mosque

  3. Note — not a peep about this at CBC. There is an article at the Nat Po, and the comments are numerous and very interesting. At least the Americans are taking a stand, we in Canada are not allowed to —

    • Interesting to note that despite a very hearty debate around this story in the comments section of the Nat Po, today all the comments have been removed. The CBC did not mention it at all.

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