More ghost convoys, European ‘whack-a-mole’, more Montreal random youths arrested: Links 1 on May 27 – 2015

1. Yesterday’s Islamic State video with another non-existent (According to the Obama administration) convoy of Fords and Toyotas full of Islamic State terrorists and genocidal maniacs taking over places.

Video title: Islamic state – SYRIA – Raqqa   «“Joy of the Mujahidin With the Substantive Conquests – Wilayat al-Raqqah

2. Canada, Europe face rising terror threat: Report

The risk level in Paris is representative of a wider trend for Western countries, including Belgium, Canada and Australia, where key urban centers face substantially higher threat levels than elsewhere in the country, in part due to the significant PR value attached to such high profile targets by militant Islamist groups,” Verisk Maplecroft said in a research note.

3. CANADA – MONTREAL – RCMP raid home of suspected radicalized youth
Mounties obtained warrant to search the home

(Video to follow)


4. Islamic Insurgency and Jehadi Persecution causing Forced Migration of non-Muslim minorities, Mostly Hindu and Sikhs in Pakistan.

A study noting how the non-Muslim Pakistanis are forced to leave their homes, jobs, businesses, and even extended families to save their lives under a clear and present danger

Pakistani Hindu pilgrims wait for transportation at the India-Pakistan border border post in Wagah on August 11, 2012. A group of 232 Pakistani Hindu pilgrims are arriving in India for planned religious visits to sacred Hindu and Sikh shrines in Amritsar, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Delhi, and Indore on a month-long tour. The visit of Pakistani Hindu pilgrims follow reports of intimidation and conversion of Hindus in the Muslim-majority country. AFP PHOTO/NARINDER NANU        (Photo credit should read NARINDER NANU/AFP/GettyImages)

Dr Naazir Mahmood | TNS | May 24, 2015:: Social research is scarce in Pakistan and good qualitative research is even scarcer. The universities that do have departments of sociology or anthropology conduct MPhil- or PhD-level research studies but that hardly see the light of the day. One can find some good studies gathering dust in the library shelves and the academic departments usually do not have the resources to get them published.

5. Men charged with throwing pork on planned mosque site

TWO Beerwah men have been charged with throwing pork products at a Maroochydore site proposed to become an Islamic place of worship.

Sunshine Coast detectives will allege the men, age 18 and 24, bought the pork products at a supermarket on Friday night before travelling to the Church St address being considered to become a mosque.

The men then allegedly threw meat onto various parts of the building, leaving a mess that had to be cleaned.

6, Mona Walter speaks at For Freedom march in Denmark May 25 – 2015

7. I wonder if the following story means Qatar will now be made to free the slaves it is using to build the soccer stadiums

Thank you M., GoV., Wrath of Khan, and many more and much more to come. For those who enjoy the Blog Talk Radio program that VTB joins once a month, here is a link to yesterday’s show where Xanthipa, the woman who organized the ‘Draw any verboten figure you like’ event that was cancelled due to a security concern at Parliament Hill in ottawa also joins Red Fox Blogger, myself and Tim Burton.

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  1. 7/ FIFA’s been trying to prohibit Israel from participating in the games. I don’t know whether the matter’s been resolved or not.

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