Geopolitics, leftist thought control and islamic war on us all: Links 1 on May 24 – 2015

1. British Journalist: ‘Infinitely’ Greater Threat of ISIS Nuclear Attack on US 

(Telegraph) – The chances of Islamic State jihadists smuggling a nuclear weapon to attack the United States have risen “infinitely”, John Cantlie, the British journalist the group is holding hostage, claims in a new article.

Mr Cantlie’s article appears in the new edition of Dabiq, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s English-language online magazine.

Mr Cantlie, whose fellow journalist hostages have all either been released or beheaded, has appeared in the group’s propaganda videos and written previous pieces.

In his latest work, presumed to be written under pressure but in his hall-mark style combining hyperbole, metaphor and sarcasm, he says that President Obama’s policies for containing Isil have demonstrably failed and increased the risk to America.

He raises a “hypothetical” possibility under which Isil operatives in Pakistan bribe an official to provide them with a nuclear device which is smuggled into America via Libya, Nigeria, South America and Mexico.

2. Race weekend: Ottawa police will be on ‘heightened alert’

3. Obama explains to the US Coast Guard how global warming caused islamic terror and the Islamic State’s horror against all it can reach.

4. Somali MP Yusuf Dirir killed in Mogadishu attack

A Somali member of parliament has been shot dead in Mogadishu in an attack by suspected Islamist militants.

Security officials said that Yusuf Dirir was killed when gunmen opened fire on his car.

Three workers from the Transport Ministry also died in a separate drive-by shooting on Saturday.

The attacks in the capital city came as a number of people were killed in clashes between al-Shabab gunmen and government troops in southern Somalia.

5. Amnesty discusses racism surge in Germany, criticizes government

(This is a pretty good example of the communist process. First, you define racism in a rational way that most people would accept as axiomatically bad. Then, you redefine it so that any repugnant or threatening ideology can also be called a race, and now any opposition to that group, even though its members have no genetic connection to each other overall and certainly not as part of the definition of the group, is also racism. Then you seek to use the power of the state to stamp out opposition to that threat as its ‘racist’. Voila. You have total control over the public with little need for gulags. Just tons of government sponsored programs teaching us all how to think via seminars at work etc.

[in Russian accent] ‘In new European Union, communist reeducation camps vill come to you!’)

Some 500 Amnesty International (AI) members are currently in Dresden to discuss the issue of racism in Germany.

The rights group’s German section demanded Saturday that the German government develop a strategy to deal with growing racism in the country.

According to AI Germany’s general secretary, Selmin Caliskan, racism was not the same phenomenon as right-wing extremism and must be analyzed as a problem for the whole society.


When asked about why the organization chose Dresden as its conference venue, she said the location carried significance because it had been the center of the right-wing PEGIDA’s anti-Islam demonstrations.

6. This claim by Zero Hedge would, if true, explain pretty much all US behaviour in the region for the past 5 or 6 years.

(Certainly Benghazi and all the other ‘off-script’ jihadi behaviors which have presented Washington with the need to lie outrageously)

7. Muslims set ablaze a ‘sharia court’ in Nigeria because it was insufficiently cruel to some imam accused of a slight against the Pirate Mohamed.

(It is worth considering how sharia courts are really a staging point for the theater of vulgar cruelty rather than any sort of analogue to Western justice. It is not about what has happened or what is true. It is about arranging a time where everyone can watch the accused be tortured, or tortured to death. Remember the OJ trial? It was justice, not because he was not guilty, but because the presumption of innocence and rule of law, and the notion that some guilty people be freed before an innocent should be convicted was preserved. This will never be the case under islamic rule, and islamic rule only requires a percent of the population to desire and consequently enforce it)

8. Nigerian military: 20 women, children rescued; scores of terrorists killed

Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade, a Nigerian military spokesman, said that those rescued were airlifted out of Sambisa Forest. It was not immediately clear if they were held captive or simply in danger from the Islamist extremist group, whose reign of terror in Nigeria’s northeastern states has grown in intensity over the past six years.

Even if they had been hostages, the women and children only represent tiny fraction against those taken by Boko Haram. Amnesty International reports the group has abducted more than 2,000 women and girls in just the past year.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Ox AO.,  JU., and many more who took the time to send in materials. More to come sadly.

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  1. There was a new law passed in Russia that hammers the NGOs, VOLAGs, etc. The Russian govt. will control who among them gets to set up shop in Russia and subjects them to seizure, shutdown, etc. Of course, AI, HRC, etc are all unhappy. Too bad. lol I have come to the conclusion that most NGOs are evil so I applaud Putin.

    • Me too ! The more I see about Obama the more I like Putin.

      Incidentally, Marine LePen’s party, having been refused loans by French banks is now banking with Russia.

  2. #5.

    1. Give money to Amnesty International only if you MEAN to finance islamist and leftist propaganda.

    2. Give money to any “UN” affiliate only if you MEAN to finance islamist and leftist propaganda and if you wish to assist the greatest Human Rights VIOLATORS who have their arses parked firmly on the chairs of the UN. (eg UNHCR even physically helped HAMAS to store rockets to be aimed at Israel’s civilians, in Gaza’s kindergartens).

    3. When Amnesty International’s street walkers ask me for money I DO explain to them (politely because it’s not the collectors’ fault) LOUDLY why I will not give money to Amnesty any longer.

    4. Some spokesfemale for Amnesty International accused the souverain Australian Goernment of “Huuuuman Rrrrrrrrights Violations” when they put a foot down against the invasion by boats of (mainly) fake-refugees. The two terrorist attacks Australia suffered were incidentally perpetrated by “refugees” who had arrived by boats, and perpetrated to the shouths of …..yes you guessed it: allah-u-akbar, to be answered immediately by the Left with “ithasnothingtodowithislam”.

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