Geopolitics and islam in Europe. A distopian future where Orwell meets Vonnegut: Links 2 on May 24 – 2015

1. Footage of Islamic State convoys seems to be disappearing from Youtube for some reason. So I decided to restore some of it.

2. Nasrallah (of Hizb’allah) calls on region to fight ISIS: They are no stronger than Israel, US

He explained that “one of the reasons for the Israeli position of power over the years is the partition plan the region has adopted,” and noted that the danger the Islamic State poses was no lesser than that posed by Israel

Nasrallah mocked the US-led coalition’s efforts to stop ISIS, saying “the number of attacks the international coalition conducted in a few months is less than what Israel did in far less time in Lebanon and Gaza.”

3. Saudi Arabia may soon issue e-bracelets for all hajj pilgrims


“The e-bracelet has a barcode where all of the pilgrim’s information is stored.

The information stored includes address of residence in the Kingdom and full medical records. By scanning the barcodes, the ministry will be able to obtain all the information it needs.”


The source said: “The e-bracelet will have services for pilgrims as well as a GPS system.

The e-bracelet will also have a prayer times alert, a compass pointing the pilgrims to where they should face when they pray, hajjand Umrah steps and supplications for both pilgrimages.”

(Kurt Vonnegut Jr. once wrote a fantastic short story called Harrison Bergeron in 1961 about how socialists would use technology to force its warped, and frankly evil, version of equality upon the world. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see how this Saudi plan will move from a helpful device for pilgrims to a way of ensuring all people are sufficiently devout in much the same way for muslims and all. Picture a prison ankle bracelet with these new features added and a few decades of new technology. Does that seem paranoid? Only if the article is a hoax. Let’s hope it is.)

4. Iraq – Baiji oil refinery –

5. From Middle-Class Australian to Islamic State Bride

Quietly — almost secretly — Zehra Duman morphed from private school student to Islamic State bride and online recruiter for the movement. Her family did not see it coming.

So when the 21-year-old Turkish-Australian gave up her middle-class life in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, for faraway Raqqa, the Islamic State movement’s center in war-ravaged Syria, the people who knew her were astonished.

“We did not notice any extremist tendencies in her behavior,” Saniye Coskundag, acting principal of Sirius College’s Keysborough campus, told The Associated Press.

“She’s been brainwashed, she wasn’t like this three or four months ago,” her father Davut Duman told Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper in an article published Dec. 28.

By then, Duman was wed to Islamic State soldier Mahmoud Abdullatif, 23, who reportedly left his own Melbourne home last year. The couple announced their wedding online on Dec. 11, with a photograph of her dowry that included an assault rifle.


She has answered questions on social media for “wannabe jihadi brides,” and urged both men and women sympathizers who do not come to the Middle East to wage war at home.

“Kill Kuffar (non-believers) in alleyways, stab them and poison them. Poison your teachers. Go to haram (prohibited) restaurants and poison the food in large quantities,” she wrote on her Twitter account, which also has been suspended. The March 31 tweet was recorded by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a London-based think tank.

(And this is likely already more common than we know, and will become a seriously large number of people who think this way and will act this way. I suggest we start dealing with reality soon)

6. ISIS take ‘prettiest virgins’ as sex slaves and burned one alive for refusing extreme perverted acts

ISIS terrorists are picking out the “prettiest virgins” from the women they capture and sending them to their Syrian stronghold to be sex slaves, according to a UN expert.

And there are horrific reports about the fate of the brave women who resist the murderous terrorists – including one victim who was burned alive for refusing to perform “extreme sexual acts”.

Zainab Bangura, the special representative of the UN secretary general on sexual violence, has travelled to Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan and spoken to women who have endured sexual violence at the hands of militants, particularly women of the Yazidi minority.

She spoke of how the terror group strips girls naked, conduct virginity tests, and send them to slave auctions after they have attacked their villages, often killing their husbands, fathers and brothers.

Fierce haggling usually breaks out at slave auctions, where the girls are sold naked.

(It goes on and keeps getting worse. We should look forward to reading the articles from Western feminist groups and universities in response to this. Let’s all wait up for them)

7. Fall of Ramadi: 30 Car Bombs, 10 as Big as Oklahoma City Blast, US Official Says

(Autoplay but relevant video at site)

The State Department is sharing new details about the deadly fighting in Ramadi, Iraq, last Sunday, saying the city fell into ISIS hands after the militant group set off 30 suicide car bombs in the city center, 10 of which each were comparable in power to the Oklahoma City truck bomb of 1995.

The explosions took out “entire city blocks,” said a senior State Department official who spoke to reporters at the State Department Wednesday on condition that he not be named. The vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices, or VBIEDs, were able to gain access to the city center after an armored bulldozer plowed through T-wall barricades lining the city’s critical government buildings, the official said, adding that the same bulldozer was later used as a power VBIED, itself.

Soon after the bombs went off, the Iraqis deployed a reinforcing column into the city center, but they were forced to retreat after coming under heavy enemy fire, the official said. That retreat led to a larger exodus of Iraqi security forces and the civilian populations, leaving the streets looking “barren,” according to this official.

8. Hussein Hamdani, booted from Canadian security groups, now solicited by US anti-radicalization orgs. 

(And they are welcome to him)

9. Woman Cyclist Pushed Into Canal By ‘Asian’ Gang In East London

More cowardice behaviour by a group of  Muslim thugs who pushed an innocent female riding her bike  along a canal towpath into the water.  The incident in the notorious Islamic enclave Tower Hamlets could quite easily have turned into a murder had the victim been unable to swim and should be dealt with accordingly by police.

Female cyclist shoved into canal by gang of youths while cycling on east London towpath

A female cyclist was pushed into water on her bike by a gang of youths as she rode along a canal towpath in east London, police said.



Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Oz-Rita, and many more. More to come.

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