Emigration kills Africa, immigration is killing Europe!

Oz-Rita translated the official press release of the French patriots, Generation Identitaire for us to help explain their protest yesterday at the office of the European Union, which is clearly working to destroy all European national identities.

Press release by  Generation Identitaire of May 23, 2015

While Europe is facing an unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants from the African continent, the young Identitaires  denounce the policy of the European Commission and  the governments of  EU member states.

The Passivity in the fight against illegal immigration, the systematic reception of illegal boats, the crazy politics of quotas per country, only reinforce the fantasy of a European Eldorado that  does not exist. The candidates for emigration are ever higher in number, to the delight of the smugglers, militias and mafias with whom our leaders  are, in fact,  complicit. The dead in the Mediterranean too are the consequence of that policy.

The future of Africa is not  in Europe, just as the future of Europe is not to become Africa

To each people its identity, its land and the building of its future.


(There is currently difficulty with the link to the GI source on this. It will be added once its sorted out)


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