Liberty Dk. write up of today’s ‘For Freedom’ march in Copenhagen

FirefoxScreenSnapz102The “For Freedom” (Pegida) demonstration went very well this evening in Copenhagen. We had been promised extra police and they delivered. Riot-gear, dogs (which, however, I only heard in the distance) and vigilance. They did a good job keeping the fascistic anti-fascists far away from us so that nobody was bothered or harmed. There was good humor, and best of all, we are growing in number. I saw quite a few new faces amongst the old “regulars”, which bodes well for future demonstrations.

Now that we are live-streamed, people can see with their own eyes that not only are we well-protected but also that we are very normal, very peaceful people of all ages who are demonstrating for a good purpose. The difference between us and the fascist left is therefore glaringly obvious. Furthermore, Live-streaming and video have the added benefit that any press that might be present will have a hard time slanting the story or insinuating that we are the aggressors. Pictures can be misconstrued, but video streaming not so easily.

Next Monday we will be very pleased to host Mona Walter, an ex-Muslim who lives in Sweden (the Swedish version of Ayaan Hirsi Ali), who will give a speech at our demonstration.

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  1. The moment I saw Mona Walter, I knew that a star was born. The CounterJihad movement can march that lady all around Europe. She’s dynamite. And easy on the eyes 😛

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