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4 Replies to “Ezra Levant: “We are losing the war on terrorism””

  1. Why are we losing the war on terror? We are scarcely fighting the war on terror. Even now, this many years after 9/11, most Westerners do not understand the real nature of the enemy and its threat doctrine.

    The American Empire still produces courageous, exceptional men pushing the boundaries and frontiers:


    RIP Dean Potter. Things we didn’t know were humanly possible he proved were. Google ‘Dean Potter’ along with ‘Islam’, though, and there isn’t anything. No one expects there would be.

    Consider Eric Shipton, a climber of comparable achievements, for the time, in the last days of the British Empire:

    ‘Shipton was involved with most of the Mount Everest expeditions during the 1930s and later… chalked out the now famous route over the Khumbu Glacier… discovered the access route to the Nanda Devi sanctuary through the Rishi Ganga gorge in 1934. [Shipton and Tilman’s] shoe-string budget expedition operated in the Kumaon-Garhwal mountains continuously from pre-monsoon to post-monsoon, and set a record for single-expedition achievement that has never been equalled.’

    But there was an imperial context for Shipton’s adventures and he was a part of it. For example:

    ‘During the Second World War Shipton was appointed HM Consul at Kashgar in western China from 1940 to 1942, then after a brief spell in England was assigned to work in Persia as a “Cereal Liaison Officer” for 20 months during 1943–44. Next he was posted as an attache to the British Military Mission in Hungary as an “agricultural adviser” which position saw him through until the end of the War.’

    Dean Potter climbed and jumped, climbed and jumped. Perhaps the comparison is spurious. America’s is a different sort of empire. Potter’s accomplishments probably demanded a higher degree of specialization. They didn’t have the same opportunities. Shipton’s government acknowledged (eventually) that the fascists of his day were a deadly enemy. But modern practitioners of extreme sports seem turned away from the world, where an earlier generation was more often engaged with it.

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