Its all interesting but really watch and read item 4: Links 3 on May 9 – 2015

1. A group of people protest a mosque in Dudley England from Britain First opposing more  mosques/beachheads in the area. 

(Gavin Boby offered a way to stop mosques legally, peacefully and effectively. The EDL were a powerful genuine grass roots organization that was starting to have an effect on public opinion and raising awareness of the effects of islam on their nation. The government effectively destroyed them as a geopolitical force. But the facts have not changed. So what is going to happen next? Click link to see video of march)

2.EDL in Walthamstow

More showing strong opposition by leftists and muslims

3. An imam in the US gives a speech about the Geller Texas event.

My initial thoughts were to parse this video. To put in facts where this man blatantly lies about islam, its scripture and history. For example the Koran and hadiths are chok-a-blok full of examples of mohamed ordering the deaths of people who he felt insulted him. Dozens in fact. And the false comparison of equating people objecting to criticism of Israel with planning to kill hundreds of people is intellectual slight of hand at the kindest possible interpretation. But here it is as he made it. Perhaps later when there is time it will get the treatment it needs to be truthful.

Recorded 5/08/2015 at the Az-Zahraa Islamic Center in Detroit, MI

4. David French on Ms. Geller’s hatred of jihad paling in comparison to his own.

Article here

Thank you M., Yucki, Richard and lots and lots of people for great comments.


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  1. OT: According to this article in the Globe and Mail regarding the protests of Ontario’s Sex-Ed curriculum (which mainly involved pulling their kids out of school st some point during this past week), roughly 90% of the students at Thorncliffe Park Public School in Toronto were absent in protest. Specifically, it says:

    At Thorncliffe Park Public School, in a neighbourhood where national statistics show that 70 per cent of residents were born outside of Canada, only about 130 of 1,350 students showed up on Monday.

    What the authors (one of whom is a Muslim, her Twitter is here) fail to note is that Thorncliffe Park is basically a suburb of Karachi that just happens to be located in Toronto (it makes Bank and Altavista in Ottawa look like rural Quebec). Of course, anyone aware of Toronto’s ethno-religious landscape knows this, but it’s the kind of thing that would escape the notice of people outside Hogtown. Interestingly, the rest of the article identifies groups based on their ethnicity or religion but fails to disclose that fact about protesting parents in Thorncliffe Park. Later, it continues

    For Azeem Mohammed, any in-depth discussion of sex in the classroom is a problem.
    “Parents should be teaching their kids, not the teachers,” the school council chair of Fraser Mustard Early Learning Centre said. “We’ve said from the beginning: Touch on the bases and then move on. Don’t go deep into it.”

    Coming from a guy who’s against sex ed, that last sentence is the most Freudian thing I’ve read in years. Who knew that Azeem is Arabic for “just the tip”? Mrs. Mohammed must must have a desperately unfulfilled sex life. The article continues:

    He said the curriculum normalizes the idea of sex among teenagers and that children need to receive a strong message that it’s something that needs to wait until they’re married adults.
    Teaching the biology of sex and reproduction is fine, he said, but the curriculum should make it clear to students that those who do choose to have sex at a younger age are not the new norm.

    Younger than marriage? Uhhhh, yes they are. It’s been that way for long time. Of course, the rate might be a little lower among those girls who know that if they’re caught, they’ll be beaten to death by Daddy and Uncle Omar.

    He also said that, for him, a main concern is the idea of introducing children to different gender and sexual identities, which he said would confuse children at an age where they can’t even dress themselves.

    If little Azeem Jr. finds himself attracted to boys instead of girls, all he needs to know is the time-honoured art of self-defenestration. It’ll save Daddy and Uncle Omar a prison sentence.

    He said he was approached by many concerned Thorncliffe parents, whom he supported as they distributed flyers, posted to Facebook and exchanged instant messages over WhatsApp. They also spread information about the strike through word of mouth, speaking at mosques, churches and synagogues

    I call bull on that last part. No Jew with a functioning sense of self-preservation would live in Thorncliffe Park and I’ve never seen much evidence of many non-Muslims there. I challenge anyone to observe Valley Park Middle School(located a short distance down the street from Thorncliffe Park Public School) and count more than a handful of girls not in hijab. So the reporter was being disingenuous here when she writes as if the Thorncliffe Park protests were some sort of Jewish/Christian/Muslim love-in. I can pretty much guarantee it came from the Imams. That’s probably the only way they could get such compliance. Also, keeping your kids out of school is usually a big deal for parents, because they have to find someone to watch them while they go to work. I never got the impression that was a big concern for the denizens of Thorncliffe Park. There always seemed to be plenty of adults out and about during regular working hours.

    My guess would be that the Muslim parents don’t only have a problem with teaching kids that homosexuality and sexting exist, but they also object to the part about No Means No.

    As much as I revile the Wynne government, I’m with them on this. It’s not the schools’ job to teach kids about the religious, moral or emotional aspects of sex. That’s the parents’ job and they’re entitled to teach their kids what they want. They aren’t however, entitled to their own facts. There are certain facts about sexuality in 21st century Canada that every teenager on the cusp of adulthood deserves to know. Menstruating women are not dirty or impure. Homosexuals are not inherently evil and they don’t choose to become gay. Gay couples are a thing. They love each other. They have kids. Get over it. Anal sex is also a thing and at some point someone is probably going to ask you to have it. The provincial government didn’t invent it.

    • Yikes! Lynx, I don’t want the provincial government teaching my girls about anal sex, thanks very much. In fact I would rather the schools weren’t in the sex business at all. A little more math and history, a little less from the lesbian home room teacher about how its only natural for teenagers to seek to satisfy those desires. And gay couples should not have kids. That’s f*cked up.

      Of course, suburbs of Karachi belong on the outskirts of Karachi, not Toronto. But the Uncle Omars aren’t the only ones dismayed about such grooming programs in public schools.

      • Given that we permit (and in some communities have pretty much normalized) single parenthood, which increases the chances of a whole host of problems for the child, how can we (as a non-religious, somewhat freedom-loving country) deny a homosexual couple in a loving relationship the right to raise a child?

        • Lynx: Given that we permit (and in some communities have pretty much normalized) single parenthood, which increases the chances of a whole host of problems for the child, how can we (as a non-religious, somewhat freedom-loving country) deny a homosexual couple in a loving relationship the right to raise a child?

          Given that we permit…

          That voice of The Collective.

          The Statutes of Rights and Entitlements just keeps on getting Sharia-long and the Wailing Wall higher and higher blocking the lost children over decades seeking to meet their real mothers and fathers who abandoned them, and will not being comforted by the houries and pearls offered them in abundance in Heaven or on Earth.

          • Much as I appreciate your skill in crafting flowery prose, the only thing I can infer from your above post is that you disapprove of divorce law as it currently stands in Canada. Maybe you can point me to the passage in Deuteronomy that makes your position clear.

        • Lynx, the way I would deny a homosexual couple the ‘right’ to raise a child would be to say, No, I’m sorry, you can’t. It’s not on. Get a cat. A family is one mother (female) and one father (male) and whatever children the woman has borne or the father brought with him from a previous marriage or the couple adopted. In my country, that’s how it is. If you don’t like it, start your own country.

          Realistically, I don’t know. I haven’t lived in Canada for a quarter-century, and changes like anal sex for school children appall and alarm me. The fact that you elected a dyke for premier there in Ontario appalls me. It is tragic that communities are normalizing single parenthood. The Canadian appetite for social engineering might be redirected toward trying to change the conditions that are causing that.

          I believe that in the not-so-long run, it is self-correcting in any case. If Canadian women spend their teens and 20s sowing their wild oats and reaping STDs and rectal problems, then have, what, 0.6 of a child between abortions some time in their 30s, while the Muslim invader women in Canada keep their knees together, their abayas down and the birth canal clean until they are married off in their late teens or early 20s, then pop out four children before they are 30, the correction will take that particular form in not very many generations.

          But as I say, I’m not even sure it’s any of my business anymore. If Canadians insist on having their brave new world, good luck to them with it. But they cannot have compulsory perversion for school children and expect it to end well. That is handing the country over to people who have more sense, and heaven help Canadians that even Muslims now have more sense.

  2. If Valley Park Middle School rings some bells around here, that’s because it’s the school where Friday prayers were organized a few years ago in the cafeteria, because too many kids were skipping school to go to the local mosque to learn about love and peace on Friday afternoons. The Toronto Sun broke the story and a brouhaha ensued. For illustrative purposes I link to the following Toronto Life article. Pay special attention to the photo that opens the article:
    Allah in the Cafeteria
    Note that group of girls in the foreground. Do you find it odd that they’re separated from the rest of their fellow Muslims and don’t have their butts in the air? That’s because they’re menstruating! You see, Allah, the most-Merciful One, designed the female reproductive system, but He still finds it kind of icky, so He’d prefer that His female slaves not pray to him while having their periods and that they be separated from the Muslims who are praying. It’s all perfectly reasonable if you think about it.

    As far as I know, the Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood (as well as neighbouring Flemingdon Park) is the best candidate to become Canada’s first official sharia suburb. I haven’t spent much time there in the last couple of years, but when I did, it was perfectly safe. There were no Sharia patrols, and an obviously kafir like me could walk about unmolested. There were lots of Muslim mothers pushing strollers or minding smiling, laughing kids. There are two reasons that I believe this could change. The age of the Muslims then skewed relatively young, which means the males tended to be above or below Car-B-Que age and many if not most of the girls were pretty young. It wouldn’t surprise me, however, if local parents pressed for more Sharia compliance as their children, particularly their daughters, began to have intense sexual desires of their own. Given the premium that Muslims, and Pakistanis in particular, place on family honour (which to them, has a lot to do with what does or doesn’t enter their daughters’ vaginas), it may be that pressure for neighbourhood Sharia compliance is driven in large part by the anxieties of fathers who feel that it’s the most surefire way to safeguard their teenaged daughters’ chastity and by extension, their honour. Their daughter can’t hold hands with a boy if everyone on the street is constantly harassing her for it. It takes a village to raise a child (and Sharia patrols to keep her hymen intact).

    Of course, this has consequences for the rest of us. As someone you linked to a while ago (I believe it was Nicolai Sennels) wrote, first-generation Muslim men still have sex outside of marriage, but when they view their female cohort as untouchable/unattainable, they channel their sexual desires towards non-Muslim women, who in their eyes are doubly worthless and thus easier to abuse.

  3. Lynx: “Homosexuals are not inherently evil and they don’t choose to become gay. Gay couples are a thing. They love each other. They have kids. Get over it. Anal sex is also a thing and at some point someone is probably going to ask you to have it.

    You have got to the crux of this whole matter, Lynx. This behavior is what raised-to-be-fearful Muslims despair for their children to then become totally detached from reality with this additional meme. Indoctrinated at a young age by Islam, and now also by Sodom… what prideful Nazis they will turn out to be for the destruction of those not made in their own image.

    The above paragraph I don’t expect to be understood because it requires gentle rapid left-right brain communication from the center, so let’s open these goal posts as wide as possible and state: the Muslims are correct, and the Far Left are correct… well, half-correct, (each holding the truth that the other needs to become a wholesome conscious human being). The Muslims claim virtue, but don’t know how to be virtuous and the Left claim love and don’t know how to love. Underneath their joyful glosses are lost and deeply unhappy people doing more of the same until they become desensitized to giving up their souls and hearts to the most charismatic of liars. Allah is the “best of deceivers” (Qur’an 3:54; 8:30).

    “It is one of nature’s cruellest tricks… a cuckoo manages to lay her eggs in another’s nest, fooling them to carry the burden of raising her offspring.”

    “Homosexuals… don’t choose to become gay.”

    And by the same measure, ‘Muslim don’t choose to become Muslims’. Because anti-women or anti-male households will intimidate and imprint and remove the joy of sex, as a fulfilment of love, into an objectifying repressed sexual desire and identity. We may newly witness a Screw Your Donkey Pride March, James-to-Janes Carnivals and Asexual-sexuality Months. But why should mental illness be given a seat at the high tables of politics? This ‘engram’ of infancy-learning through fear, what is forbidden or Halal.

    The Ottomans and nation-interested Landlords dominated and controlled the Mosques to perform as shamens for the people, a house or body-exorcism whenever the stress got too much. You want the tables turned and these inmates emboldened by Identity Politics to rule over you? These spawn of fatherless homes: the dhimmi with four and a half whores or the absent progenitor?

    Homosexuals are not inherently evil… but they have to dominate to adjust the world to their keeping. The same as Islam. Com’on, ahhh, *Divertsity group-hug*
    These fascist Anti-fascist Unite.

    Gay couples are a thing. So is incest, bestiality, circumcision and Mohammadan child marriages a “thing”.

    They love each other. Seeking an approver and enabler has never been a problem for humanity. But ‘only’ consenting adults as you would ply, and not involving children…

    They have kids. Oh, the sick-minded have found an ‘acceptable’ way around the method of having the kids watch.

    Get over it. So you think you’ve won… “shut up” is the mantra.

    What final caveat can you offer to us mere mortals?

    Anal sex is also a thing and at some point someone is probably going to ask you to have it.

    Someone with protected rights.

    The day will come when the Far Right and Far Left examine those holy protections to release the dogs that were once normal mammals.

      • What final caveat can you offer to us mere mortals?
        The moral equivalence of the lowest beast so they can felch off one another without censure of eyes that can see. To make more stupid a serf-class by every means by egotists thinking they are entitled to hold the whip as masters of the world.

        Taqiyya by diminishing-returns is not only the provence of the Muslims and the Communists. Surrender to one fallacy and you are forced to compromise to the next.

    • You seem to view gays as one big monolithic block. I’m not talking about shrieking “activists” who engineer the downfall of the Brendan Eich’s of the world or pile on the Indiana pizza makers who haven’t got the latest PC memo from the New York Times. I’m talking about gay/lesbian couples in loving monogamous relationships. They may not be numerous, but they most definitely exist. If they are both consenting adults, why should they not be permitted the joys of raising a child? How does their being married with a child result in you having fewer rights as a spouse/parent? Doing so denies these people the freedom to engage in the most basic of human endeavours. Why should they not be equal before the law of this (non-theocratic) land? Our laws permits single parenthood, even though it vastly increases the probability that the children will experience a variety of ills. Should we disallow the divorce of heterosexual couples who have children? Doesn’t sound like a very free society.

      Your comment that the left(of which I most certainly do not consider myself a part), does not know how to love is pretty much the most dehumanizing thing I’ve read. It’s the height of arrogance to claim that a whole swath of the human population doesn’t love. Even Muslims can love, it’s just that, to paraphrase Golda Meir, they don’t love their children as much as they hate infidels. I guess when a gay man weeps after loses his partner of 20 years, he’s simply mourning the loss of an orifice, not the loss of a person with whom he’s shared the last two decades of his life. Get him a rent boy and he’ll be good as new!

      Also, homosexuality has not been classified as a mental illness for roughly forty years in North America.

      Screw Your Donkey Pride March, James-to-Janes Carnivals and Asexual-sexuality Months

      Bestiality is currently a crime under Canadian law and I’m not aware of any gays trying to overturn this. I’d google, but I’m afraid of what might come up.

      Gender Identity disorder is an area where unfortunately politics is trampling on science and good medical practise. A number of psychiatrists have said as much. I’m not a shrink, but I view it as a mental illness on the basis that its leads to the mutilation of healthy bodies? Homosexuality does not entail this.

      Asexuality Pride month sounds like it would have the most boring parade ever.

      • Asexuality, in the heads of Identity-Creators, is a very sexual thing indeed. The pride itself, a turn-on. The images of a baby, the most asexual being imaginable, representing the vulnerability of Life itself to these that repress themselves ultimately and express themselves in the pain of pleasure.

        There is no moderate Islam. There is no moderate crossing over to same-sex attraction. Both will tell you they have taken over the central ground, over your churches, institution of marriage and children, but it is phoney, nature taken over by a new creation of submission surrendering to anger.

        I’m talking about gay/lesbian couples in loving monogamous relationships.

        That small number you mention: Dysfunctional synergy. Many incarcerated murderers get requests for marriage from demented females who imagine a strong hand that can dish out death will save them.

        If they are both consenting adults, why should they not be permitted the joys of raising a child?

        A child should not be left alone near them, not withstanding they have ripped them from their birth-mother or birth-father.

        It’s the height of arrogance to claim that a whole swath of the human population doesn’t love.

        I wrote The Left are looking for love in all the wrong places. They use love as a filler to complete the emotional chasm in themselves, when really love is something only whole person can give. The child is an unquestioning loyal follower which give the disturbed hope, until they are too old and discarded, and a new believing baby sought.

        Muslim women strap explosives on their offspring because they cannot love, having been used as chattel in the first place. A fatalistic religion on their sleeves is to hurt the innocent – the only power left held by the powerless. Likewise sexuality is the last bastion of the loneliness of not receiving a blessing from your father. Those without the kingdom of god, (using Jesus’ vernacular), will abuse the kingdom of the world.

        Also, homosexuality has not been classified as a mental illness for roughly forty years in North America.

        The very same time Western countries no longer believed or cared for themselves and imploded with the debt fobbed onto their children’s children.

        Surely, Islam looks like the very Light itself, to these who cannot control themselves, finding every lust turns to dust, and yearn for someone who can put it to them straight. The Religion of Peace, where there is no peace.

        Your questions Lynx do not look for the source, but the course – the flow if everyone else doing it. This will lead you to the mass prostrations of Muslims bowing to Mecca. Nearly two billion ghouls.

        It is good to be able to provide a counter-point to your assertions that are as water-tight as a Muslims.

        The freedom to be mistaken should be held equally as the same freedom to be right. Funny therefore, that there are many organizations that are peculiarly only interested in being outraged by those coming out to find sanity; whilst aiding those surrendering to unsane ideologies are informed that by surrender they are the ones coming out. Once in, they are informed, there is no escape. And this is nothing of the sort. All people can be set free.

        In the meantime, leave the children be.

      • So, I have laid my cards on the table regarding same-sex attraction.

        A Muslim says “Allah is Great” pointing to a random passing constellation and I point to the raging pervert Muhammad that offers peace if you do not make mischief with their Order of Life.

        Lynx to writes Homosexuals can find the true way to The Perfect Marriage reinforcing their egos in mutual-exchange lovefest, (this institution heterosexuals suffer to lose their egos because they can’t change or penetrate each other), and now demand a child to fulfil them in the middle of it. That offers them peace if they do not make mischief with their Order of Life.

        These superior creations.

        They make the assertions, then run when they are robustly examined, seeking the weak and innocent to say “we are just like you.”

    • A former top polo player [Simon McLaren-Tosh, 49] has admitted sexually abusing three girls aged eight and nine and filming the attacks after police found child porn on his computer.

      Didn’t Muhammad do this, and then claim ‘marriage’ made this alright then too? Institutional abuse where the child is brought into the home.

      What would his Muslim write?

      “Pedophiles [fascinated by the virgin asexual immaturity in body and/or mind] are not inherently evil and they don’t choose to become pedophiles. Pedophile couples are a thing. They love each other. They have kids. Get over it. Anal sex is also a thing and at some point someone is probably going to ask you to have it.”

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