Some muslims react to the attack. (Mostly blaming the targets of it)

Person 1:

Makes reasonable condemnation and even appears to say that the attackers are not real muslims

Person 2:

Blames Pamela Geller and her organization for disrupting the “peace of our city” and accuses her of inciting hatred. At no point does he say anything bad about the attack or the attackers.

Person 3:

Speaks about the horrible condition for muslims in Texas because of the backlash that isn’t happening and never does happen due to an attack muslims did.

In this video, the muslim naturally blames the people at the conference for inciting the attack so it is their fault. He goes on to claim that the US converts to Islam were really reacting to 30 years of American war on muslims. As if these attackers were refugees from a war torn country and had some kind of PTSD from it and felt they needed to ‘defend islam’ etc. It gets worse after that.

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12 Replies to “Some muslims react to the attack. (Mostly blaming the targets of it)”

  1. Wasn’t it interesting they way they handed off, one, two, three. They sure know the drill now, all that time and opportunity to hone the techniques.

      • I wonder if they prepare it with roles rather than anything too tightly scripted. They get their parts at the rehearsal, run through it few times but they don’t want to rely to heavily on memory. It’s more like having a character to play.

  2. “////yada …yaa…yada….avoiding idolatry….”

    And muslims when they say : ‘we love mohammed more than our lives”…or “we would die for mohammed..” are no practicing idolatry?????

    Of course none none of them woud have any idea of what their idol looked like. They wouldn’t be able to tell between him and his camel drivern were he alive today, instead of being a pile of bones in a mosque in Medina.

    At least die hard members of other fascist politcal cults which become a religion – like communism – do have dead leaders they get to see as they worship – like the very dead and constantly attended to 90 year old corpse of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov in Moscow.

  3. You can’t blame the Muslims using exactly the same intimidation-pressure techniques that the Communists are using on their Socialists.

    1. It wasn’t us.
    2. You did something to cause it.
    3. You are the terrorist.

    • So the female Muslim stands next to the male Socialist… we witness the bitch-slapped… the dhimmi and the sheeple – soulless monotony or blind conformity… serving a voice of authority that will protect each from truth… to live in an Islamic Theme Park where Muhammad’s Pleasures are held above their own and so as repressed conformists they remain good, or a Ground Zero where Moral Direction is held above their own so they can remain blameless.

      These pious scrap-merchants, who in secret scour, abuse and steal the life off defenceless innocents.

    • CAIR ‘human rights activist’ Cyrus McCormick in an interview with ‘Halal Monk: A Christian on a Journey through Islam’ –

      ‘We’re a very polarized country at the moment. Everybody used to run to the middle but these days it’s the Tea-party at one end and then a fragmented Left, but that Left is pretty much disconnected from mainstream institutions. So there’s not much media speaking on our behalf or telling the truth as we know it.’

      It’s opposite-world, and to be consistent speaking from it, you just have to remember that everything is its reverse.

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