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  1. TURKEY – Erdo?an, waving Quran, implicitly asks crowds to vote for AK Party

    President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, waving a copy of the Quran while addressing the crowd at a rally in Siirt province on Monday, has been criticized for abusing Islam for political purposes and seeking support for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

    video 1 – on Monday :

  2. China orders Muslim shopkeepers to sell alcohol, cigarettes, to ‘weaken’ Islam

    Chinese authorities have ordered Muslim shopkeepers and restaurant owners in a village in its troubled Xinjiang region to sell alcohol and cigarettes, and promote them in “eye-catching displays,” in an attempt to undermine Islam’s hold on local residents, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported. Establishments that failed to comply were threatened with closure and their owners with prosecution.

    […]Sulayman said around 60 shops and restaurants in the area had complied with the government order, and there were no reports of protests. But in an unrelated incident in neighboring Qinghai province on Friday, an angry crowd of Muslims smashed windows of a supposedly halal store in Xining city, after pork sausages and ham were found in a delivery van, according to the local government and photographs on social media.

  3. NYT – Fertilizer, Also Suited for Bombs, Flows to ISIS Territory From Turkey

    AKCAKALE, Turkey — The laborers work all day, piling bags of fertilizer onto carts and wheeling them through the crossing that connects this southern border town to Syria.

    The Syrian town next door is firmly controlled by the extremists of the Islamic State, as is clear from the black flag flying over downtown. And while the fertilizer, ammonium nitrate, is widely used for agriculture, it has also been used by terrorists around the world — including the Islamic State — to build powerful explosives.

    Few here think the fertilizer is meant to help Syrian farmers.

    “It is not for farming. It is for bombs,” said Mehmet Ayhan, an opposition politician from Akcakale who is running for Parliament. But he did not oppose the deliveries, saying they created jobs in his impoverished town.

    “As long as the Turkish people benefit from this — regardless of where it goes on the other side — it is a good thing,” Mr. Ayhan said.[…]

    on this page :

      • I am not sure, the Posse Comitus law made it illegal execpt during war and insurrection, however the law may have been changed following the 9-11 attacks ( I know they were talking about changing it) and a lot of think thterror attacks fit both descriptions of war and insurrection.

        Also it requires a President an Congress that think they are below the law for the law to work.

      • I can see both sides, the forces need to train in city fighting to be effective in the Middle East and elsewhere but the training works against the US citizens as well as overseas.

        Personally I don’t think the Pentagon would use maneuvers to cover for a take over, and I don’t think they would take over only 1 state. Also the timing is wrong, if Obama is going to pull the martial law tactic next summer is the time to worry about. We can look for more riots this summer but next summer they will peak and you will see several large riots every weekend.

  4. EDL founder Tommy Robinson plans ‘Draw Mohammed’ contest for UK

    Far-right figurehead Tommy Robinson has vowed to host his own “draw Prophet Mohammed” event in Britain in solidarity with victims of a gun attack after a similar event in the United States.

    Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – revealed the controversial plot in the wake of violence in Dallas at a Draw Mohammed event, attended by anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Welders and organised by Pamela Geller, an outspoken critic of the religion with whom Lennon shares significant common ground.

    Police in the US have raided the home of one of the suspects in the attack, during which two men were killed and a security guard was injured.

    Speaking to IBTimes UK, Lennon claimed he was not shocked by the shooting at the Draw Mohammed event and revealed he wants to run one in Britain.

    But a problem facing the founder and former leader of the English Defence League (EDL) is that he cannot do any such thing under the terms of his licence for his release from prison. As a result, no images of Islam’s sacred Prophet shall be drawn until July at the earliest.

    The stunt would be guaranteed to spark controversy and divide opinion, between those condemning it as gratuitously offensive and others defending it on grounds of free speech. Robinson has a significant – if nowadays somewhat diminished – profile as Britain’s most famous Islamophobe.

    “Pictures of Mohammed have been drawn for decades in this country and what I saw the press and politicians of this country do after the Charlie Hebdo massacre was a disgrace; they all said they stand for freedoms but nobody showed the picture,” he said. “When I can, I will be holding the same event in Britain.”

    He denied the potential of raising tensions and insisted he was unfazed by the potential for uproar.

    “It’s not damaging to community cohesion, what’s damaging is people who promote violence, who say we can only have violence if we accept Shariah law,” he said. “I was not surprised by this [Dallas shootings] at all; this is reality. There is a percentage of Muslims who are willing to use violence and we can pander to it or we can stand up to it.”

    Lennon’s political stable-mate Geller is one of America’s highest-profile Islamophobes. In 2013, she was blocked from entering Britain to speak at an EDL event by Home Secretary Theresa May on the grounds she was “not conducive to the public good”.

    Since quitting the EDL, Lennon has worked with anti-extremism think tank Quilliam and was convicted of mortgage fraud. In the wake of the Dallas shootings, Geller has spoken of being at “war” with radical Islam in the US.

    The event, which came under attack in a Dallas surburb, was a Mohammed art exhibition offering a $10,000 (£6,610) prize for the best cartoon of the Muslim prophet. Depictions of the 6th century AD holy man are forbidden in Islam.

    British IS Fighter Calls for Killing of EDL Founder

    An alleged British Islamic State (IS) fighter called for the killing of Tommy Robinson, the founder of the far-right English Defense League (EDL) group, after his reported pledge to host a contest for drawings of Mohamed

  5. Here are notes posted to the website of the PR arm of Stand group. On what does Imam AMM base his “psychoanalysis” of “harmful intent”? Is a “a hate group” someone who disagrees with him and agrees with the SPLC?

    “As Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid has written, ‘We need to understand this abuse against the Prophet for what it is: a form of psychological violence intended to hurt and harm.’ … It is unfortunate that two individuals chose to ignore this and violated both Islamic teachings and state, as well as federal laws by plotting to attack and kill. … On the issue of freedom of speech, we must remember that America has a unique way of upholding free speech, which differs from other Western democracies. For example, while racist groups like the Ku Klux Klan are not banned, culturally, most Americans publicly shun this and other hateful organizations. … It is ethically irresponsible for journalists and editors to give AFDI, a designated hate group, and Pamela Geller, whose litany of hate and deception against Islam and Muslims is well-documented, legitimacy in news reports and pieces on Islam. It is the equivalent of interviewing David Duke of KKK about the recent Baltimore riots.

    “Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, established peace and rule of law. This is what Muslims are ordered to follow and respect no matter where they live in the world. This is why the United States Supreme Court in 1935 honored him as one of the greatest lawgivers of the world. He condemned violence and lawlessness, and would bring to justice those who committed them. [ has photos of the monument.]

    1. Contact journalists who describe the AFDI as simply an “anti-Muslim group”. They are much more than that. They are a designated hate group and this is how they should be described…
    “4. Direct journalists and media outlets to these excellent links from the Southern Poverty Law Center about Pamela Geller and the AFDI: …. ”

    These links describe the Garland, TX venue’s previous conference use in Jan.

  6. Senegal to support Yemen campaign (BBC, May 5, 2015)

    “Senegal is to send 2,100 troops to support the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen, its foreign minister says.

    Mankeur Ndiaye said Senegal was responding to a Saudi request to help secure the kingdom’s border with Yemen.

    Meanwhile, the Saudi foreign minister said his country was considering temporary truces to allow for aid to be delivered in specific areas.

    A Saudi-led coalition has been carrying out air strikes against Yemen’s Houthi rebels, who seized the capital, Sanaa.

    President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi fled and the declared aim of the Saudi-led campaign is to restore him.

    Foreign Minister Ndiaye told Senegal’s parliament that the coalition was “aiming to protect and secure the holy sites of Islam, Medina and Mecca”, Reuters reported….”

  7. ‘Dozens die’ as migrant boat sinks in Mediterranean (BBC, May 5, 2015)

    “Dozens of migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean after a boat carrying an estimated 137 people sank south of Sicily, Save the Children says. The aid group says survivors reported up to 40 people fell into the sea as a rescue vessel was approaching. Those rescued arrived in the Sicilian port city of Catania on Tuesday….”

  8. French parliament approves new surveillance rules (BBC, May 5, 2015)

    “The French parliament has approved a controversial law strengthening the intelligence services, with the aim of preventing Islamist attacks. The law on intelligence-gathering, adopted by 438 votes to 86, was drafted after three days of attacks in Paris in January, in which 17 people died. The Socialist government says the law is needed to take account of changes in communications technology. But critics say it is a dangerous extension of mass surveillance….”

  9. Mali Separatists Launch Attacks in Central Region (abcnews, May 5, 2015)

    “A spokesman for a coalition of separatist groups in Mali says members have attacked a town in central Mali, moving violence further south after a cease-fire was broken last week.

    Moussa Ag Attaher of the Coordination of Azawad Movements said Tuesday that they attacked the town of Tenenkou in the central Mopti region. He said the violence was a reaction to the attack against the town of Menaka last week by groups allied with the government, which broke a cease-fire agreement.

    Violence has continued in northern Mali since. Experts worry it will upset a peace accord meant to be signed May 15 between various armed groups, separatists and the government.

    Radhia Achouri, a spokeswoman for the U.N. mission in Mali, confirmed the attack, emphasizing the need to respect the cease-fire.”

  10. Austria Files Criminal Complaint Over Alleged NSA Snooping (abcnews, May 5, 2015)

    “Austria is asking for a legal investigation of allegations that the German intelligence service helped the U.S. National Security Agency eavesdrop on the country’s political leaders.

    Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said Tuesday her ministry has filed a criminal complaint against unnamed persons or entities on suspicion of “secret intelligence activities to the detriment of Austria.” She said “we need and want total clarification.”

    The complaint opens the way for prosecutors to start an investigation.

    German officials have pledged to cooperate with their country’s lawmakers, who are probing claims that the intelligence agency helped NSA listen in on communications of European officials and companies.

    The German government reacted with anger two years ago when reports based on leaked U.S. intelligence documents suggested the NSA had eavesdropped on Chancellor Angela Merkel.”

  11. Canadian Judge Delays Bail Decision for Ex-Gitmo Inmate (abcnews, May 5, 2015)

    “A Canadian judge said Tuesday she needs more time to make a decision on whether a former Guantanamo Bay inmate should be released on bail while he appeals his conviction for war crimes in the United States.

    Court of Appeal Justice Myra Bielby is expected to announce her decision Thursday morning. It follows a last-ditch attempt by the Canadian government to keep Khadr behind bars. The government is seeking an emergency stay of a lower court judge’s decision to grant Khadr bail.

    Toronto-born Khadr spent a decade in the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Since 2012 he’s been held in a Canadian prison, serving out an eight-year sentence handed down by a U.S. military commission in 2010. He was convicted of five war crimes, including throwing a grenade when he was 15 years old that killed a U.S. Army sergeant in Afghanistan during a 2002 firefight.

    Khadr, once the youngest detainee at Guantanamo and now 28, has since said he only agreed to a 2010 plea deal to get out of Guantanamo and return to Canada.

    Canadian government lawyers argued Tuesday that releasing Khadr on bail would jeopardize the repatriation of other Canadian prisoners and damage Ottawa’s relations with Washington.

    But U.S. State Department Acting Deputy spokesman Jeff Rathke said it is up to the Canadian courts to decide whether Khadr should be released….”

  12. Texas attacker tweeted with overseas terrorists (CNN, May 5, 2015)

    “U.S. officials are probing connections between terrorists abroad and the two men shot dead as they were trying to attack a free speech event in Texas over the weekend.

    The authorities want to determine to what degree the attack was directed from abroad. One U.S. official told CNN, that the shooting was “certainly more than just inspiration” by ISIS but that assessment does not mean that the terror group gave the gunmen specific instructions.

    The gunmen, who have since been identified as Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, were roommates in Phoenix. They were foiled in their apparent plot after they drove to Texas and tried to attack a free speech event that was displaying cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad. They wounded a security guard before police shot and killed them.

    A law enforcement official explained that the attack does not appear to be a clear cut case of a lone wolf inspired to act or a pure case of someone directed by others to act. Rather, the official said, it appears to be something in between the two extremes.

    The attack fits a well-known pattern of ISIS recruitment and incitement: encouraging sympathizers via a sophisticated social media campaign, to join the fight in Syria or – if they cannot – to carry out terror attacks on their own at home, US officials said Tuesday.

    Simpson appears to have had online ties to a British ISIS recruit currently believed to be located in Syria and an American jihadi operating in Somalia, according to a CNN analysis of tweets exchanged in the lead up to Sunday’s attack.

    U.S. investigators suspect Junaid Hussain, a British hacker now believed to be with ISIS, may have played a key role in inspiring the Texan gunmen, a U.S. official told CNN.

    And a CNN investigation has established that Simpson was in communication via Twitter a week before the attack with a man believed to Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan, an American who travelled to Somalia in 2008 to join the al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group al Shabaab.

    Hassan, believed to be tweeting under the name of Mujahid Miski, also put out a call one week before the event to attack the drawing contest for pictures of the Prophet Muhammad in Garland, Texas….”

  13. Event in Ottawa next Wed.:

    Islamic Extremism: Situation Report
    with David Harris

    Wednesday, May 13
    7:30 pm
    Soloway JCC

    Mr. Harris serves on the advisory board of The Mackenzie Institute, a Canadian-based policy research organization focused on terrorism, organized violence and security and serves on the advisory board of the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, a Muslim organization dedicated to advancing freedom, social cohesion, and challenging radicalism.
    Contact Roslyn Wollock, (613) 798-9818 ext.254,

  14. US targets IS leaders with multi-million-dollar bounties (yahoo, May 5, 2015)

    “The United States ratcheted up pressure on the leaders of the Islamic State jihadist group on Tuesday, adding four names to those targeted by multi-million-dollar bounties.

    The IS group has seized a wide stretch of eastern Syria and northern Iraq and declared it a “caliphate,” within which it has enslaved female captives, carried out sectarian massacres and murdered hostages.

    Iraqi and Kurdish security forces are fighting back, supported by Iranian advisors and a US-led air coalition, but IS is holding on in its heartland and allied groups have sprung up as far away as Libya and Nigeria.

    Tuesday’s statement from the State Department adds four names to the list of high-value US targets sought by the “Rewards for Justice Program.”

    The militant with the largest price — $7 million (6.25 million euros) — on his head is Abdel Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli, who was designated a global terrorist for the purpose of US Treasury sanctions in May last year.

    The State Department alleged that he had been a deputy to the late leader of Al-Qaeda’s Iraqi faction, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and had travelled to Syria to join the IS group in 2012 after he was freed from an Iraqi jail.

    The US Treasury lists Qaduli as an Iraqi, born in either 1957 or 1959 in the city of Mosul.

    A Syrian militant, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, whose birth name is Taha Sobhi Falaha and who is approximately 38 years old, is now subject to a five-million-dollar reward for information leading to his death or capture.

    The statement describes him as an IS spokesman who has repeatedly called for attacks on the United States.

    Tarkhan Batirashvili, better known under his Arabic nom de guerre as Omar al-Shishani, is also under a five-million-dollar reward.

    The 29-year-old Georgian is accused of overseeing a prison outside the IS stronghold of Raqa where several foreign hostages were held.

    There is a three-million-dollar bounty on the head of Tariq bin al-Tahar bin al-Falih al-Awni al-Harzi, a 33-year-old Tunisian.

    He is accused of acting as an IS fundraiser in the Gulf states and later as a field commander in Syria and as head of a unit of suicide bombers.

    The Iraqi leader of the Islamic State group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was already the subject of a $10-million reward under the program.”

  15. J.E. Dyer at Liberty Unyielding describes an act of war, what she calls a “pugilistic power move, characteristic of syndicate crime bosses (and pirates) but not of nation states in the UN era.”

    The Maersk Tigris game change: Iran’s big little maneuver in the Strait of Hormuz

    The game of international power dynamics has just shifted in a major way.  It will take a little time for the consequences to be visible to the public eye.  But I don’t think it will take that much time.  We’re talking months, at most, if not weeks.  Iran is getting no pushback from the “international community,” and is moving quickly now.

    • She is good, the only thing missing is the heading and ending: This is a War Alert, This is a War alert. This should be printed before and after the article. She is saying that the war will start in ernest sometime summer. This changes the comment I made about Obama wanting things to peak next summer, if he is coordinating things with Iran and the MB he is looking at a peak in the US violence this summer.

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