US plays another card showing its Islamic supremacist POV and more: Links for May 1 – 2015

1. Threat to bomb new hospital over prayer room

(Terrorism works. So why not threaten to take down every prayer room within 10 miles of this hospital if they don’t stop? Why must we always lose each and every one of these challenges to our culture and religions? We could do it quite legally. Just re-disignate them as what they really are. Beachheads)

Medics at a Glasgow hospital were terrorised by a frantic colleague who threatened to bomb the building.

The man began shouting and waving his arms when he was told there was no prayer room where he could practice his faith.

Police were called to the Southern General in Govan when he became abusive and threatened to blow up the hospital.

It is understood the man is employed as a temporary porter at the five-storey laboratory building, part of the new £842m South Glasgow University Hospital.

An eyewitness told the Evening Times: “The man was outside the laboratory building and was shouting and waving his arms in the air, drawing attention to himself.

(They fail to name what kind of prayer room he wanted, but they did say he was “very very unwell”, which I guess is the new euphemism for religious muslim replacing ‘Asian’ or ‘youth’)

2. LIVE NOW Communists do that civilization improving rioting thing they do every May Day (May 1) in Italy.

(For some reason it never occurs to these bozos that the thing they are demonstrating against actually does prevent poverty while what they do, should they triumph, would destroy the creation of wealth for millions if not hundreds of millions. Related: Mayday in Turkey)

3. India minister praises Israel’s ‘more crop per drop’ farm model

The business of government is politics, but there’s a time to put politics on the shelf, according to Davendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of the State of Maharashtra in India. “Everybody has to eat,” Fadnavis told The Times of Israel in an exclusive interview. “Israel’s agricultural and water technology is helping to satisfy global hunger. Who could disagree with that?”

India’s strategy in the past has been to keep Israel at arm’s length so as not to aggravate its relationship with the Arab world and its large Muslim minority. But that strategy goes out the window when it comes to engaging with Israel for its agricultural technology. Israel and India have extensive ag-tech ties, with government-level projects to improve growing techniques for a wide variety of crops, to dozens of business collaborations between private companies.

(Interpretation: Nations with policies of either real or perceived distant or cold relationships with Israel do so because if they do not, there is a threat of violence and interference with secure living from muslims living in these nations, or a threat of violence or economic attacks from muslim nations. Not because there is any threat or problem emanating from Israel itself as a partner. But when one does partner with Israel, you lower costs of food production and increase yield. This is a great example of the entire problem of Islam on planet Earth since the pirate Mohamed opened his mouth for the first time after pretending to talk to an angel)

4. India rejects US ‘freedoms’ report

(Fascinating how the US condemns India for attacks on muslims as well as Burma for same but I haven’t seen a single report from the US on the fact that in muslim countries Christians have no rights under the law at all and the Jews are long gone. Saudi Arabia has two cities where non muslims aren’t even allowed in)

Thank you Buck, Wrath of Khan, Tundra Tabloids and all.


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  1. Obama is a Moslem and the MB is running our foreign policy, this is a major danger to the entire world and we can’t do anything about this for another year and a half.

  2. 2 – It never occurs to the communists that their policies have failed every time they have been tried. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over adn over expecting a different result.

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