Islamic law: Everything is OK so long as it advances Islamic rule links 2 on May 1 – 2015

1. Religious muslims make their position clear on voting in the UK (89 seconds)

2. Over 100 arrested in Turkey in communist disruption day marches

3. THIRTEEN MINUTES of muslim ranting in England about not voting

4. But don’t worry about any of that islamic terror, demands, opposition to the fundamentals of our civilization. Justin Trudeau says there is nothing to any of it.

5. Eric Allen Bell video: Collectivism’s misperceptions about the counter-jihad

6. International commie day protests in Italy get tear gassed and water cannons.

Molotov Cocktails

7. Mosque paints dome backing candidate running against Nigel Farage

(So muslims are 100% against voting as ‘shirk’ unless its to advantage Islam’s position, then they paint the mosques to support it. Got it. Like everything else in islam. Nothing is right or wrong except that it advances islamic supremacy)

An east London mosque has shown its political colours with a giant slogan daubed on its domewhich endorses a candidate running against Nigel Farage in a constituency more than 70 miles away.

But Shacklewell Lane mosque’s bold display of support for Nigel Askew, who is running in South Thanet for an anti-austerity party launched by Happy Mondays’ dancer Bez, has landed it in hot water with the Charity Commission.

Thank you M., EAB., DP111, Richard and all. More to come soon.

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8 Replies to “Islamic law: Everything is OK so long as it advances Islamic rule links 2 on May 1 – 2015”

  1. 5. neither Atheism or theism has any dogma.
    It’s when they form their organizations is when the dogma get formulated.

    Humanist are well known today accepted as atheists primarily consider themselves secularist or multiculturalist.

    here is there dogma:
    “NINTH: The separation of church and state and the separation of ideology and state are imperatives. The state should encourage maximum freedom for different moral, political, religious, and social values in society. It should not favor any particular religious bodies through the use of public monies, nor espouse a single ideology and function thereby as an instrument of propaganda or oppression, particularly against dissenters.”

    Note: The separation of church and state dogma number nine is getting people killed throughout the world today. By not allowing Islam to be recognized as a threat.
    Notice how its carefully worded where the religion that is being slandered the system must support it.

  2. Over the past year I have had dialogue with three or four 20-25 year old kids that have been indoctrinated with multi cultural common purpose ideology through their education. They all totally embrace islam and are apologetic in the extreme in their dhimmifacation to islam. None of them are aware of the what is happening.
    I despair of their subjugation. The UK under 30’s have not a clue about islam and what is happening. They are in total denial of the growing threat.
    They are oblivious of shariah and how the insidious creep is affecting our so called democracy.
    Ed Miliband, the labour party leader has said that he will make islamophobia a crime. The end of freedom of speech. Deliberately courting the muslim vote. By next Friday the general election will be decided. If labour win on the back of the muslim vote which is pivotal in so many marginal constituencies, then we will be see more shariah being implemented.
    Pat Condell has been banging on about “Common Purpose” for months now.
    The under 30’s on the whole are totally screwed up, blindly following the Common Purpose ideology.
    The future of The UK looks bleak. I don’t want to be so pessimistic but it really is bad news.
    Parties like UKIP and Liberty GB are lambasted by the MSM. I really can’t see a positive outcome.

    • Yes bill but it’s not just the under 30s. In education most over 40s believe or refuse to criticise islam or labour. We are indeed in a very bad place and sharia will be strengthened in the UK by which ever party, lab/ cons win.
      I was one of these morons and I only changed when I was constantly attacked by liberals for not being liberal enough. It forced me to take another look at just how awful these people were. Unfortunately the dhimmies now will only change there views when they begin to suffer constant discrimination at the hands of their so called liberal friends and of course the muzzies.
      I too am pessimistic about the future for the UK . Unless a momentum is gathered and people go onto the streets in large numbers the UK will be a new Pakistan soon. Those that can leave will leave as many are doing now. Those that cannot will suffer discrimination in what was once their country. I can only assume a fight back will occur not because of human rights but because the economies will be devastated and the very people who started this problem will dicide it’s time they got the muzzies out. It’s a guess but few countries ever recovered from muslim invasion!
      Bill the UK was sold the dream that if you bought houses , rented them out we could be happy forever. There was no need to know your neighbours or greet people as we had somehow become wealthy and sophisticated. What we got is financial bondage and a broken society which could be managed more easily by the greedy politicians.
      The UK middle class are in for a shock when they become dhimmies but we did warn them. Unfortunately we all need to suffer for their blind Pc views!

      • The coming economic crash will change things the people will want to prevent more immigration to safe the jobs for th emselves.

    • I been saying it all along. Even know I don’t know if there is a god religion is the only way to fight this. When you don’t have a basic belief, anything can sound good.

      Look at places where Islam is decreasing Christianity is rising. Africa and Indonesia. All places that is shedding Christianity Islam is growing.

  3. 1/ Frankly I don’t see a downside to the the Muslim election boycott. Fewer Muslim voters could result in a reduction in vote-pandering.

  4. 5/ Bell’s observation that the left perceives the world through collectivist lenses is absolutely spot on, as is his further observation that true liberals need to speak this language in order to break through the facade that is currently used to protect Islam from fair criticism.

    No one’s personal beliefs should be preferentially protected from criticism or public discussion based upon the color of their skin or their country of origin any more than such beliefs should be targeted for suppression. As for death threats that commonly attend such debate, these can be managed through aggressive prosecution, including deportation of non-nationals making such threats along with family members to the second degree.

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