Antisemitism and capitulation to Islamic demands on Western rights and cultural norms. Links 3 on May 1 – 2015

1. Hamdani Hussein is responding to his suspension from the various security committees he was on here.

(He makes two claims on CBC. One is that it was the PdB article that caused his suspension. Personally I doubt the Canadian government would suspend a trusted member over unsubstantiated claims from a random website. And secondly he claims that the accusations made at PdB are unsubstantiated. Here are two articles, one and two, about Hamdani from that site. Each of us can decide for ourselves if they constitute proof or reasoned argument or just hysterical accusation.

2. Egyptian cleric makes the strongest call for utter genocide of all Jewish people seen since WW2

3. Turkish TV makes oft repeated documentary showing how it is the usual suspects who are the greatest enemy of Turkey, and the world for 3500 years.

4. Barbara Kay: In France, there’s no hatred for any group equivalent to that of Jew hatred

After the Charlie Hebdo and kosher-supermarket massacres in January, you may recall, Valls delivered a passionate, widely circulated speech on anti-Semitism in France, declaring the problem of Jewish flight so serious the French Republic must be judged a failure if Jews left en masse. Then, Valls pulled no punches regarding the source of the crisis: “We are at war with terrorism, jihadism and Islamist radicalism.”

That January cri du coeur offered truths that were the gift of spontaneity. With time for second thoughts (and who knows what political pressure), the message Valls now delivers is quite different. Last week the prime minister told suburban high school students: “Racism, anti-Semitism, hatred of Muslims, of foreigners and homophobia are increasing in an unbearable manner in our country.” He added, “French Jews should no longer be afraid of being Jewish and French Muslims should no longer be ashamed of being Muslims.

5. EU Chief warns of worsening crisis as car bob in Baghdad kills 21

6. All inmates eat halal chicken in Scots jail – because 7 of them are muslims

Managers at Polmont run the risk of being accused of pandering to political correctness. It is thought they are buying in chicken from a halal supplier to avoid being accused of religious discrimination.

But the chickens – which have their throats cut to satisfy Islamic law – are required by only seven young men.

Last year a report by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Prisons forced bosses to cut back on sourcing all of its meat from halal butchers due to the small numbers of Muslims.

(We should object to the term, ‘required’. Granted if a person in prison is lethally allergic to lobster, they should not be forced to eat lobster. But having an arguable religious preference for a certain method of slaughter and blessing hardly makes it a requirement)

7. A depressing comment from reader ‘Bill’ concerning the UK. I post it because earlier this week I became aware of a nearly identical sentiment from a highly respected British author and pundit and expert that was offered in a semi confidential fashion at a function which nearly mirrors this comment and certainly its sentiment.

8. For anyone thinking of having sex with someone who has had Ebola recently, it may not be as wise as it sounds.

9. Heated demonstrations at islamic school in Australia over sacking of teacher. The issue is not explained in the video or text.

10. Protest against the ‘Jewification of Britain’ planned for Stamford Hill

(This site discussed this Mr. Bonehill once before I believe)

Thank you all who sent in materials today to build this and all the posts. I confess I lost track as I was trying to do too may things at once. There is quite a reaction from Hussein Hamdani over his suspension. CBC is modifying their page on it every couple of hours it seems. Also the full Parliamentary debate by Geert Wilders on the adoption of the Australian method of dealing with the migrant invasion should be ready for your viewing pleasure within the hour. A lot of people did a lot of work to make that happen. It should appear here and Gates of Vienna within the hour.

Also this post is rather heavy in the antisemitism department. Not because those stories are sought and put forward, but because the frequency and severity of them justify that much attention to that aspect of the islamic impact on the Western world.

As usual, the comments are a gold mine of inks inks and educated opinions on the transformation the world is now going through and the denial of it by the political left as well as the simultaneous celebration of that same transformation they deny is happening. Worth stopping in there.

Once again, thank you for the comments, the links and for reading the site. More to come.

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  1. 10 – Jew Hatred is raising all around the world, thanks to the lefts pandering to the Moslems it is once again politically correct to hate Jews and to publicly express your hatred. We see this in the growing violence around the world and in the growing graffiti talking about the hatred.

    • Did anyone that reads this site read the entire article at the link? Yes, the guy that wanted to do the Jew hating protest was shut down but, the rest of the article was disturbing. The comments are unbelievable!

      Yucki – I strongly suggest you read this entire link.

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