Woman in Brunei explains the ‘beauty’ of stoning to death apostates and adulterers

The woman in this case is

Assoc. Professor Dr. Shamrahayu Ab. Aziz

Qualifications : LL.B (IIUM), LL.B Shariah (IIUM), MCL (IIUM), DSLP (IIUM), Ph.D (IIUM)
Department : Islamic Law
Area of Specialisation : Constitutional Law
Sub-specialisation : Human Rights Law, Syariah Criminal Procedure
Area of Interest – Islamic Law of Evidence, Islamic Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Administration of Islamic Law in Malaysia
Email : srahayu@iium.edu.my
Telephone : (603) 61964235

H/T Andrew Bostom

The original clip without the commentary of this uploader can be seen here and I recommend it. I think people can work out for themselves the benefits and problems of this line of reasoning without help. If they cannot, then we have lost anyway.


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9 Replies to “Woman in Brunei explains the ‘beauty’ of stoning to death apostates and adulterers”

  1. This woman is trying to defend the undefinable, she is living in the 7th Century and wants to force us to live there with her.

  2. In China, a country branded as being lack of freedom of religion, I was pleasantly surprised to find that for the first time in history A Bible class has recently been approved at Chungqing’s Southwest Teachers University. The enrollment was shockingly high that the teacher had to use the auditorium !

    • The reported number of converts in China make Christianity the fastest growing religion in the world. The western media ignores the Chinese converts when talking about religion.

  3. Further to my comments above, I ‘d like to just add that the teacher of this Bible class, at an interview, told the reporters that he’s not going to “preach the students, but to give them a piece of PANIS ANGELICUS ( Angel’s Bread) which they have never tasted before” !

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