Geopolitics: Islamic state spreads like the black plague and American flagged cargo ship may have been boarded by Iran: Links 2 on April 28 – 2015

1. Nation Of Islam and Gangs To Embattled Cities: We’re In Control

(It is true that the mayor’s remark about “space to destroy” has been widely taken out of context by a lot of the media. But there is a pattern of muslim terrorist and supremacist groups using American racial unrest to their own purposes)

2. Islamic State in Pakistan

3. Morocco arrests four over ‘burning alive’ fatwa

Morocco arrested four people Tuesday in the Western Sahara after they allegedly issued a fatwa authorising the burning alive of a person they accused of rejecting Islam, the interior ministry said.

It said the four members of a “terrorist cell” detained in the disputed territory’s main city of Laayoune had planned to “carry out dangerous terrorist crimes” in Morocco.

The ministry, in a statement carried by the MAP news agency, said they had issued a fatwa, or decree, ordering the kidnap and “burning alive” of someone they accused of apostasy — the act of rejecting Islam or any of its main tenets.

(The method of execution may be debatable in islam, but the death penalty for apostasy and related ‘crimes’ are not)

4. Grisly discovery in Nigerian town: Hundreds of decomposed corpses

Kano, Nigeria (CNN)Hundreds of decomposed corpses were discovered buried in shallow graves in the streets of the northeastern Nigerian town of Damasak this past weekend, according to local officials and a resident.

The town had recently been freed from the Boko Haram terror group in a joint Nigerian-Chadian military operation.

A provincial government committee was visiting the area as part of an effort to assess the level of destruction in towns that had been in the deadly grip of Boko Haram.

5. BREAKING: Iranian forces have boarded the Marshall Island- flagged Maersk Tigris- Pentagon

(There is still fog around this one)

Conflicting reports that a U.S. cargo ship may or may not have been seized by the Iranian military in the Persian Gulf roiled markets on Tuesday morning.

The Pentagon later reported that the Maersk Tigris did not have any U.S. citizens aboard and was traveling through the Strait of Hormuz when the incident occurred.

Al Arabiya, the Saudi news network, initially reported that a U.S. vessel has been fired on and steered to the Bandar Abbas port by Iran. Iran’s Fars News Agency also reported that an “American trade vessel” had been confiscated.

More here  

6. Senior center on fire in Baltimore

Thank you Maria J., M., Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita and many more.

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  1. The rioting will spread, the way the nation of islam and other groups are taking advantage of them says that they are wanting a race war.

      • Their role models are giving the ‘all clear’ to the gangs to take over the city. Like flipping a switch.

        That’s enough for those charged with maintaining ‘domestic tranquility’ to take a nap or a vacation. Instead, we’ll be subjected to a parade of white-collar white men bleating abject apologies and throwing money at mobsters.

        How many videos have we seen that look exactly like this? Our very own no-go areas – even before the onset of koranimal-style incitement. The natives were restless, now they’re looting and burning. It’s fun.

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