What happens when people switch to a short term gain strategy?

Link to video of protestors cutting fire hoses and explaining it as just and righteous action

Link to video of people looting stores in Baltimore 

Link to video of CVS store in flames in Baltimore

Link to video of news footage of looting of CVS pharmacy. (Raw footage linked above)

Link to video of people attacking police car

1 Baltimore police officer is now ‘unresponsive,’ with several others with broken bones


Seven police officers injured in violent clash near Mondawmin Mall

Seven police officers were injured Monday afternoon in a violent clash with demonstrators that began near Mondawmin Mall and spread across West Baltimore. One officer was unresponsive and others suffered broken bones, police spokesman Eric Kowalczyk said.

Smoke filled the air as police responded with shields and a tactical vehicle. Demonstrators pelted officers with rocks, bricks and bottles, and assaulted a photojournalist, and officers fired back with tear gas and pepper balls.

videos on the page :


I think its pretty safe to say that these riots, like similar ones in the US recently have little to nothing to do with any particular case. This is a general shift in life strategy. It will not end well for anyone in the short term. In the long term people who are cooperative and who work to produce wealth for all will likely do well. But may change how they chose to distribute that wealth to those who compete in this fashion.

Anyone with links of videos or news about this riot, please post in the comments. Some may migrate into this post.


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  1. Baltimore woman now homeless and jobless due to rioters

    In one night of mayhem Katrice Gardner lost her home, her job — and nearly her life. And when dawn broke Tuesday, the 30-year-old Baltimore woman said she couldn’t understand why the mob that battled the police all night firebombed her house and reduced the CVS where she worked as a manager to ashes. “I was yelling at them, pleading at them not to burn my house,” Gardner, 30, said outside her boarded-up rowhouse. “They had set the houses around me on fire. They were throwing stuff into the house. They were throwing Molotov’s and very flammable stuff. All I could do was beg them not to burn my house.”


  2. INSIDE THE RIOTS: Violence, Fire And Robbery As Crooks Attack Reporters

    BALTIMORE — On April 27, Daily Caller News Foundation reporters Connor D. Wolf and Casey Harper went to Baltimore with The TheDC’s Grae Stafford to find the truth behind the Freddie Gray protests. What we found instead were violent thugs willing to go after anyone — even us.


  3. As usual, for every U.S. race riot story on CBC, I posted “Every day I am grateful that Canada is too cold for cotton”. But a great reply today was “Yeah, but we have Wild Rice”. Coffee. Out my nose.

  4. As a Chinese looking at this from the other side of the Pacific, it’s amazing, if not shocking to have realized that Americans enjoy all kinds of freedoms except freedom of speech !!

  5. All this crap and a summer full of this crap to come has the stink of Islamic instigation behind it. It got a little too obvious when “Muslim Lives Matter” signs were openly carried in Ferguson.

  6. For the benefit of those not in the States, the big cities where the riots have occurred (both last year and this year) are controlled by Democrats.

    • Ricahrd

      One couild argue the corollary – cities which are controlled by Democrats are likely to go broke, and the people then riot, loot , and burn.

      • True, the cities that are run by Democrats raise taxes to support their welfare payments, the businesses leave those towns and the money runs out.

        • I know a several people who are saying that what needs to be done is to surround the area the rioters are living in and pull the police out. Let them set with no businesses or police.

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