Geert Wilders faces sanctimony in the Dutch parliament when he suggests the Australian model for immigration

This is just the first 5 minutes of a 25 minute session in the Dutch Parliament about immigration. I must say the show by the socialist leader is abysmal. She clearly has contempt for her constituents and feels she should take their money and property, culture and lands and dole it out to whoever makes her feel better about herself while she lives far from the areas affected.

Disgraceful show by those who oppose Geert. Not one of them offered their own salaries or homes to the migrants. Only scorn at those who felt maybe other people shouldn’t be robbed to pay for them.

Watching these socialists get high off their own sanctimonious noise reminds me of watching goldfish hanging around the bubbler on a fish tank.

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4 Replies to “Geert Wilders faces sanctimony in the Dutch parliament when he suggests the Australian model for immigration”

  1. I believe the leftists genuinely want to re-distribute the wealth of the west through invasion.They believe if all western wealth is spent on the worlds poor there will be no more rich and poor.What will in fact happen as those who have sufficient wealth will leave europe for safer countries and those that are left will have to share their destroyed economies with the new arrivals.As is happening in the UK at the moment the health services and welfare services cannot cope with five to ten million new members.In short the west will collapse as it is asset stripped and everyone will become poor.Our economic masters love this situation as people will eventually work just for food.At least our leftists should be happy with the equality of universal poverty and hunger for all.

  2. The female questioner did not mention that it was Muslim savages who beheaded Christians on that Libyan beach. Does she believe the thousands of new arrivals every day are all Christians or is she saying we should welcome the savages?

    With every passing day I’m becoming more and more convinced that leftoids must be prevented from holding political powers, that their childish, utopian dogooderism will only end in complete and total disaster if they are not kept out of politics altogether.

  3. Leftist manage to “forget” facts that don’t support their delusions, this is part of the reason they look down on everyone who isn’t a leftist.

  4. A leftist is one who does not have to say soory for the hundreds of millions of people that were brutally killed by the ideology that he/she supports.

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