Another plot to kill the Pope foiled, European Islands in danger, Germany recognizes Armenian Genocide: Links 1 on April 24- 2015

1. Italy terror cell that plotted to bomb Vatican smashed, prosecutors say

A terror cell that plotted to bomb the Vatican and included Osama bin Laden’s bodyguards among its members has been smashed by Italian counter-terror police, prosecutors have said.

Following a six-year investigation that began with a probe into illegal immigration, police launched raids across Italy and Sardinia on Friday, targeting 18 people suspected of links with al-Qaida.

An as yet unspecified number were arrested, including a spiritual leader of the small Muslim community on Sardinia, but others are believed to have fled the country.

Among those arrested or being sought were men suspected of involvement in the October 2009 bombing of the Meena Bazaar in Peshawar, which left more than 100 dead and over 200 people injured.

2. Pamela Geller’s full speech at Brooklyn College

3. German President Gauck labels Ottoman massacre of Armenians ‘genocide’

German President Joachim Gauck has described the 1915 slaughter of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as “genocide.” The comments, which are likely to infuriate Ankara, come as Berlin prepares to reclassify the killings.

(Magnificent and very brave of Germany given the number of non-integrated muslim Turks there)

4. German scholarship program creates (accidental) embarrassment for Israelis when they group winners by region.

5. Who was Adam Yahiye Gadahn

(As he converted in 1995 before 911, one might get the impression that Islam has always been this way and was not transformed by the actions of Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda etc.)

6. Islamic Call to Prayer London England, April 21 – 2015

(This may be a great time for patriots to play some loud Rolling Stones through a decent PA system)

7. Alberta judge grants Omar Khadr bail pending appeal

An Alberta judge ordered convicted al-Qaeda terrorist Omar Khadr released on bail Friday morning, giving him his first taste of freedom since he was 15, when the United States military captured him in Afghanistan and then incarcerated him in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

But Mr. Khadr will have to wait for a hearing on May 5 that will decide his conditions of release. The Crown could still appeal the release order.

The Toronto-born Khadr, 28, is currently in prison in Innisfail, Alta.

(Much info at link including a couple of videos)

8. Admiral Warns: Potential for Islamist Raids on European Islands

The security situation in the Mediterranean will continue to deteriorate to the point where we can expect Islamist raids on European islands, a recently retired Royal Navy Admiral has told Breitbart London.


Rear Admiral Chris Parry CBE, the straight-talking former Director General of the Ministry of Defence Development, Concepts, and Doctrine Centre, the government body tasked with foreseeing future strategic threats, made the comments in an interview this week as European nations gathered to discuss the sudden migrant crisis gripping the Mediterranean.

(If I had a home on Lampedusa and didn’t see the Italian Navy handy I think I would be listing it for sale about now)

Thank you Andrew Bostom, M., Don C., Carpe Diem, GoV., and all who sent in materials and links. Looks like its going to be a busy weekend. More to come shortly.

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23 Replies to “Another plot to kill the Pope foiled, European Islands in danger, Germany recognizes Armenian Genocide: Links 1 on April 24- 2015”

  1. 3. German President Gauck labels Ottoman massacre of Armenians ‘genocide’

    Turkey has recalled its ambassador whenever Turkey is indicted for the genocide of Armenians.

    When are they going to recall their settlers from Germany. After all, they have told the Turks in Germany not to integrate with German Infidels.

  2. 8. Admiral Warns: Potential for Islamist Raids on European Islands

    This is what Muslims have been doing for centuries till Britain and France colonised them. Muslims are asking for trouble. They will get it.

    Its 100 years exacyly since Sykes/Picot carved up the ME, and created Lebanon as a place for Christians. Its done its job and a new one is required.

    This time, among other things, we should create a Christian state – perhaps an amalgum of Lebanon, Syria and a bit of Turkey, then lock it in NATO. Then lets see what happens.

  3. 3. The Germans HAD to recognize their mistakes of the WWII area in order to move on. If they didn’t they can’t move on. This was important for Germany to make this statement.
    Thank you

  4. 2/ That’s a roomful of Islamonazis and thuggish leftists, and one courageous Jewish woman trying for an hour to reason with them. Without restraining authority present – security guards and others, like David Wood, who was filming – it’s not hard to imagine some of the students giving a little more latitude to their viciousness, the rest going along, and Pamela getting physically as well as verbally attacked. And this on an American college campus. Most of these students are too stupid to put it together, or else fully aware of what it is and pleased to be part of it, but Brooklyn College administration should be mortified, and falling over themselves apologizing to Pamela Geller.

    • “I’m a Roman Catholic, you don’t speak in the Name of Me”

      Never a truer word stated. Those imprinted at birth are never represented by the Spirit of Man.


      The Socialist mantra of the mob. The Muslims the most gullible. To react to anyone saying if any killings are to be done it must be on your own heads.

    • The Left imprint a meme into the vulnerable single-parented child. The teachers facilitate it, afraid to challenge lest they lose their jobs.

      The same agitator here:

      43:40 “Your White Privilege isn’t going to work here”

      51:50 “Free, free Palestine, free, free Palestine, “

      • Pamela Geller has become very good at this. Her points are telling, one after another, but these know-everything know-nothings won’t be told. People have been suggesting that in what passes for silences in that room she might have been getting through to individuals here and there, but the mob mind quickly reasserts itself. It’s frightening. I would like to think this is an extreme end of the spectrum for American campuses, but I suspect it is more likely typical. Perhaps the circulation on Youtube will do some good, as the students see themselves and see how others see them, or some unfamiliar sound in the echo chamber breaks the spell. I don’t know. I found this one particularly distressing.

      • For many it surely is fear of losing their jobs, but too many others reinforce the meme right through their careers and even into retirement. 68ers with power and privilege inciting something like Mao’s perpetual revolution, a few I’ve met. Dirty old men really.

    • People here are making predictions based on the assumption that the current direction in the nation will be maintained, given the way Obama is moving to foment a race/class war either this year or next those predictions need to be rethought.

  5. Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London….
    A luge from an old Cleo Lane song
    Sad so vey sad…..
    I hope I live long enough to be around when those fuckers try to broadcast their hideous
    Calks to prayer over loud speakers in cities here in Canada… A real opportunity for
    Organized crime. Aren’t there municiple bylaws regarding sound pollution…?

    • More the latter than the former at Brooklyn College.

      Students Shout “Don’t Come Back!” and “Allahu Akbar!” as Pamela Geller Leaves Brooklyn College

      • The Communist Dream, Class-Warfare, the biggest distraction from the pain of consciousness since mama tucked them in bed and told them not to listen to pa but suckle on her. It is to Never Be Yourself for Peace… to become the eternal submitter for approval… and seeking out every Guru isolated in a tin hut will simply validate this individuality can never be found, for everyone gets to look alike and sound alike claiming their inheritance by having sat under the same tree quoting the same words of The Great One. There is, for them, no divine inspiration of uniqueness and change – which is really life itself.

        • Buddhism is no good for them. They would get nothing from it but more or more kinds of self-indulgence. It’s the preserve of the left in America anyhow. Yes, they need exactly that, ‘divine inspiration of uniqueness and change,’ which should never be far away, but I have no idea how it would reach them.

  6. Irving Berlin, a Jew, was wrong in composing ” God Bless America” !
    Now it’s ” Allah Bless Islamic America ” !!!

  7. @39:00 “I am Roman Catholic. You do not speak in the name of me.”

    There is so much to comment on this video but this one stuck out for me. I am a devout Catholic and found this woman’s comments offensive in the extreme. First, as announcing her faith, she presumes to speak for me. She certainly does not. Next, by aligning herself with the trope that there is nothing Islamic about the Islamic state, she presumes to speak to Muslims. I dare say she does not speak for Muslims either, only she is evidently too much of a useful idiot to know it. Lastly, In her ignorance of Islam and history, she ignores totally that Catholics under the heel of the Islamic State are being slaughtered for their love and fidelity to Christ. For shame!


  8. 8 – A few months ago I made the same predictions, I said I was worried that the jihadists would use North Africa to raid the coasts of the European nations like they use to, it is so nice to have professionals confirm what you say.

  9. “I am Roman Catholic. You do not speak in the name of me.”

    Pamella Geller was not speaking for here. She is very much her own woman.

    As for the Catholic woman, would she be brave enough to speak for her brothers and sisters in Christ, who are being decapitated.

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