Reader’s links for April 24 – 2015

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  1. Have we had this one yet?

    The Saudi prince who offered Bentleys to bombers (BBC, Apr 23, 2015)

    “A wealthy Saudi royal attracted criticism on social media after he apparently offered luxury cars to fighter pilots participating in a bombing campaign in Yemen.

    Earlier this week Saudi Arabia announced the end of the first phase of its military campaign in Yemen. And in a celebratory gesture Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, one of the country’s richest men and a member of the Saudi royal family, tweeted to his 3m followers on Twitter: “In appreciation of their role in this operation, I’m honoured to offer 100 Bentley cars to the 100 Saudi [fighter] pilots”.

    The offer immediately split opinion. More than 28,000 people shared his post and over 5,000 liked it. The prince was hailed for his “generosity” and several Saudis commented that the pilots deserved luxury automobiles – and much more – for their military service.

    But many outside Saudi Arabia, particularly in Yemen, found his offer outright offensive – and so an online backlash began. “100 Bentley cars to 100 pilots who bombed Yemen. Not single ambulance to its hospitals they devastated” remarked one Yemeni on Twitter.

    Another Yemeni who had previously shared photos showing the destruction of his home following a Saudi air strike tweeted: “Prince Al Waleed gave 100 Bentleys to Saudi pilots. I got my apartment blown up. Yet I bet my spirits are higher than all those pilots.”….”

  2. Pamela Geller Speaks at Brooklyn College, Speech, Q&A

    The full talk. This is actually worse than Temple University in 2012.

  3. Italy seeks 18 suspects in anti-terror raids

    MILAN – Italian police said Friday they were making arrests of 18 suspected Islamic extremists, including two purported bodyguards for Osama bin Laden, who allegedly staged attacks in Pakistan and sought to topple the Pakistani government.

    Anti-terrorism police in Sardinia said some of the suspects were responsible for “numerous bloody acts of terrorism in Pakistan,” including the October 2009 explosion in a market in Peshawar in which more than 100 people died. Telephone wiretaps indicated that two of the suspects were part of a network of people who protected bin Laden in Pakistan, a police statement said.

    Police said the aim of the terror network was to create an insurrection against the Pakistani government.

    Pasquale Errico, the police chief in the city of Sassari, said the warrants were being executed throughout Italy. The suspects were being sought also for financing terrorist movements in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Sardinian daily L’Unione Sarda reported that one of the suspects ran a construction business in Olbia.

    “There is the hypothesis that he was recruiting immigrants who arrived here by airplane with false documents and involved them in illegal activities,” the paper’s editor Anthony Muroni told Sky TG24.
    CNN – Italy: Suspects had contact with bin Laden, discussed Vatican attack

    Rome (CNN)Italian authorities said they had launched a “vast anti-terrorism operation” Friday, going after suspects associated with al Qaeda who had discussed a range of targets, including the Vatican.

    […]The suspects had been under surveillance for years, some as far back as 2005, police said.

  4. CANADA – Alberta judge grants Omar Khadr bail pending appeal

    An Alberta judge ordered convicted al-Qaeda terrorist Omar Khadr released on bail Friday morning, giving him his first taste of freedom since he was 15, when the United States military captured him in Afghanistan and then incarcerated him in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    But Mr. Khadr will have to wait for a hearing on May 5 that will decide his conditions of release. The Crown could still appeal the release order.

    more on the page:

  5. “Ritual impurity”. This is Jew-hate, this is no -ism. The Left likes -isms and -phobias. They’re first to condemn “antisemitism” and “islamophobia”. Jew-hate is visceral, primitive and bred-in-the-bone. Let those on the Left beware of the wild savages they adopt as cute pets.

    Iran executed my grandfather. Now the regime is trying to hide the way it has treated other Jews.

    Jews have good reason to be wary of Tehran’s rhetoric.

  6. FLORIDA – Muslim woman sues Domino’s after ‘bomb threat’ arrest

    In July 2012, Hakima Benaddi said it was the first time she had worn a hijab, a Muslim head scarf, to pick up a pizza at the Davenport location. Benaddi says when she returned with what she called a poorly made pizza, employees weren’t helpful which resulted in a verbal confrontation.

    After Benaddi left, the store manager made a report to the police saying Benaddi had threatened to blow up the store with a bomb.

    Benaddi was arrested that night, although the charges were soon dropped.

    video on the page :

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