Armenian Genocide anniversary post as well as more Islamic warping of our own cultural and ethical norms: Links 2 on April 24 – 2015

1. Remembering the Armenian Genocide at GoV

2. Anjem Choudary does his welfare recipients walk in the streets of London chanting anti-democratic noise through quite a loud PA system

3. JISR Syria jihadis

(There is a great deal more video showing jihadi movements and activities and heavy weapons including tanks and humvees on what I assume to be the frontiers of the Islamic State under today’s Reader Links post in the comments)

4. CAIR Florida sues Domino’s Pizza for something or other

5. Hamas holds heavily armed military style parade through Gaza

6. Muslims now threaten to wage attacks against Americans etc. in the Philippines. This would be after no less than two ‘peace treaties’ have been signed by muslim groups like MILF with the Philippine government.

(Hint to the Islamic State in the Philippines: Next time you make a jihad video, don’t do it in a bird sanctuary)

7. Italian police launch ‘vast’ anti-terrorism operation against al Qaeda-inspired group

8. Sam Sorbo hosts Andrew Bostom who speaks to the Armenian Genocide and its Islamic motives,

Thank you M., GoV., Andrew Bostom, Ox AO, Don C., and many many more. It needs to be stated from time to time that many interesting links, geopolitical updates as well as great oped pieces that do not make it to the main posts are in the daily links stub post as well as when related to what is posted, under these posts. People wishing to get more information should look there as well.

Thank you all again for your contributions.

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2 Replies to “Armenian Genocide anniversary post as well as more Islamic warping of our own cultural and ethical norms: Links 2 on April 24 – 2015”

  1. “As this is written the world lurches towards a precipice, threatening to plunge into a dark age the likes of which it has never before known. Fanatical Islamic forces have become nuclear capable and the lauded age of enlightenment and sensitivity now draws to a close. The era of hatred, persecution and true terror is about to begin, unless…” The Prologue from “For Anastasia” – Out soon!

    • The only way to prevent the Dark Age is for the left to be removed from control of all western nations and those nations work together to defeat Islam and preserve civilization. Since the left is so deeply embedded in the west this is almost an impossibility.

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