Another list of insanities by islam and the bureaucracy in the USA links 4 on April 22 – 2015

1. Turkey recalls ambassador as Austria recognizes 1915 Armenian killings as ‘genocide’

(We need to beg the Canadian government also to publicly accept this historical fact)

Austrian lawmakers have recognized the 1915 mass killings of Armenians during the last years of the Ottoman Empire, prompting Turkey to recall its ambassador to Vienna back to Ankara.

According to Austrian news website The Local, the leaders of the country’s six major parties issued a statement declaring that Austria, as a former ally of the Ottoman Empire, had a “duty to recognize and condemn these horrific events as genocide.”

They also called on Turkey – which does not accept the highly sensitive term – to take responsibility for its role in the mass murders.

“It is Turkey’s duty to face the dark and painful chapter of its past and recognize the crimes committed against Armenians under the Ottoman empire as genocide,” the statement said.

2. Yemeni politician: “Anyone who invades Yemen will meet his death!”

(Funny cause just the other day I was saying to a friend, “Anyone who finds themselves in Yemen should kill his travel agent”

3. French press conference (overdubbed in English) on the muslim who attempted to blow up churches etc. in France.

4. Houthis hold more territory than before the Saudi air campaign began

4. Cape Town – African-based terror groups Boko Haram and al-Shabaab’s threats to attack South Africans in retaliation for xenophobic violence should not be taken lightly.

(Pot, kettle, etc. etc.)

That was the warning sounded on Friday by local Islamic authority

Moulana Ihsaan Hendricks, president of the Cape Town-based Muslim Judicial Council (MJC), who said at its Crawford headquarters that “we should not be naive”.

Al-Shabaab has appeared on social media websites in images with the words “We will enter Durban” and “For all the foreign lives lost in SA there is a price to pay”.

A number of Nigerian media outlets reported late this week that Boko Haram “gives South Africa 24 hours to end xenophobic attacks, or face bombing”.

5. Americans in both parties view the Islamic State as a bigger threat to the US than Russia, Iran or NORK

6. Gowdy To DEA Chief: ‘What The Hell Do You Get To Do,’ If You Can’t Fire Agents For Prostitution

Thank you M., Richard, Buck, Yucki, Rita, AM., and all who sent in materials. More to come. As a point of interest, one might ask what is the content of the prayers done by ht emu slims who sued the Alberta School.

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6 Replies to “Another list of insanities by islam and the bureaucracy in the USA links 4 on April 22 – 2015”

  1. O M W!
    Pot Kettle, yeah we know that bulldust.
    Al shish kebab, and borko my haram, need a fucking tutoring lesson.
    How many of them
    and you lot,
    have been subject to …….arrhhh lol

  2. The problem with having career civil servants is that they decide they are the people who will rule the nation, and way too many times they are right.

  3. Russia isn’t going to attack the US unless we attack them, China needs a US with a strong economy to buy what they make and they will hold North Korea in check. ISIS on the other hand is motivated by religious fanaticism, they will do anything they think will further the goal of a world wide Caliphate.

  4. The Fatiha and the Culture of Hate: Interpretation of the 7th verse through the centuries. What a terrific resource. Good luck to the authors though getting Muslims to decide that ‘they are the first victims of these heinous invocations.’ Muslims are pleased to be every other kind of victim, but that is because the disbelievers refuse to desist in waging war on Allah and oppressing the best of peoples. Hatred of kuffar is the right response to this state of affairs, Muslim morality. To question that would be to undermine their whole being. So they won’t do it.

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