A steady increase in evidence of all the basic premises this site was created to demonstrate: Links 3 on April 22 – 2015

It is interesting that the Islamic State makes many videos a day celebrating the terror, horror, torture, suffering and death it causes and puts it on full pornographic like display for the world as if it was a truly divine and great thing but murders all who expose the same actions in any other context. This is another example of how islam and sharia works. Anything is OK if it advances the cause of islam including eating pork, drinking or whatever and everything is forbidden if it impedes the advancement of Islamic control even if it is within the description of what is lawful under the sharia.

Item 1 is a proof of that.

1. Executed for daring to speak the truth about ISIS: Syrian media activist pays the ultimate price for telling the world about the cruelty suffered under the Islamists’ regime 

Harrowing images have emerged showing the seconds before a media activist was brutally murdered by militants loyal to the Islamic State in Syria.

Taken on the frontline of fighting in the countryside outside the rebel-held city of Aleppo, the photos show a prisoner wearing an orange jumpsuit being forced to his knees before being shot.

ISIS released the disturbing photographs on the same day as they bizarrely attempted to portray everyday life under the terror group’s control as happy and carefree – distributing images of smiling farmers living near Aleppo who use Western technology to grow and harvest their abundant crops.

Harrowing: Taken on the frontline of fighting in the countryside outside the rebel-held city of Aleppo, the photos show a prisoner wearing an orange jumpsuit being forced to his knees before being shot

2. Co-founder of Earth Day, murdered his girlfriend and composed her body in a container in his closet.

A self-proclaimed environmental activist, Einhorn made a name for himself among ecological groups during the 1960s and ’70s by taking on the role of a tie-dye-wearing ecological guru and Philadelphia’s head hippie. With his long beard and gap-toothed smile, Einhorn — who nicknamed himself “Unicorn” because his German-Jewish last name translates to “one horn”  —advocated flower power, peace and free love to his fellow students at the University of Pennsylvania. He also claimed to have helped found Earth Day.

But the charismatic spokesman who helped bring awareness to environmental issues and preached against the Vietnam War — and any violence — had a secret dark side. When his girlfriend of five years, Helen “Holly” Maddux, moved to New York and broke up with him, Einhorn threatened that he would throw her left-behind personal belongings onto the street if she didn’t come back to pick them up.

3. More on the French muslim who had planned to attack churches in Paris and murdered a dancer

4. Mosques full of religious muslims continue to pour into Italy in droves. (The AFP video says drones but I do not think they are arriving in drones)

5. Saudis continue airstrikes in Yemen after announcing they have ceased bombing

6. Muslim files complaint after B.C. jail tells him to use towel as prayer mat

(It is a rare thing that a person might think, if you don’t like the conditions in a jail, try not to commit the crime)

A Muslim man has filed a human rights complaint alleging the staff at the Kamloops jail refused to allow him to practise his religion while he was behind bars.

Andrew Monnette, 25, claims officials from Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre would not give him access to a halal diet, a Qur’an or a prayer mat – instead offering him a towel as a stand-in.

Monnette is asking the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal to make an order that inmates of all faiths be allowed to access to their religious materials. He is also asking that he be compensated for “significant anxiety” he claims to have experienced at the jail.

His complaint, which includes unproven allegations, claims he was discriminated against beginning in April 2014, when he was in the centre awaiting trial on a string of assault and firearms charges. He says the problems continued until his transfer to a Prince George jail last December.

(Freedom of religion means freedom of belief. When did it get to mean you can access all the materials you need for rituals?)

7. Global does misleading piece on the muslims who agreed to a set of rules when they joined the Webber academy and then sued the school when they were not allowed to break that same rule they agreed to.

Here is Ezra’s piece on that suit at the ‘HRC’

Thank you Richard, Don C. M., and many many more. There is a great deal more to come as well.

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