Westerners joining the Islamic State increase, imams lie about what they tell converts, more schools forcing kids to learn about islam. Links 2 on April 21 – 2015

1. Ongoing trial of camp guard of Auschwitz 

(Posted only because the islamic trend of denial of the facts of the Holocaust, which should not need posting, do)

2. An Armenian returns to Turkey to see where so many of his relatives had been exterminated by the muslim Ottomans

3. Someone left an interesting comment under the article on halal slaughter we translated some years ago which goes viral from time to time about the islamic religious doctrine on halal food as well as Christian. I haven’t fact checked it yet but he left links.

4. British former soldier fighting ISIS warns there are 2,000 UK-born jihadis in Middle East

He added the foreign fighters, many of whom numb themselves with drugs before going into battle, often carry out the worst atrocities.

Speaking from the Middle East, he said: “The foreign fighters are the ones who fight to the death.

“They pump themselves up with drugs before they go to fight.

“They end up doing a lot of the suicides too.

“The ones driving the suicide bomb trucks tend to be the foreign guys.

“Some of the local commanders estimate there to be up to 2,000 ISIS fighters from the UK, but you shouldn’t be surprised if there are more.

“The people we’re fighting against are coming here to rape and murder women and children. That’s why they joined ISIS.”


5. Moderate Muslim Imam Blames Christians For Burning Their Own Churches


Parents were shocked when they found Islamic teachings in their children’s homework. Going much further than just teaching about Islam, they were teaching children tenets of Islam as though it was fact!

7. Geert Wilders sends a clear message to those hostiles who would like to settle in the Netherlands in order to destroy it.

(Anyone who disagrees with MP Wilders should go to the airport with business cards with their own addresses on it and give it to Muslim arrivals and explain to them they can stay at your house and at your expense and under their own rules. Working on subtitling this now in English)

8. Someone is claiming that Islamic State Caliph, Al-Baghdadi has been “seriously wounded” in an airstrike.

(This is a now-tired tactic by Al-Qaeda most likely. Report a primary target as dead and the US etc. stop looking for him. Its so well known and often used that it was a big part of the plot of one episode of the last season of Homeland)

9. Initial phase of Saudi attack on Houthi rebels over and new phase begins now:

Link one at RT  and link two at Al Arabiya

10. Obama administration expresses dissatisfaction with the sentencing of Morsi and his cronies by the current Egyptian government. 

11.  An amusing video where the imam who mentored an American who decided to try and kill lots of American soldiers on behalf of the Islamic State, claims that islam is all about love and peace. No attributions or references though. Source: Creeping Sharia

Thank you Buck, CB Sashenka, M., TL., Tommy R. and many more and unfortunately, more to come.

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  1. 4 – I am surprised the number is so small, I expect that there are equal or greater numbers from all Western nations including the US and Canada.

    5 – Another old tactic that has outlived it usefulness.

    6 – This is happening in a lot of schools, the parents are getting tired of it.

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