The sanitary risks linked to halal slaughter. By Alain Peretti, Doctor of veterinary medicine.

Translated by Bear from the original French article from:


We always evoke the problems in the matter of suffering of the animal and the financial tax of Islam for the consumers. These problems are of course, real. There is another that concerns us all, and has the merit to be evoked. An essential question. The sanitary aspect, the security aspect, in fact, let’s remember that in halal slaughter, the animal is turned towards Mecca, bled without being stunned, a very large incision from the throat to the vertebrae sectioning all organs from the jugular and the carotid but also the trachea and the esophagus. This practice brings on anato-phisiological consequences. These are as follows:

1. A regurgitation of the contents of the stomach through the esophagus which is anatomically beside the trachia

2. The animal continues to breath very hard from the agony that can last a quarter of an hour. Let’s remember that it inhales fecal matter, rich in germs of all sorts.

3. This matter that was inhaled all the way to the pulminary alveoli distributes the germs in the blood much more easily because the membrane there is very thin and the circulation, let’s remember, is always working during this period of agony and even accelerated by the stress at the level of essential organs.

4. Enormous risk of contamination in the depth of the meat is consequently there.

5. We observe also from the intense stress, two physiological phenomenon which conjugate the fall of all immune systems. And the concentration of blood in the essential organs, you can say that the animal retains its blood. This is a natural process of survival that brings on also a bleeding that is not as good. This is opposing the allegations of people doing this practice. There is in fact,  a greater production of toxins.

6. The longer the agony finally brings on violent convulsions accompanied by defecation and urine, all of it splashing the whole slaughtering area.

We clearly see the consequences for the nutritional well being of the consumers. It is true that the European rules, CEE853-2004 in it’s annex chapter 4 titled, ‘hygiene of the slaughterhouse’ paragraph 7 line A says: “The trachea and the esophagus must remain intact during the bleeding (with a derogation for ritual slaughtering) the problem is according to recent estimates apron. 50% of the meat consumed is now halal.

Because even if Muslims are still minorities and do not consume certain pieces, we cannot leave the rest of the carcass. The industry finds it simpler and more profitable to have one line of slaughter so an entire beast will be consumed out of the halal market. They are nevertheless strangled according to this Oriental ritual.


We infringe the sacred idea of the precautionary principle to respect an exotic practice that is irrational, unsustainable on all plains. Based on a superstition from the middle-ages that is observed. In these conditions, the actual derogations to the European rules permitting ritual slaughter, are they acceptable? The multiplication of cases of toxic infections was predictable… and will touch mostly non-Muslims that are not conscious of the risks that are not controlled and of the culinary habits that makes consumers eat meat that is much more raw. (than Muslims eat meat)



The following video is very harsh. It is on how meat is slaughtered for Halal. The opening scene is modern methods. Then it cuts to halal slaughter. It is very hard to watch.

Abattage rituel halal sans étourdissement by GAIA-TV



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67 thoughts on “The sanitary risks linked to halal slaughter. By Alain Peretti, Doctor of veterinary medicine.

  1. I’m not deluded as to where my food comes from – and I am happy to eat meat. But I am not happy to see an animal suffer without reason to please a barbaric religious ritual.

    In the West we stun animals first so they feel nothing before they are killed. That is our way, and it must be the ONLY way permitted by law in our nations. Most developed nations on the planet stun animals first – why are we pandering to dark age slaughter methods?

    • Unfortunately the non stun also exists in modern countries, to appease the muslim market. Plus the stun does not always work for the period that the animal is dying, some do come too through the slaughtering process.

      • the “muslim market” should not be appeased, the slaughter should be humane. There is enough animal cruelty in the world *with* laws being passed to try to make treatment of animals as humane as it should be. Forget this religionist b.s., for humanity to go backward in the name of medieval mythology is ridiculous.

    • We need this kind of petition all over the world ive just watched the video on my nans phone through facebook and Im a consumer of halal products but now im thinking twice about this if more Muslims were to see this video and read what has been said about the hygiene of the kill I do believe the majority would agree to that being wrong and want things to be done in a different manner that was still considered ritual but was more humane and hygienic

  2. A disgusting practice and I don’t care who does it. I’d like to know if it is clearly against the law in Canada. I saw halal chicken products in a major store the other day.

  3. right and we think the covered face is a problem, as it is over 20 percent of all beef in Alberta is slaughtered by halal methods, soooooo what about the rest of this country???
    It is being shoved down our throats without our knowledge, and it is time to make some decent legislation about this backward practice.
    It should not be allowed in our slaughter houses, and if they want halal, them let them have specifically regulated halal slaughter houses, where all meat must be labelled halal and there is accountable inspectiions.
    This video should be mandatory for all highschool students to watch.

  4. Any East Indian restaurant that is not specifically Hindu, or for that matter who knows how many other restaurants serve this type of meat?
    No wonder there are so many, masses of rage boys when they feed on meat that has been slaughtered in this manner….I am surprised they don’t save the blood and drink that too

  5. I don’t think you can find non-halal lamb in Canada unless you know the farmer or small butcher yourself. FWIW, I have bought lamb from hobby farmers locally and it was so spectacularly better than any lamb I have ever had before, I would recommend all go out and try and find it. It allows you to:
    1. Obey Canadian cruelty-to-animals laws
    2. Not buy halal products
    3. Support local agro biz.

    • I don’t understand this, why on earth would Canada have halal slaughter, is the muslim population even 5%? What in the world is going on, is it cheaper? I have heard that muslims are buying up all the slaughter houses so they can torture animals with this utter b.s. It is sad and disgusting that this is allowed, there need to be national laws passed to where torturing animals for the sake of religion is simply not allowed. There have been problems in the US with kosher slaughter being unreasonably cruel and now this? Enough is enough.

      • We have the same problem in Australia with halal certification. We have Cadburys Chocolates paying for certification,for what I do not know,we have companies paying for certification for Women’s needs,we have other major companies doing the same. to me it is extortion plain and simple,and governments are doing nothing about it.

  6. I guess it’s just a silly Western thing, but I hate to see animal cruelty like that. People in much of the non-Western world tend to look upon animals as if they were pieces of wood or stone – they seem to have no feelings whatsoever toward them. Well…I beg to differ. I don’t know why, but it is my personal, subjective, arbitrary feeling that people who treat animals with wanton cruelty are nothing more than walking heaps of garbage who should not be wasting valuable air. To see those sheep all huddled together and crying as they watch their brothers being casually tortured, knowing they are next, fills me with a cold hate. Islam seems to demand maximum cruelty both in slaughtering sheep and in slaughtering Infidels. How many hundred thousand Muslims are we letting into Canada this year?

    • Well said! Why pander to this religious fallacy….? Most of us don’t want Halal or cruelty… it…..majority rules??? I wonder. ..

    • India is looks at cows as sacred, this pastoralism predates abrahamic pastoralism so it is not a ‘western’ thing…more likely it is just something that represents one tradition giving way to another one. In Africa even now there are tribes that live off of cow blood and cow milk, or goat milk, to kill the animal while draining it of blood is a great mistake…eventually the cow began to be raised to be consumed and that took over as tradition (probably the religionist b.s. traditional slaughter was man made up to make it ‘okay’ to kill and consume the herd animal. Looking at the span of these traditions over time I see zero evidence that humanity as a species is undergoing any sort of ‘evolution’, it is now known that our brains have been shrinking for the last couple dozen millennia so apparently humanity is a species that is devolving and may in fact have some programmed obsolescence that ends in ultimate destruction.

  7. Chris:

    I tend to agree with you. Neither ‘Bear’ nor I have had the heart or the stomach to translate the text in the video even. although we really should. I think this article i ferociously important and would appreciate everybody’s help in getting it out there.

    Send the link or the whole article by email if you would.

    Thanks for reading.

  8. A big grocery chain where I shop sells halal chicken products. I think I am going to send this to their main office, altho’ who knows how the chickens are killed ?
    I was wondering who was able to take that video ? I’m sure the muslims wouldn’t want that circulated, so I assume the person videotaping was there under false pretenses ? Good for them for capturing the horror for all to see.
    I agree, also, that the text in the video should be translated. However, I had to stop the video after just seeing the cow (older calf?) struggling (freaking out in a full panic) to free itself. I knew that whatever followed would be something I would never get out of my head, once there.
    The cruelty is off the scale for me.
    That’s just sick beyond description.

  9. Our law states no animal should suffer unnecessarily. Why the hell are we bending it for ethnic minorities. This is a barbaric, cruel method of slaughter as is Kosher and it’s about time we as a nation of animal lovers stopped this immediately. NO God would want an animal to suffer this way. This is the 21st century and we now have stun guns to make the slaughter of animals as humane as possible. They must be used always.

  10. babs davis, KOSHER SLAUGHTER IS NOT THE SAME !! YOU ARE DEAD WRONG !! in Kosher slaughter, the animals jugular is cut COMPLETELY & quickly, so the animal dies instantly, without any pain !! then all the blood is drained out of the animal !! also, the animal is totally inspected, if any part of the animal is blemished or sick or diseased, or improper in any way, THE WHOLE ANIMAL IS UNFIT FOR CONSUMPTION, AND DISCARDED !! THIS IS SUPERIOR TO ANY KIND OF SLAUGHTER, ON THIS PLANET !! CHECK WIKKIPEDIA, IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME !! I AM JEWISH, & I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT !! YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG AND MISTAKEN & PROBABLY ANTI-SEMITIC TO BOOT !!!

    • I thought it was the same so I was relieved to find that its different. My understanding is that the Jewish way is done that way because it brings less pain and suffering to the animal hence why you are instructed to do it that way.


        Jewish and Islamic slaughter methods are so similar, only the recitation part is different. I’m no expert but there are reasons for the different points in the slaughter. Once the jugular is severed, the animal technically does not feel pain, but it is struggling(like someone having fits-ask anyone with epilepsy if they felt pain during an episode). This struggling helps to pump more blood out of the body. (Blood contains cancer causing agents when consumed and have to be avoided as much as possible) When stunned or sedated, the animal does not struggle as much and so, does not expel as much blood, but instead, lets the blood congeal and transfer carcinogens to humans through the meat-and we do not want that, do we?

    • sorry, I have seen videos from kosher slaughterhouses shut down by activist groups in the U.S. and this is just not true. I have seen animals with their foot long sections of their throat ripped out, literally, collapsing and writhing on the floor in their own blood. All this garbage needs to be stopped. Religionism, particuarly abrahamic of all strains, is barbaric and anachronistic and all of the brutal traditions from circumcision of children to cruel ritual slaughter need to stop once and for all.

  11. @Rich Morris, you may be jewish but Kosher Slaughter is not much different to halal slaughter. Ive seen both performed and there are few differences to tell them apart. 1# the knife used is longer and sharpened via a sharpening stone. 2#. The cut made by a jewish slaughterman as opposed to an islamic one, the Jewish slaughterman uses one continual cut and the knife is sharpened between uses to ensure the blade remains keen. islamic slaughterman will use the knife even when it becomes dull often resulting in a sawing motion to cut the throat.
    other than that they both pray stupidly, both want the animal consious so able to feel pain horrificly and both want the animal to bleed to death. An animal slaughtered by a jewish slaughterman does NOT die instantly, that animal remains alive until its heart stops beating, which is when it runs out of blood to pump around the body… that is fact, it is no different in that sense than in islamic slaughter. and NOBODY should have to unknowingly eat meat that has come from an animal slaughtered in either manner. Halal and shechita meat should both be clearly labelled as such so the consumer has a choice. but when the vote was due in the EU parliament it was the jewish who were shouting the loudest to stop it being labelled… why? because by labelling meat this way they knew decent people would not touch it and so therefore make meat more expensive for jews.

  12. Thank you for this article & the link to the DM article on which supermarkets sell halal. I am absolutely horrified that my family – and many other families – are being sold meat killed in this barbaric & unsanitary manner without any notification whatsoever. A complete boycott of NZ lamb is needed plus a boycott of halal sourced meat in restaurants & supermarkets.

  13. I think it is very important for readers to distinguish between halal and halal certified. The restrictions based on eating haram (opposite of halal) in Islamic scripture are clear and simple (2:173). The Koran further teaches Muslims that eating the food of Christians and Jews is permissable (5:5). And to top it all off a prominent hadith by Aisha (Bukhari Volume 3, Book 34, Number 263) confirms even Mr Mohammed himself was not too fussed about halal-certification and ritual slaughter; for Mr Mo it was good enough that the name of Allah be spoken over the meal before digging in.

    Let’s be frank – killing an animal for sustenance is never a nice business. Whether the Christian/Agnostic/Atheist killing methods are more or less painful and stressing to the animal compared to a trained shochet dispatching cattle or lamb, I think you’ll find the judges are out. You can find comprehensive studies validating both sides of the argument. But once you bring unskilled labour and extreme financial pressures in, that is when it gets messy.

    Kosher certified products are miniscule in numbers when compared to the global multi-billion dollar halal-certified schemes. This only reflects the fact that while the Jewish community has no intention to propagate Judaism into every corner of the world, the story with Islam is very different.

    The halal certification rackets have by now developed into serious multi-billion money raiser for some business savvy islamic supremacists and the funding of dahwa and jihad. You will find H-positive toothpaste, shoes and – hold your breath – water (

    A very different issue compared to Kosher and Kashrut alltogether.

    Most of those so-called halal certification “authorities” do allow temporary stunning to keep the PETAs and RSPCAs of this world happy – and more impportantly the certification dollars rolling in. If PETA and consumers pressures them big enough, they will further re-interpret the Koran and find a sura that stipulating that animals must be treated humanely and must be nicely put to sleep on a bed of roses before slaughter – just to keep on charging their annual certification fees.

    Most seriously observant muslims know industrial certified halal schemes for what they are – and rather buy at the local halal butcher who kills the animal “properly”, or do their own backyard butchery.

    So make sure your connections understand the difference between halal and Kosher – and most importantly that it is not halal by itself that is our problem here – but the halal certification rackets, the people behind those rackets, and what consumers are funding with their grocery dollars.

    Further, since these certification fees are treated as compliance cost and paid from general revenue before taxes, they reduce the tax revenue to fund our social welfare and schools etc, and in consequence are funded by everyone who purchases a product from a business entity which has agreed to pay the Islamic food tax – whether the individual brand or product you buy is marked as H-positive or not does not matter.

    The question to be asked must therefor be:
    Has the registered business entity (not just the individual product or brand) which manufactured the product you buy submitted to the certification rackets?

  14. We have also been unknowingly eating hilal in Australia. It is not right that we should be forced to eat unhealthy, cruelly and ritually slaughtered animals because it is demanded by muslims. We have had to stop or seriously re’think exporting live animals to Islamic countries because of the sickening way these animals have been treated. This is a video of how our animals were being hilal slaughtered in Indonesia. If you are game enough to watch it it might be wise to have a bucket handy. I would like to know why these people are behaving outside of our laws and being appeased.

  15. Halal Meat

    Halal is the Moslem’s Sharia Compliant method of producing and preparing food.

    Halal meat comes from animals who suffered a cruel death by having their heads PARTIALLY sawn off with a knife, the head remains still attached to the body by the neck bone, the nervous system is still fully intact, they are still fully conscious, and very SLOWLY dying a cruel and painful death until they finally bleed out.

    In the “Four Corners” TV Program video below, an animal whose jugular has already been severed is still able to get up on all four feet, and tries to escape!
    Moslems let all the cattle that are in line to be killed, WATCH trembling in terror as the animals that are ahead of them are being killed, skinned and cut into pieces. There may be ten or more cattle or sheep in the killing room all fully visible to each other as they are killed off and butchered, one by one.

    In other Halal abattoirs, the cattle are placed in squeeze boxes with just their head and neck sticking out, and then the whole box with the animal inside is rotated up-side-down. Sheep are thrown up-side-down into a cradle with their head and neck exposed. Then, the animal’s throat is slit, blood gushes forth from the wound. They writhe in pain and kick, their eyes roll, bug-out and move about, and the animal tries to scream, but no sound comes out because their wind pipe is severed. Blood spurts from the severed jugular veins, the wind pipe flares out and spurts blood, then collapses in, over and over again, as the animals lungs heave for gasping breaths air.
    The animal is hung head down from a hook through its hind leg, it is still kicking and writhing in pain, until it finally bleeds to death.

    The truth about Halal meat.
    Muslims claim that Halal butchering is pure and friendly to animals. Watch this video how “pure” and “cruelty free” Halal meat actually is.

    Chickens and other fowl have their heads fully cut off, at once. This is still a cruel way for them to die. You must have heard of the saying, “Like a chicken running around with his head cut off”. Yes – this is a fact, the headless bodies will run around after decapitation, if allowed to. I have witnessed it.

    Humane Handling and Slaughter of Livestock:
    By using the much more humane “Captive Bolt” or “Electric Stun-Gun” methods, the animal is immediately rendered unconscious; these are the methods used in most “humane” or “cruelty free” slaughter houses.
    When you go in for major surgery, you are given an anesthesia and made totally unconscious; you feel absolutely no pain while the surgeon cuts into you.
    In humane slaughter houses the animal is never made aware of its fate, the animals are lead in, one by one and hidden from the animal in front of them that is being killed, they never see any blood or hear any screams of agony or terror.

    Meat Animals Killed Under Extreme Stress,
    and its ill effects on Meat Quality and Human Health
    For more understanding of the “Effects of Stress on Meat Quality”
    Google: “stress hormones in meat”
    Or just go to:
    Prevention of Stress Related Meat Conditions — Proper handling of animals before and during slaughter can greatly reduce their discomfort and stress. This includes proper feeding and rest as well as use of proper techniques for moving and transporting animals. There are references below which give a great deal of information on proper handling of animals to reduce stress.

    To Learn More:
    Dr. Temple Grandin’s Web Page –
    – An excellent source of information about how to reduce the stress of handling and slaughter through proper handling techniques, proper equipment, and well-designed facilities.

    Effects of Stress and Injury on Meat and Bi-product Quality –
    – More information about pre-slaughter stress and its effects on meat quality. (From Humane Society International – Guidelines for Humane Handling, Transport, and Slaughter of Livestock)
    Animal Stress Results in Meat Causing Disease –

    Search: – “effects of humans eating stress hormones in meat” — Search Results: How Eating Animal Products Effects the Hormones « Innate Integrity –
    – “Stress hormones damage brain cells and impair memory. …When people eat meat, they are eating the energy of illness, abuse, incarceration…

    The Sanitary Risks Linked to Halal Slaughter. By Alain Peretti, Doctor of veterinary medicine. –
    We always evoke the problems in the matter of suffering of the animal and the financial tax of Islam for the consumers. These problems are of course, real. There is another that concerns us all, and has the merit to be evoked. An essential question is the sanitary aspect, the security aspect, in fact, let’s remember that in halal slaughter, the animal is turned towards Mecca, bled without being stunned, a very large incision from the throat to the vertebrae sectioning all organs from the jugular and the carotid but also the trachea and the esophagus. This practice brings on anato-phisiological consequences. To see more click the link above.
    From an AUSTRALIAN Halal certifier:
    “If you don’t want to eat Halal, then live on pork and wine!” The Muslim Halal Certification company owner laughs, you are eating halal day and night, and paying a premium for it! All the anti-halal protesting is water off a ducks back, it actually increases my business and I’m a millionaire.
    When you buy halal products, not only are you financing inhumanely slaughtered and tortured animals, you are indirectly supporting terrorism, as a hidden fee (Jizya tax) is added to every halal product.

    HALAL means:
    “Full employment for Moslems …no others need apply”.
    When existing food producing companies go Halal, the existing employees are laid off or fired. You once HAD that job; it now belongs to only a Moslem!
    It’s not just the food production that is of concern; it is also the marketing and preparation that is another big worry. When existing companies go to Halal Standards, it must lead to the entire process of food production being controlled by Moslems. It can’t be truly Halal if a Kafir (Non-Muslim) touch the food, or are involved anywhere in the process chain. Imagine every vendor and hauler, cook, and server, being Moslem. By Sharia Compliant Standards, that is what is absolutely required. It’s an economic jihad. (War)

    With Halal, you MUST be a Moslem to produce Halal food, if any Non-Moslem is involved in the process, the food is considered then as non-Halal.
    Only a Moslem can be involved ANYWHERE in the production, distribution preparation and serving of Halal products… or by Muslim standards, it becomes “HARAM”. (unfit – unclean) Even if by the time it is actually eaten it is no longer considered Halal, many Muslims have been involved and employed in the process chain and that the animals have suffered an unnecessarily cruel death.

    Please support cruelty free standards for the slaughter of animals across the civilized world and that food labeling must include the method of slaughter. This is an important mechanism for helping to achieve the cruelty free goal. We must therefore continue fighting for increased labeling transparency so that consumers can identify cruelty free products and positively influence animal welfare by their purchasing behavior.

    By accepting Halal Slaughter regulations, we are submitting to the Islamic Sharia Law. When we submit to a foreign or alien Law, we give that Law power over us.
    Do you find it acceptable to have the Islamic Religion and their Sharia Law to be upheld in the food given to us in our schools, hospitals and prisons? Hiring only Moslems and demonstrating a “Religious Preference” to food service jobs in Europe, Australia and America?”

  16. For goodness sake, this is all a medieval way of thinking that by cutting the neck and saying a ritual prayer for the animal, then the meat is pure, what a load of bulls dust, come on people stop thinking it is humane to do this sort of slaughter, because its barbaric, I have seen this first hand as I used to be married to a muslim and its disgusting.

  17. The eating of “Halal” meat is forbidden to Christians:
    Acts 15:28-29: ‘It is the decision of the Holy Spirit and of us, not to place on you any burden beyond these necessities, namely, to abstain from MEAT SACRIFICED TO IDOLS, from blood, from meats of strangled animals, and from unlawful marriage. If you keep free of these, you will be doing what is right. Farewell.’

    • ishmi. Thank you for that .I was scrolling down past all the prior postings seeking in vain a few words of sanity to no avail. Some of the people have their wits about them concerning cruelty but overall the debate is hypocritical. Just splitting hairs. If a person is concerned about their diet or health and desires to stay away from the control and influence of cults (religion ) ,then I recommend going the Vegan route .I guarantee you will feel better, plus you diminish the incidence of having to suffer insults from misogynists who are unable to deal with what they consider commands and orders from females! So sad.

  18. One way you can tell a totalitarian mind, is the careful use of the word ‘we’. YOU Ishmi, think you don’t ‘need’ meat. I do. If you don’t like meat, don’t eat it. But try and avoid the rhetoric of ‘we’ and ‘need’. If you want to make a case for vegetarianism please go ahead. But I always get my hackles up when I hear people use ‘we’ when really they mean, ‘I want you to do as I say’.

  19. I can’t even begin to conceive why this barbarism is permitted to take place, let alone become widespread as one of the main methods of slaughter! I go out of my way to actively avoid halal produce and vigorously encourage others to do so too. Not only is this backwards ritual an affront to common decency and animal welfare, but the proceeds from the halal cartel often end up in the hands of Islamic terrorist organisations. Just remember this, the next time you decide to purchase halal produce.

  20. I really hope that someone out there can put a stop to this barbaric practice.This is not humaine .I think this vidio should be shown in all high School’s to enable young adults to realise just how disgusting it all is.After seeing this vidio i am sure many people will turn to being vegiterian.

    • Lynn. When the decision makers in the boardroom’s of the Agribusiness Corps decide or are convinced that they can generate more profits marketing fruit and vegetables, the you will see some change. Mother Nature might be the prod in the back they require. Climate change, the incidence of antibiotic resistant bugs ,mad cow (BSE) ,Ebola etc.

  21. Oh My God What the hell they were trying to feed us..! By the way..according to this article written above, about 1 Billion Muslims around the world to date are Sick because all of them uses the same barbaric slaughtering of animals. So how they are surviving then? Are they super natural or what?

  22. One more there any scientific evidence in support of this article or it is just another act to create more distance between Muslims and Non-Muslims?

    Without evidence, I can also write many things on several topics and let others to degrade a religious community. This is not only one community in world, there are so many including Christians, Jews, Hindus etc. According to a research, the slaughtering instructions mentioned in The Bible (Christians) are as same as mentioned in Al-Quran (Muslims). Jews still follows the same procedure as Muslims. So why we are only blaming only Muslims not Christians and Jews?

    Christians introduced stunning method to stun that animal with electric shock but remember that big animals like Goat, Sheep and Cows etc regain their consciousness in less than 2 minutes. So is it safe in that case also?

    So many questions let alone this topic either Jews, Christians or Muslims slaughtering animals in sacred manner vs Advance methods in well Known and WELL DEVELOPED countries.

  23. People need to wake up because in muslim countries christians are also being killed like that (without machines though)! And they will not hesitate to murder us all like that when the opportunity arrives! Thank you leftist politicians…

  24. What about Iraq and Afghanistan where NATO Forces and allies are slaughtering innocent people and children.

    What about Palestine where Israeli Army attacking on them by Phosphorus Bombs.. and it kills so many innocent people and children? yet we are talking about Cruelty.


  26. This is a completely different topic we are talking about here! YES innocent people and children are being killed and that is so wrong! But so are this innocent animals!! Do they have no rights in your eyes?! They cannot speak up for themselves! I do NOT agree with any of it! Yes people eat meat and use the skin/fur for other purposes. But this is horrific, barbaric and evil! Why do these animals have to suffer in such disgusting ways?! Three words HEARTLESS, EVIL & CRUEL!

  27. The rising acceptance of halal meat due to its scientific and hygienic slaughtering and processing methods is spicing up the US 600 billion global halal meat market impressively.

    Studies have shown that halal slaughter protects consumers from many diseases which are not possible in the conventional methods used in many countries.

    Ahead of a key halal conclave in Sharjah, experts opine that halal slaughter of animals has a great role in preventing infectious diseases, and is seen one of the main reasons for the popularity of the product even among non-Muslims.

    “The way the slaughtering process is carried out is of significant importance for both human health and safety and quality of the meat. Halal slaughter involves cutting of jugular veins, throat and oesophagus, which facilitates draining of blood from the animal and thus prevents growth and multiplication of harmful micro-organisms,” said Dr. Ibrahim Hussein Ahmed Abd El Rahim, Professor of Infectious Diseases, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah Al-Mukarama, Saudi Arabia.

    “Prevention of neck separation is very important to complete the bleeding process to remove all the blood from carcass. Blood is a typical media for proliferation of different kinds of microbes, therefore its complete removal from the slaughtered animal is vital to protect consumers from infectious diseases,” he said.

    Dr. Ibrahim Hussein Ahmed Abd El Rahim will be attending the upcoming Halal Congress Middle East that will be held at Expo Centre Sharjah from December 16 to 18, 2013. It will be organized alongside the 2nd OIC Halal Middle East Exhibition which is held under the patronage of His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah.

    Globally, the halal market that spans from food to finance and tourism is worth US 3 trillion. According to latest estimates, halal products have two billion consumers worldwide that grows more than 20 per cent annually.

    Realizing the importance of the subject, a panel discussion will be dedicated to the science behind halal during the three-day congress. To be chaired by Shawky Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam, Sheikh Al-Azhar, Grand Mufti of Egypt, the discussion will take up issues of stunning, mechanical slaughtering, tasmiah and animal feed, among others.

    Panellists for the discussion include Mufti Taqi Usmani from Pakistan; Mufti Mustafa Ceric from Bosnia; Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin, from Russia, Mr Nabil A Molla, Secretary General of GCC Standardization Organization and Dr. Abdulqahir Mohammad Qamar of International Islamic Fiqah Academy, Saudi Arabia.

    It will also feature representatives from the Standards and Metrology Institute for the Islamic Countries; Emirates Standards & Metrology Authority-UAE; National Accreditation Council-Pakistan; JAKIM – Halal Certification Authority-Malaysia; MUI – Majlis Ulema-Indonesia; and Halal Science Centre-Thailand.

    Besides, reflecting the surging trade between the region and Australia, Meat and Livestock Australia, has signed up as Platinum Sponsor to talk about the Goodness of Australian Meat.

    The association of Meat and Livestock Australia with the congress comes at a time when Australia’s red meat exports to the Middle East in May this year totalled 16,492 tonnes, a 46 per cent increase year-on-year and 7 per cent above the previous record set in April 2013, according to Meat and Livestock Australia figures.

    Other topics to be taken up for discussion at the congress include tapping the growing halal trade; halal cosmetics, pharmaceuticals & tourism; benefits of halal certification; Islamic banking & takawful; technology for halal food traceability and harmonization of halal standards.
    London School of Islamics Trust

  28. This is completely vile. I never knew Halal meat was done like this. So unfortunate that most of us don’t even realize we are consuming Halal meat just because there a certain Percentage of muslim population.

    It is not popular because we choose it. it was because we were oblivious.

  29. No animal deserves to die like that not even for our consumption, I am shocked and appalled by Halal methods! I rarely eat meat but could easily live without, perhaps Muslims could too!

  30. Al Shaddad Bin Aous has quoted this tradition of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) “God calls for mercy in everything, so be merciful when you kill and when you slaughter, sharpen your blade to relieve its pain”.
    Many allegations have been made that Islamic slaughter is not humane to animals. However, Professor Schultz and his colleague Dr. Hazim of the Hanover University, Germany, proved through an experiment, using an electroencephalograph (EEG) and electrocardiogram (ECG) that *Islamic slaughter is THE humane method of slaughter* and captive bolt stunning, practiced by the Western method, causes severe pain to the animal. The results surprised many.

    Experimental Details:

    1. Several electrodes were surgically implanted at various points of the skull of all animals, touching the surface of thebrain.

    2. The animals were allowed to recover for several weeks.

    3. Some animals were slaughtered by making a swift, deep incision with a sharp knife on the neck cutting the jugular veins and carotid Arteries of both sides; as also the trachea and esophagusHalal Method.

    4. Some animals were stunned using a captive bolt pistol humane slaughter by the western method.

    5. During the experiment, EEG and ECG were recorded on all animals to record the condition of the brain and heart during the course of slaughter and stunning.

    Results and Discussion:

    I – Halal Method

    1. The first three seconds from the time of Islamic slaughter as recorded on the EEG did not show any change from the graph before slaughter, thus indicating that the animal did not feel any pain during or immediately after the incision.

    2. For the following 3 seconds, the EEG recorded a condition of deep sleep – unconsciousness. This is due to a large quantity of blood gushing out from the body.

    3. After the above mentioned 6 seconds, the EEG recorded zero level, showing no feeling of pain at all.

    4. As the brain message (EEG) dropped to zero level, the heart was still pounding and the body convulsing vigorously (a reflex action of the spinal cord) driving maximum blood from the body: resulting in hygienic meat for the consumer.

    II – Western method by C.B.P. Stunning

    1. The animals were apparently unconscious soon after stunning.

    2. EEG showed severe pain immediately after stunning.

    3. The hearts of the animal stunned by C.B.P. stopped beating earlier as compared to those of the animals slaughtered according to the Halal method resulting in the retention of more blood inthe meat. This in turn is unhygienic for the consumer.

      • To drain all the blood from the poor animal slaughtered in the Hala way, is done in such manner it allows the animals to see what is happening to their kind. This raises the adrenalin and heart rate of the animal, and it panics all the way, thus making it bleed to death in the most efficient way. Yup, it is humane only if you regard the animal as non-living.

        As for Kamal, I dont care what you do in your Muslim countries. I just dont want your evil practices in the West.

        You can keep your FGM, even though some of you claim it is good for women, you can keep your stoning to death of adultererous women and homosexuals, though some idiot academic in the West, may show that it is good for women and homosexuals, and even for society at large.

        You can and do slit the throats of Christians in the Halal manner, who have been in that region long before the advent of that servant of Satan that you call a proiphet.

        I hope and pray for Muslims that they may see the evil of their ways, and ask for God’s mercy. At this moment they dont deserve it.

  31. This act of Barbarism is deeply disturbing but what is just as disturbing is the people on here talking about ‘the best kind of slaughter’ of ‘the superior king of slaughter’ have you no humanity? Animals are not ours to kill we share a planet with them and you are either a carer who eats no meat or you are a killer who plays a part in the slaughter of a creature. I neither care for nor concern myself with any ‘religion’ that speaks of killing creatures for any reason, we need to live together and look after one another, shame on all who participate in this.

    • I hope you are not dumb enough to believe that these farm animals that are currently raised for meat purposes would exist at all, if no-one ever ate meat.
      There was a breed of chicken that was very popular in the 40’s to 60’s that went extinct because it lost popularity amongst farmers and meat producers.
      Perhaps some the farm animals would be kept in zoos, perhaps not.
      I am aware of some heirloom farm animals that I saw at a special farm in the 80’s, that farm no longer exists, some of those animals did not have even one breeding partner. Where are they now? Have you ever seen a donkey with really long hair?
      If suddenly a law was passed that forbid the eating of meat, what would be the result? Someone would have to live in La-La Land to believe that all the existing farm animals would just continue to live, breed and even multiply if no one could eat them.

      If you do not want to eat meat, then don’t! It’s your right and you can exercise that right if you want, with my blessings!
      But on the same premises we who want to eat meat also have rights too!

  32. I bet Jeff would not agree that tricking non-muslims into eating halal foods was the same as sneaking meat into the food of ideological vegetarians. But I would argue it is identical.

    The vegetarian does have the right to decide what to eat for whatever reasons they may have, rightly or wrongly even by their own reasoning. But its a basic right. That seems to be have been denied now by many large chains of restaurants now serving halal meat to all customers without asking them. Subway chain is just one of them.


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  35. I don’t want animals to slaughtered in such as awful way, we have the right to eat meat from humanely slaughters animals. this practice is cruel and disgusting, apparently Muslims can also offer a prayer before consuming meat not killed this way, so why the are our animals suffereing? sick of this stone age religion being forced on everyone.

    • Halal is NOT essential to a Moslem; they can eat any food, even an ‘infidelicious’ bacon sandwich, if they are hungry, and there is no halal food to be obtained.

      “IMPORTANT FACT: If there is no halal food available, then a Moslem is allowed to eat non-halal food.
      SOURCE: World faiths: Teach yourself – Islam by Ruqaiyyah Maqsood.
      ISBN 0-340-60901-X. Page 204
      Surah 2:173 states:
      ‘If one is forced because there is no other choice, neither craving nor transgressing, there is no sin in him.’
      Simply saying “Bismallah” (In the name of “Allah”) over it made it permissible to eat.
      So it seems that when the Moslems are in non-Islamic countries, it’s OK for them to eat non-halal food… the only requirement according to Sharia Law is to pray before consuming non-halal foods.” koran 5:3 Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine and that on which hath been invoked the name of other than “Allah” that which hath been killed by strangling or by a violent blow or by a headlong fall or by being gored to death; that which hath been (partly) eaten by a wild animal; unless ye are able to slaughter it (in due form); that which is sacrificed on stone (altars); (forbidden) also is the division (of meat) by raffling with arrows: that is impiety. This day have those who reject faith given up all hope of your religion: yet fear them not but fear Me. This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion. But if any forced by hunger with no inclination to transgression “Allah” is indeed Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful.

      The endless Islamic demands for halal food are a control technique, just as much of their whining for concessions are, many of their “religious obligations” also have a “get-out” clause such as this verse. The verse also “perfects” their religion at the point in time it was allegedly ‘descended’, rendering all earlier verses obsolete (technically). Not that they pay any attention to that, IF it doesn’t suit their political aims.

      BTW: The eating of “Halal” meat is forbidden to Christians:
      Acts 15:28-29: ‘It is the decision of the Holy Spirit and of us, not to place on you any burden beyond these necessities, namely, to abstain from MEAT SACRIFICED TO IDOLS, from blood, from meats of strangled animals, and from unlawful marriage. If you keep free of these, you will be doing what is right. Farewell.’

      Story from the koran:
      One day some Moslem people said to Mohammad, “People bring us meat and we do not know whether they’ve mentioned “Allah”s name or not on slaughtering the animal.” Mohammad said, “Mention “Allah”s name on it and eat.”
      He did not say to them, “Get a Halal Certificate” from anyone.
      Moslems themselves are allowed to make any of their food of unknown or suspect origin Halal just by mentioning “Allah”s name on it.
      Even food known to be Haram (forbidden food) to Moslems, could be eaten under certain circumstances, according to the koran.
      The modern idea (As of 1980) of an official “Halal Certification” is something NEW! The act of introducing new ideas into Islam is always supposed to be forbidden, this is called a “Biddah Heresy”. Biddah is an invention or innovation by Moslems, that has never been previously mentioned anywhere in Islamic writings, or not in the koran or the Hadiths. Halal certification is a Jizyah Tax scheme to separate food companies and gullible consumers from their money, and as a means to finance Jihad. Commercial certification was not required in Mohammad’s time, or any time in the last 1400 years and is not required now.
      But notice how no Moslem cleric or imam talks about this need for certification, or the fact that Mohammad had told them they could eat any food, as long as they mentioned “Allah”s name.

      During and after Mohammad’s day, Moslems did not slaughter all of their own food. Surah 5 verse 5 says: “The food, including slaughtered animals, of the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) is Lawful for Moslems”
      Mohammad himself, ate meat from a sheep that was prepared by a Jewish slave woman.
      Eating food slaughtered and prepared by non-Moslems was acceptable.
      Hunting dogs and birds of prey are not Halal animals according to Islam, however wild game killed by them is permissible to eat. Simply saying “Bismallah” (In the name of “Allah”) over it made it permissible to eat.

      “Biddah” is Haram and considered as heresy, it is an innovation in Islam, it is the invention, creation or addition of any religious matter which was not (originally) found in Islam. Therefore, Islam warns against it and invalidates any religious deed which does not originate from the koran and the Sunnah. Muhammad says in this respect: “He who innovates something that is not in agreement with our matter (religion), will have it rejected.”

      This is because innovation in religion is an opposition to Islam; it implies that our religion is incomplete and imperfect with regards to the matters of worship. Shaikh Ibn ‘Uthaimeen says: “Innovation entails the adoption of dangerous ways”

      The act of introducing new ideas into Islam is always supposed to be forbidden, this is called a “Biddah Hearsy”. Biddah is an invention or innovation by Moslems, that has never been previously mentioned anywhere in the koran, or not in Hadiths or in other ancient Islamic writings

      “Biddah” is Haram and considered as heresy, it is an innovation in Islam, it is the invention, creation or addition of any religious matter which was not (originally) found in Islam. Therefore, Islam warns against it and invalidates any religious deed which does not originate from the koran and the Sunnah.

      Muhammad said in this respect: “He who innovates something that is not in agreement with our matter (religion), will have it rejected. This is because innovation in religion is an opposition to Islam; it implies that our religion is incomplete and imperfect with regards to the matters of worship.”

      Shaikh Ibn ‘Uthaimeen says: “Innovation entails the adoption of dangerous ways”

      EDIT to the quote above:
      But of course for Moslems who are ignoring and promoting a Biddah Heresy no matter how Haram it may be, is certainly justified under Sharia, if you can separate gullible Westerners from their money, and use it to kill them.
      The exception is: when BILLIONS of Dollars are involved!

  36. I don’t want animals to be slaughtered in such as awful way, we have the right to eat meat from humanely slaughters animals. this practice is both cruel and disgusting. Apparently Muslims can also offer a prayer before consuming animals not killed this way, so why are our animals suffering? so sick of this stone age religion being forced on everyone.

    • Ask your political representative why halal meat is being forced on you. At the very least, ask him/her why meat is not required to be marked halal and why school children are forced to eat it if they want to eat the gov’t meals… Seems a bit other way around. If muslim families do not want their children eating non-halal food then they should pack a lunch! If not, they should say the Bismallah over the food and problem solved!

      • Halal food is not for muslims. Its part of the process of subjugating non muslims. A story was posted some time ago here at Vlad about a girl I think it was, who was sent home from school because she had brought a non halal meal for herself. The school found that intolerable. not because a muslim might eat it but because an infidel had the audacity to refuse to eat halal.

  37. According to one Imam on Internet, “Muslims can eat their wives”. I guess that means Hilal sacrifice to Allah and keeping the woman alive until she completely bleeds out! There is evidence that Christians have been used as food by the terrorists in the Middle East, so i guess the same rules apply as well. Sickening isn’t it! Cannibalism results in terrible disease similar to Mad Cows Disease. Perhaps many of these barbarians are born with a mutation of this disease in their genes. Along with family inbreeding, it could explain a lot about this vile cult.

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