Interpol looking for dead muslims thought to be at large in the West, Geopolitics and Ayaan Hirsi talks about Islam: Links 3 on April 21 – 2015

1. Remember the Ottawa U student who converted to Islam and went and joined the terrorists in the Islamic State, made a video threatening Canada and then was reported killed? Well Interpol has just released a “red notice” on him. Apparently rumors of his death had been exaggerated, and this is why one might wish to treat the story about Al-Baghdadi having been mortally wounded with due suspicion.

National Post link:     

2. Douglas Murray: What’s more disturbing than a group of discredited old Nazis? The Green Party

Yesterday’s Mail on Sunday had an interesting account of a meeting in London of Nazis, neo-Nazis, British National Party types and anti—Semites of various other hues. The paper infiltrated the meeting and exposed what was said – which is a very good service and deserves praise.

(Video of Green Party leader at link)

3. US Warships appear to be under power on way to Yemen. For some reason.

4. Our religious readers may want to cross themselves or genuflect before watching this video. It is 2 minutes of Bill Clinton telling what appears to be the truth about the Islamic State. That has to be one of the 7 seals.

5. Is Islam antithetical to human rights?

(Her book Infidel remains one of the most excellent books I have ever read on any subject. It is riveting. You simply cannot put it down once you start it)

6. Amnesty rejects call to campaign against antisemitism

Amnesty International has rejected a motion to tackle the rise in antisemitic attacks in Britain at its annual conference.

The motion was tabled by Amnesty member Andrew Thorpe-Apps in March who said it was defeated at the International AGM on Sunday by 468 votes to 461.

Mr Thorpe Apps said: “It was the only resolution to be defeated during the whole conference.”

Amnesty International UK press officer Neil Durkin said: “After a really interesting debate where everyone condemned discrimination against all ethnic and religious groups, our membership decided not to pass this resolution calling for a campaign with a single focus.

(Discrimination is the single most important skill a human being can have. No one but no one can truly be against discrimination. AI made a discriminating judgement call when they turned down this motion.)

7. Iranian General Threatens Strikes on Saudi Arabian Soil

The commander of Iran’s ground forces said that strikes could be carried out on Saudi cities including missiles if it does not leave Yemen.

The commander of the ground troops in the Iranian army, General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan, threatened Saudi Arabia with military strikes if it doesn’t stop the fighting in Yemen.

According to the Iranian Arabic language channel El-Alam, Pourdastan said that the Islamic Republic is not interested in getting into a conflict with Saudi Arabia. He called on Riyadh to stop fighting against her brothers in Yemen and said “by doing so she is entering a war of attrition which might expose her to severe strikes.”

Thank you M., ML., Richard, Yucki, Babs and many more for your links and comments. An interesting day and an ominous one.

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6 Replies to “Interpol looking for dead muslims thought to be at large in the West, Geopolitics and Ayaan Hirsi talks about Islam: Links 3 on April 21 – 2015”

  1. #6 “our membership decided not to pass this resolution calling for a campaign with a single focus”

    1. Generalizing focus or being against a specific focus of action of an organization is an example of a common sabotage technique. When a corporation wants to get an activist organization off it’s back, it will argue that the activist group should generalize it’s focus to a broader spectrum of problems.

    1.a Islamist infiltrators argue similar saying law enforcement should focus on ALL extremists, rather than just Islamists. They want law enforcement to spread itself too thin to be able to properly investigate potential terror threats.

    2. Antisemitism IS NOT “a single focus”. It’s directed at Jews across the world by islamists who are all over the world.

    3. AI’s main brief, as far as I know, is to work on behalf of non violent prisoners of conscience of any political belief. That’s a very general thing. It tries to be neutral in regards to politics otherwise.

    So one should compare how AI has most recently made decisions about what to do (or not do) about the oppression of homosexuals other groups. I recall one meeting where it was voted not to tackle that issue because it was too specific. If they’ve changed what their remit is in regards to that, yet still argue that jews all over the world are too specific, then they should be beaten with the proverbial.


    Looking over the site I see, yes, they now have a campaign “My Body My Rights”

    “You have the right to:
    -Make decisions about our own health, body, sexual life, and IDENTITY without fear of coercion or criminalization…
    -Choose your intimate partner and whether and when to marry.

    Included in that campaign is also FGM, Forced Marriage, individuals right to family planning (especially because they have less access because of being in an oppressed minority) etc.

    Women, of course, are not a specific group, but LGBT is. I’m just talking about numbers. I know there are LGBT in all nations.

    Personally I can’t find anything objectionable with any aspect of the campaign, but LGBT are a specific minority. The focusing on gay rights and freedom from violent oppression has been voted down by AI in the past because it was too specific. But it isn’t too specific any more for some reason (I tell a lie, I do know the reason. Complacent leftist/liberal fashions caught up with actual ethics – so they figured out how to put those issues together into one campaign to avoid being too specific).

    Be that as it may, LGBT are an international minority attacked for being who they are. So are Jews. AI voted that LGBT aren’t too specific for them, but jews still are (by a VERY narrow margin though).

    Then again the LGBT issue is nestled into a wider issue campaign.

  2. 4 – Bill Clinton telling the truth about something!!! You are right this has to be a sign of either the end times of a major miracle occurring.

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